Rapid analysis of sepsis will help save lives

Infection or intoxication levels can be fatal.If you suffer from sepsis, you have probably already used the results from the laboratory should wait about 48 hours.

Proper nutrition - the basis of longevity

The main causes of death are now becoming more and more non-infectious and chronic diseases, such as for example cardiovascular diseases and various types of cancer.

How to identify the first signs of madness?

The ability to remember that zebra-striped or that a giraffe is a four-legged mammal, is a sign of semantic memory.

It is amazing! Red wine and cranberries are good for teeth

Uncorking this holiday season, a bottle of red wine and enjoying the fragrant bouquet, remember more about the benefits and effects of the drink on your teeth.

7 diseases typical for the winter season

To some people, winter brings not only a cold and snow, but also a whole bunch of health problems, including depression and heart attack.

New technology to combat chronic pain

In the following year in Australia begin human trials of the new device containing small smart chips that are implanted into the spinal cord or other regions of the human body to block the pain signals and prevent their penetration into the brain.

Scientists transformed stem cells in the pancreatic cells

Scientists have demonstrated in two experiments, the stem cells can be successfully transformed into the cells of the pancreas, diabetes are needed. Additionally, it was possible to convert them into complex layers of intestinal tissue.

Acupuncture can help treat lazy eye syndrome in childhood

Ophthalmologists have recently been found that acupuncture could be a potential alternative for vision correction in the treatment of amblyopia, or lazy eye syndrome in adult children.

Seafood can help preserve vision in the elderly

Frequent use of dishes from fish and shellfish in the diet may help some elderly people to maintain their vision for a long time.

Mouse created by two males

Scientists have created a mouse that is a genetic product of two fathers. This result was obtained in a recent experiment, which is part of a series of experiments on mammalian reproduction.

Why is it so difficult to quit smoking?

U.S. President Barack Obama has long been a leading active attempts to quit smoking, joining the millions of American citizens, who know how to not just say cigarettes forever "goodbye."

The "good" bacteria help to solve the problem with a tummy babies

Certain doses of probiotics or "good bacteria" facilitate frequent pain in the stomach and intestines kids - these are the results of a new study.

Innovation in stem cell technology: it became possible offspring from two males

Using the technology of stem cells, scientists Texas, specializing in the study of the reproductive functions of the body, it was possible to obtain offspring of mice (male and female) from two males.

The fewer synapses in the brain, the clearer our thoughts

Researchers at Yale University have recently discovered a single molecule that is able to not only connect brain cells, but also affects the way we study the information and think.

Daily use of aspirin reduces the risk of cancer

Oxford University study found that a daily intake of a low dose of aspirin significantly reduces the number of deaths as a result of a whole range of cancers.

The problem of tooth decay will soon be left behind

Professors at the University of Groningen, Bauk Dijkstra and Lubbert Dizhkuizen deciphered the structure and functional mechanism of the enzyme glyukansaharozy (glucansucrase), which plays an important role in the formation of dental plaque.

Stem cells allow paralyzed monkey jump again

Japanese researchers said on Wednesday they had used stem cells to restore partial mobility of a small monkey that had been paralyzed from the neck down due to a back injury.

Cavities in the past: decoded the enzyme responsible for plaque

Professor Bauke Dijkstra from the city of Groningen in the Netherlands, deciphered the structure and functional mechanism of the enzyme glucansucrase, which is responsible for the formation of plaque on the teeth.

Hormone of love - a reliable tool in the treatment of mental disorders

For the past many years, humanity heard about studies hormone oxytocin (oxytocin), and scientists have repeatedly demonstrated that it increases the confidence of the people and helps in building social relationships.

Long-term use of Botox weakens and atrophies the muscles of the body

A new analysis by researchers of the Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Calgary, has raised many questions about the therapeutic use of Botulinum (botulinum) toxin A.

Soybeans can help in the fight against deadly diseases of children

Scientists from the University of Manchester reported that the chemical is a naturally occurring, found in soy, may be effective in the treatment of new lethal genetic disease affecting many children.

Smoking reduces brain

A lot of research specializing in the brain have previously shown that tobacco smoking is associated with large-scale and widespread structural brain abnormalities.

A list of the most outstanding innovation in biology

New technologies that drive the biology forward with incredible speed, were the subject of evaluation team of experts who chose the top ten most outstanding innovations.

Eating disorders in children: Causes and Consequences

According to new information of children under 12 years are admitted to hospital with a diagnosis of eating disorders has increased to 119% between 1999 and 2006.

Gentle exercise can help prevent osteoarthritis

According to the analysis presented Nov.29 at the annual meeting of the Radiology Society of North America (RSNA), people who are at risk of the disease osteoarthritis can delay the progression of the disease or even prevent its occurrence, simply by making a change in your physical activity..

Alcohol is not always to the detriment of

The scientists, based on new research, argue that pronouncing a toast and raise a glass of wine or champagne in celebration of Thanksgiving, you have brought benefits to your heart.

Scientists have finally found the most effective diet

Researchers from the Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Copenhagen person to disclose the results of the large-scale in the history of study on diet.

The first case of cholera detected in the Dominican Republic

Official sources in the person of the Minister of Health Rozhas Bautista (Bautista Rojas) reported on the recent discovery of the first case of cholera in the Dominican Republic, which occupies the eastern part of the island of Haiti and the island Hispaniola..

You - not what you eat

Types of intestinal bacteria that inhabit the intestine of primates depend on the host, as well as on where the owner lives and what he eats.

What makes us smarter?

Estrogen - the elixir for the brain, it produces brain activity in humans and animals, and also helps in the treatment of brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease and schizophrenia.

7 Steps to a long life

For those who are interested in reducing their risk of death from cardiovascular disease, cardiologists have a bit of good news: regular exercise, a healthy diet, and five simple tips to keep your health for a long time.

How many calories do we spend on walking?

Scientists have found a new equation to determine how many people actually expends energy during walking or walking.

How to treat eczema or beware of cosmetics!

A new study conducted at the University of Bafskom found that using creams with soothing properties, in order to reduce the symptoms of eczema could actually worsen the condition of the skin.

Everything you did not know about the dangers of alcohol

Alcohol can bring much more harm to the human body than just damage the liver.

Sugary juices and sodas contribute to the development of gout in women

New analysis found frequent use of orange juice, carbonated beverages, and other high-fructose sugar, may increase the risk of developing gout small middle-aged women and elderly women.

Buying products, pay attention to the packaging

Researchers at the University of Toronto recently found that the chemicals used to process glass and metal packaging for the food and bags for popcorn in the microwave, can enter the human body through food and contribute to chemical contamination of blood..

9 reliable source of protection against many diseases

The distinctive properties of vitamin D in disease control for a long time and is widely known, but not easy to enrich the body enough of this nutrient.

Exhausting work helps to feel the real taste of food

Everyone knows the conventional wisdom that we truly appreciate the fact that we went through hard work. This was proved by analysis and researchers at Johns Hopkins University, focusing his attention on people’s preferences in food.

Scientists: look younger - not to be healthy

Common practice analysis, linking health and the extent to which younger or older person looks, proved that the appearance is not an indicator. In other words, look older than their years - does not show signs of poor health.

"Sweet" methods of dealing with fast-virus

A new study published in the journal Journal of Leukocyte Biology, suggests that a purified form of the modified product of simple sugar molecules can destroy the killer virus, activating the white blood cells.

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