At the Kennedy Space Center found cocaine

A small packet of white powder, which was found in the NASA Kennedy Space Center, in preparation for the launch of the spacecraft, gave a positive result in a test for determination of cocaine.

Drinking coffee reduces the risk of stroke paralysis

Recent studies have shown that those who use more than one cup of coffee a day reduced the risk of stroke paralysis by 22-25 per cent, compared with those who drink coffee in smaller quantities.

Too loud music affects the ability to distinguish sounds

A large number of people recently likes to listen to music on portable music players or mobile phones, and many try to amplify the volume, especially in noisy environments.

The largest virus in the world he had contracted a viral infection

Last year, scientists discovered the largest virus in the world.

Scientists reveal the secrets of traditional Chinese medicine

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine have discovered that a natural product extracted from the traditional Chinese medicinal plant known as the Thunder God vine, or lei gong teng, used for hundreds of years to treat many diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis, due to its property of blocking gene control machinery in the cell .

Chinese products are poisoned by lead

Recently, a research team from the Department of Emergency Medical Services at the Medical University Thomas Jefferson found in ceramic cookware sold in Philadelphia’s Chinatown high content of lead that alarmed many of the structures.

Immune molecule regulates brain compound

The number of connections between nerve cells in the brain may be adjusted molecule of the immune system, according to a new analysis conducted by researchers at the University of California.

The cause allergies in children - a lack of vitamin D

Recent analysis shows that children in organisms which lack of vitamin D, more likely to develop as food allergies and allergies to external agents.

In the Red Cedar display strong drug components

Many people never even suspected that the "weed tree" that has no economic value and are often uprooted by farmers because of their ability to destroy agricultural land, can be a powerful weapon in the fight against the deadly bacterium.

Blocking the enzyme inhibits the spread of cancer in the body

Scientists of the Institute of Cancer Research in the UK were able to prevent the spread of breast cancer to other organs in the bodies of mice, blocking the chemical.

Antivozrostnoy hormone Klotho can stop the development of disease

Low levels of anti-aging hormone Klotho may serve as a warning sign of kidney disease in the early stages, as well as fatal cardiovascular complications, according to the information of researchers Southwestern Medical Center, UT.

Lavender oil - a strong anti-fungal agent

Lavender oil can be used to combat the increasing an incidence of antifungal-resistant infections, according to an analysis published in the Journal of Medical Microbiology.

Nutrition in early life affects the mental abilities of a child

Children who do not receive adequate nutrition during the first three years of life are far behind in the development of intelligence than their better-fed peers.

Trial and error: The brain learns from mistakes

In the developing brain is formed by countless nerve connections that are unsuitable, and as a result to be removed.

Grapes help in diseases of the liver

A recent study conducted at the University of Queensland demonstrated the beneficial qualities of a nutrient found in grape skins, which would help to better cope with non alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).

Bowel cancer dogs can determine exactly

According to the data analysis of the new dogs can detect bowel cancer, even at early stages, raznyuhivaya patient’s breath or stool.

Sex During Pregnancy: What You Need to Know

Prospective parents can breathe a sigh of relief: according to the latest research, sex during pregnancy is almost always safe.

Lethal diseases, the method determining by rust and sand

The next big breakthrough in the medical diagnosis of disease will be to use the smallest particles of rust, iron oxide, coated with silicon dioxide, the material from which sand is formed.

The flu epidemic in Moscow schools are closed

Moscow and two other cities in Russia on Saturday closed its schools for one week, in order to avoid mass gatherings of children due to the unprecedented outbreak of influenza, depressing central Russia for over a decade.

The whole truth about the anesthesia

Anesthesia helps many of us for a lifetime, regardless of whether we need a local anesthetic at a reception at the dentist, freeze the eye drops for laser vision correction, or general anesthesia for major surgery.

Another fatal case of swine flu in Hong Kong

Hong Kong health officials reported on Wednesday that recorded deaths of swine flu.

Mechanism found fighting tooth infections

Scientists from the field of dentistry is well known that teeth can protect themselves, in the permissible extent of the attack of bacteria but that inflammation in the cavity of a tooth can cause damage and, in extreme cases, lead to abscess (purulent inflammation of various tissues of the body with their decomposition and the formation of purulent fluid) or even death of the tooth.

How do the positive emotions on health in old age?

The idea that positive emotions can be beneficial to your health for a long time is not new, but is it really so? A new article published in the journal of the Association for Psychological Science Current Directions in Psychological Science, reviewed the existing research on how positive feelings can affect health in adulthood..

What is the cause of acute osteoarthritis?

A certain amount of uric acid that has accumulated in the joints, can increase the likelihood of severe osteoarthritis, the most common form of arthritis worldwide, according to researchers at the Medical Center at Duke University.

Cell phone use leads to swelling in the brain?

These studies of the highest quality, published in the Journal of Computer Assisted Tomography, suggest that long-term exposure to microwaves of mobile phones can lead to an increased risk of brain tumors.

Scientists coffee protects against diabetes

Coffee, invigorating morning elixir that gives a boost of energy for the whole day, but numerous studies have shown that it also has a protective effect against type 2 diabetes. While scientists could not understand exactly why.

Healthy gums - healthy lungs

Maintaining periodontal health will help maintain the health of respiratory system - these are the results of a new study published in the Journal of Periodontology.

Smoking damages the body instantly

Uren starts to harm the human body at the same moment when he made his first puff, but not for a few years - these are the results of a new study conducted in the United States.

Created by bacteria that converts carbon dioxide into oil

In September, private and very secret from the U.S.biotech company named Joule Unlimited received a patent for "possession of an organism" - a genetically modified bacterium E.

7 most bizarre diseases

In medicine, there are some truly mysterious unhealthy states rights, which even the biggest hypochondriac can only dream of: a stable, spontaneous orgasms, the inability to feel fear or the appearance of the strange fibers growing from the skin.

Antidepressants can cause aggression?

Protivodepressivnye funds set up to help people feel happier and more at ease, but recent research has established the link between certain prescription drugs against depression and an increased risk of aggressive behavior, including physical assault and murder..

The secret to beautiful skin color without tanning and sunbathing

A new study has found that regular consumption of vegetables will give your skin a healthy tan color.

The vaccine against alcoholism may reduce alcohol consumption by 90%

New vaccine for the treatment of alcoholism causes a feeling of terrible hangover even after moderate use, instilling human aversion to drinking.

Tomatoes against disease

Tomatoes are the most widely used vegetables in the world, and now, Japanese scientists have figured out how to relate to medicinal fruits, because they contain a nutrient that is able to suppress the onset of vascular diseases.

6 products for brain health

Experts say food is high in antioxidants and omega-3 may improve brain health and memory. From fruit to fish, here are six foods that according to the results of different studies can revitalize your gray matter.

Platinum and blue light bulb - a new solution to fight cancer

The health care system is usually blue lighting was used for the benefit of installing it on the roof of the ambulance, but now a new study conducted by the University of Warwick have extended blue light bulbs.

Harm and benefits of drinks, warms us in the winter

Not all alcoholic drinks are the same. Taste, flavor, strength makes every drink special, but they share one quality - they contain a certain amount of calories.

3 ways to not harm your health in the New Year holidays

No matter how you spend New Year’s holidays - in the noisy company, and with splashes of champagne or a shelter on a sofa near the fireplace with a mug of hot whiskey - experts warn that it is important to remember about the health effects of beverages that you drink..

Identified part of the brain, the overwhelming instinct

The study, conducted by researchers at York University, has identified regions in the brain that come into play when we are trying to suppress these automatic actions in behavior, such as motivation to look at other people at the entrance to the elevator..

Unravel the mystery of the hunger hormone which scientists fought 17 years

17-year-old mystery of the mechanism of action of so-called ’hunger hormone’ for many biological systems, including preventing insulin sensitivity and stimulation of cell survival, was finally resolved by the discoveries made in the South-East Medical Center..

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