Alcohol in the body can occur from hand sanitizer

Frequent use of hand sanitizer with an alcohol content not intoxicate you, but can give a positive result in urine for the presence of alcohol, according to a recent study.

Advertising can warp your memory

Advertising people can be seen everywhere.Billboards are located along the highway, on the facades of shops and even in real time.

Scientists were able to grow the important brain cells in the laboratory

The most common brain cells called astrocytes, often neglected by scholars as compared to its sibling, the neuron. Researchers have finally realized their full value, and the first time they were able to grow these "naughty" cells in the laboratory.

Intestinal microflora can change the behavior of

Researchers at McMaster University have for the first time convincing evidence that intestinal microflora may change brain chemistry and behavior.

The researchers created a regenerating nanoplastyr for the heart

When a person suffers a heart attack, a part of the heart dies.

10 amazing facts about the human brain

Recently on the BBC released a documentary film about the human brain. We present our ten amazing facts about our most complex organ.

To ease the pain, cross your arms

In order to reduce the intensity of pain you feel getting painful stimulus tremors in his hands, to cross them, according to a study conducted by researchers at University College London.

Tomatoes may prevent heart disease

Adelaide University Research has shown that tomatoes may be an effective alternative to medication, facilitate reduction of cholesterol, and blood pressure, thus preventing, cardiovascular diseases.

Sugar enhances the action of antibiotics and kills deadly bacteria

Spoon sugar can not only easier to swallow medicine, but also can increase its action, according to a new analysis.

Scientists have discovered a gene that influences the intellectual abilities

The result of a new study conducted by the Canadian Centre for drug addicts and people with mental illness (CAMH), was the discovery of a gene associated with a type of intellectual disability called Zhuberta syndrome.

Bedbugs can be carriers of the deadly bacteria

Bites cause itching on the body and discarded mattresses can not be the only unpleasant things that bring anxiety during insect infestation. The researchers found that young bloodsuckers can be carriers of the bacteria resistant to antibiotics.

Use of the Internet is associated with adolescent alcohol

Teenagers who drink alcohol spend more time on the computer, talking on social networks than those who do not drink alcoholic beverages.

The secret to a healthy and sound sleep

Did you know that people who sleep enough at night time (about 7-9 hours), the slopes of a higher kind of performance, feel more energetic throughout the day and less likely to experience stress? A healthy night’s sleep is vital to the formation processes such as concentration, memory formation, as well as the restoration and rejuvenation of body cells.

Titanate filter cigarette smokers to ensure safety

As is known modern cigarette filter made of cellulose acetate, which absorbs harmful substances like nicotine, tar and polycyclic aromatic (poly-) hydrocarbons.

Leukemia in children is not related to nuclear energy

Recently, experts found that children living near a nuclear power plant in the UK are not at greater risk of developing leukemia than children living somewhere in other areas of the country.

The new invention leads to incredible muscle growth

Safe alternative to steroids is changing look at ways to maintain the ideal shape of athletes and bodybuilders.

A new method for getting rid of wrinkles

Amazing new skin care method helps women around the world look and feel younger.

Nicotine and cocaine are affecting brain

New research in the field of neurology showed that the effects of nicotine in brain regions involved in the formation of bad habits same as that of cocaine.

Low levels of vitamin D in children may face anemic

Pediatricians from Johns Hopkins Children’s Center and other medical centers, found a correlation between low levels of vitamin D and anemia in children.

4 types of skin imperfections: the identification and elimination of

To get rid of excess fat in the body, experts recommend as the best method of exercise and a healthy, balanced diet. But for cosmetic imperfections, like cellulite, venous cobweb and discoloration of the skin, such a decision would be inappropriate.

How to extend the active brain?

Visits to friends, visiting parties, and even going to the church can be just as beneficial for your brain, such as crossword puzzles and various puzzles.

4 exercises to help people with cancer

Sometimes exercise can be quite complex for healthy people, not to mention the people who are struggling with cancer.

A new method of treating a disease depriving adults

Researchers from the University of Georgia and Yale University have discovered the composition with the potential to be more effective than existing agents used for the treatment of painful blisters known as shingles - a disease that affects up to 30 percent of Americans, mostly elderly, and for which there are no specific therapies..

Scientists have found 3 types of human intestinal microflora

In the future, when the patient will be prepared for surgery, doctors inquired not only about the presence of allergy to these or other medications and blood group, but also on the type of the patient’s bowel.

The inability to recognize sarcasm may herald the beginning of madness

Scientists have recently found that people who are experiencing the early stages of insanity, may be unable to clearly distinguish truth from lies and sarcasm from sincerity.

Discovered genes that control aging steroid

Eight genes that control the levels of the main steroid (products of animal or plant origin, has high biological activity), produced by the adrenal gland was found to play an important role in the process of human aging and longevity.

Bacteria in wasp antennae produce a cocktail of antibiotics

Bacteria that live and breed in the antennae of wasps, insects help to reflect the risk of fungal diseases, highlighting the real "cocktail of antibiotics." This was reported by a scientist at the annual Spring Conference of the Society of General Microbiology in Harrogate..

Meditation has proven effective as pain medication

A new study published in the journal Journal of Neuroscience, showed that meditation has a powerful analgesic effect.

Aphrodisiacs: The secret of the all-time sexual experiences or life-threatening?

For those who are constantly in search of natural aphrodisiacs to enhance sexual desire, there is good news.

Scientists: alcohol in any amount causes cancer

Eating even a "safe" amount of alcohol or recommended daily dose increases the risk of developing cancer, keeping the risk, according to experts, even if you remain completely sober.

New blocker of taste can turn bitter into sweet food

Swallowing various unpleasant taste of drugs or drinking diet drinks can be made more enjoyable thanks to the new composition of the procedure that blocks the ability of taste buds or receptors distinguish bitter tastes.

The stress hormone cortisol helps to overcome fears

In a recent study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the researchers have demonstrated the potential advantage of using such a stress hormone like cortisol (Cortisol) in the treatment of trying to help patients overcome their fears..

Debt motherhood rewarded big-brained baby

The growth of the brain in children is related to the amount of time and energy to devote to debt woman motherhood - these are the results of a new study published in the journal "Science".

What happens when the body attacks itself?

Many chronic diseases are the result of the immune system mistakenly perceives the information about what the body is attacked by foreign bodies.

Error in the development of the eye may cause cataracts and glaucoma

Research group The Jackson Laboratory, in collaboration with researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School in Boston, show that RNA granules - key mechanisms in the transfer RNA (mRNA) - can lead to improper development of the eye, leading to cataracts in humans at a young age.

In China, a baby born with heart outside

Two-month boy, born in Chongqing, China, is suffering from a rare congenital defect that was the reason that his heart is not formed inside and outside the body.

People who do not feel pain, and have no sense of smell

The dream of every pregnant woman to give birth is painless, but the people who are deprived of the ability to feel pain, it does not bring joy, their life becomes limited and sulfur.

In Texas, a man for the first time did a full face transplant

In Texas construction worker horribly disfigured by electric shock from the exposed electrical wiring, has undergone the nation’s first full face transplant in hopes of smiling again and feeling kisses his 3-year-old daughter.

Hidden fears: that is their basis?

Fear - a natural part of our emotional life and actions as a necessary defense mechanism.

The new chip will identify the disease in a minute

The main stage of the development of microfluidics could soon lead to the creation of separate, wireless chips that can diagnose diseases within minutes.

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