Even a small weight gain threatens the health of the heart

Increase the risk of developing coronary heart disease can even minor fluctuations in weight. The increase in body mass index (BMI) of 23% already leads to aging of the heart for more than two years.

The thought of eating to help get rid of excess weight

Scientists from the University of Liverpool have found that the thought of food, often haunting human being on a diet, do not prevent it, but rather, to help him lose weight.

The first-born in the family are more prone to diabetes and hypertension

Researchers from New Zealand said that the first children in the family have a high propensity to develop diabetes and hypertension in adult life.

Chewing gum may lead to obesity

Chewing gum with mint flavor freshens breath, but it can cause excess weight.

Seafood prolong life

Older people, who prefer to feed fish and seafood to die from heart attacks and other serious illnesses by 30% less likely than other people of advanced age.

Apple juice will protect the brain from aging

Scientists have recently found that apple juice - one of the most useful fruit drinks - not only improves brain function, but also eases the plight of people who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease.

Scientists have named another occupational disease geek

The specialists of the National Institute of Mental Health, USA (NIMH) in the observation group of programmers have reviewed the established theory of depression.

Scientists have compiled a list of foods that reduce inflammation in the body

Inflammation - a normal response to injury.But if it becomes chronic, it may lead to various diseases.

Tea, coffee and liquid smoke activate a cancer gene

The study, conducted by researchers from Johns Hopkins University found that tea, coffee and liquid smoke contribute to the activation of a gene associated with the development of cancer.

Powered by an electronic device for the treatment of obesity

British scientists have created a unique microchip that delivers a deceptive signal decreased appetite brain. The developers hope that the device will be effective and safe alternative to bariatric surgery.

From obesity pills will save the bacteria

Each year, catastrophic rates rising number of people suffering from obesity. And, unfortunately, at the moment the most effective way to solve this problem - a surgical procedure using a gastric bypass surgery.

Difficulty conceiving can cause neurological problems in the unborn child

The more time spent with parents at birth, the greater the likelihood of their child had a moderate degree of neurological abnormalities. Explain the nature of the phenomenon, scientists still find it difficult.

Herpes can cause dementia

The causes of memory impairment continue to be one of the main topics of research.

Lack of communication for the elderly terrible loneliness

Social isolation shortens the life of the elderly regardless of the test they have feelings of loneliness.

Cabbage is recognized as the product of a vitamin

In the spring of the human body has a severe shortage of vitamins.

Hydrogen sulfide is able to prolong youthfulness

Researchers at the University of South China recently reported that a chemical substance, such as hydrogen sulfide may have on the human body rejuvenating effect, and a gene activating enzyme which affect the synthesis antioksidantntov and the tone of blood vessels..

Nuts help improve the health of the heart and reduce the weight of

Dietitians in the U.S. believe that nuts should certainly be included in the diet of each person.

Soap can threaten the health of women

Researchers from the University of California in Los Angeles believe that the intimate areas on the body need special care, so advise the fair sex is not abuse soap and a variety of shower gels.

White wine destroys tooth enamel

Fans of white wine can cause enormous damage to the health of their own teeth, say dentists Europe.

The love of tea has led to the loss of teeth and the development of a rare disease

A resident of America who loved tea so much that every day brewed 100 bags, lost teeth and gained a rare bone disease.

Vitamin D is not helpful in pregnancy

Bone Health kid does not depend on the level of vitamin D in the body of pregnant women. This was reported by researchers from the University of Bristol in the UK, reports The Daily Mail.

7 ways to prevent cancer and heart disease

Experts from the American Heart Association (American Heart Association) found that the factors that influence the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, are also effective in fighting cancer.

Gut bacteria can trigger heart attack

The composition of intestinal bacteria in the body can affect the risk of having a heart attack, according to a new study conducted by researchers from the United States, led by John Baker.

Hair removal can cause viral infections

French researchers say that the results obtained by shaving and hair removal bikini microtrauma, create a favorable environment for the breeding of molluscum contagiosum, thus contributing to the spread of viral infection.

Soda annual "kills" of about 180 thousand people

And carbonated fruit drinks, and sports cocktails with sugar may be linked to 180,000 deaths registered annually around the world, said U.S.

Chinese bitter gourd juice is battling cancer of the pancreas

Chinese bitter gourd juice has a devastating effect on pancreatic cancer cells, according to the latest study conducted by a team of scientists from the United States.

Dairy products are contraindicated in patients with cancer

Women with breast cancer who consumed high-fat dairy products, are less likely to survive, beating a heavy disease, as shown by the results of the new study, published in the

Viagra - an effective tool for weight loss

A series of experiments with a drug designed to improve erectile function, allowed the researchers from the University of Bonn to find out that Viagra is characterized by a very useful side effect.

New gene therapy can help overcome arthritis

Arthritis treatments available today can only alleviate the symptoms. Therefore, the scientists propose to introduce drugs to patients long before symptoms of osteoarthritis begin to appear, according to The Times of India.

Scientists have grown healthy teeth with the roots of gum tissue cells

Cells were taken from the gingival tissues of adults may be combined with the cells molars mouse embryos to form roots of teeth.

The cure for HIV: first baby, now 14 adults

Two weeks later, after news of a cure for HIV infant, received information that this treatment can help some adults. Diagnosis at an early stage can significantly increase the chances of, but does not guarantee success.

Green tea and coffee to minimize the risk of stroke

Daily consumption of green tea and coffee reduces the risk of stroke by 14-20%, according to a new study by Japanese scientists, who published their work in the journal Stroke.

Roasted peanuts found useful for the heart

Modern people who have a keen interest in healthy eating, it is well known that eating salty and fried foods harmful to the vessels.

Electronic "device-tattoo" monitor the state of health

Moistureproof electronic tattoos can now watch the rhythm of the human heart in carrying out daily activities. Scientists have developed a device that can be "imprinted" in the patient’s skin, allowing it to keep track every day for their health.

Scientists have found the most risky age for men

Today, stroke, or other forms of violations of the cardiovascular system are increasingly common among men 40 years of age.

Archaeologists have found evidence of atherosclerosis in ancient mummies

The study of ancient mummies found that, in the distant past, mankind has suffered from atherosclerosis. It turns out that a direct connection between the development of the disease and unhealthy lifestyle of modern people do not exist.

Beetroot - an indispensable vegetable for hypertensive patients, cancer patients and athletes

Beets and beet juice reduces blood pressure significantly slow the growth of cancerous tumors and inhibit the development of dementia, according to the publication Daily Mail.

Aspirin reduces the risk of melanoma in women

Taking aspirin for a long period helps to reduce the risk of developing skin cancer in Caucasian women. Data were obtained by scientists from the United States and published in the journal of the American Cancer Society CANCER.

The skin from aging protect Chinese "fire massages"

The Chinese invented a new method of getting rid of wrinkles with the help of the so-called "fire-massage of the face." The procedure is applied to the skin beauticians towels soaked in "special elixir" containing alcohol, which is then set on fire.

Sex and love make people smarter

The researchers conducted an experiment where they took blood tests for the lovers and couples who live a long time in the marriage.

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