Wisdom teeth - a new material for the creation of stem cells

To many people, wisdom teeth only bring trouble, until, eventually, they will not remove them.

Music will help get rid of the emotional and physical pain

A new study of the effect of music on feelings could benefit in the treatment of depression and the management of physical pain.

Massage strengthens the immune system

According to a new study of massage treatments not only help you to relax, but also bring huge benefits to your immune system.

Memory problems are more common in men

A new analysis shows that men may be more prone to weak disturbances of consciousness (MCI) than women. The study was published Sept. 7, 2010, in the next issue of the print edition of Neurology, the medical journal The American Academy of Neurology.

"Clever" bacteria make food poisoning unpredictable

Despite the fact that we often eat foods that contain bacteria that can cause food poisoning, we, however, do not always become a victim of poisoning - what is that?

Cranberry juice blocks Staph infection

Expanding the area of study of the mechanisms of bacterial infections, scientists Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), reported the surprising discovery was made in consequence of a small clinical analysis.

A glass of milk will help to eliminate the smell of garlic breath

If you are concerned about the presence of invincible garlic odor on your breath, drink a glass of milk - the scientists who are convinced that this will help to get rid of such a persistent odor.

Of the patients skin cells produce liver cells

Creating replace diseased liver cells from a small sample of human skin, scientists have recently demonstrated how stem cells can be used to treat a variety of genetic disorders and diseases of the liver.

Researchers are trying to activate anti-cancer gene

Researchers at the Faculty of Public Health (Faculty of Health Sciences) have succeeded in decoding the genetic key that fits into certain cells of the intestine and beneficial to their work.

Stress: adolescents and adults react to it in different ways

The influence of the tense situation on the human brain and the body as a whole can be compared to the pressure, which carries a sculptor working with marble: the right degree of pressure - and a piece of marble is a masterpiece, excessive pressure - and the marble to fall apart..

See the world through different eyes: Biosynthetic corneas restore vision

A new analysis of researchers in Canada and Sweden has shown that biosynthetic corneas can promote the regeneration of damaged tissue and correction of the eye, and improve a person’s vision.

The water contains fluoride prevents tooth loss in adults

In an article that appeared in the October issue of the American Journal of Public Health (American Journal of Public Health), Mathieu Neydell (Matthew Neidell) reports a strong correlation between the levels of fluoride in the water used by residents of a particular area of residence at the time of their birth, and tooth loss in old age ..

The secret dream reveals the human hair

According to new research to trace the work of your internal clock is now possible to analyze small strands of your hair.

Male menopause are subject to more than five million men

Until now, it was assumed that concepts such as menopause or menopause (age-related hormonal changes) are associated exclusively with the peculiarities of the female body.

How Salmonella enters the egg?

Bacteria Salmonella (Salmonella), also referred to as Salmonella enteritidis, can penetrate the egg in several ways.

Products that prevent the development of cancer: Facts and Fiction

Countless books and news articles about food, which reduces the risk of cancer, might lead you to believe that this terrible disease may simply reflect better eating.

Bacteria are able to smell their environment

The study showed that the bacteria, some of the simplest forms of life on Earth, the sense of smell.

Cattle cloned from the cells of dead animals

Some species of cattle cloned to boost food production in the U.S., created from the cells of dead animals, according to the information of the American company on cloning.

Research has shown that thinking about God calms, but only believers

Thinking about God may reduce the irritation of the mistakes, according to a new study published in the Journal of the Association of Psychology Psychological Science.

Women no longer need to debug a long pregnancy after miscarriage

Retrospective analysis conducted at one of the hospitals of Scotland, proved that women who have suffered a miscarriage, no longer have to endure a long period of time between pregnancies.

The first step in a new treatment of chronic bowel disease

Scientists at the Institute of Biotechnology Flanders (Flanders Institute for Biotechnology) in conjunction with the University of Ghent (UGent) have discovered that A20 protein plays an important protective role in diseases associated with chronic inflammation of the intestine.

Solarium doubles the chances of developing skin cancer

Worst fears were confirmed by scientists - young people who visit a solarium, almost double their chances of developing skin cancer up to 40 years.

Herpes virus used to treat cancer

Doctors say that they used a genetically modified virus to treat successfully patients with head and neck cancer.

How can you control your sleep?

Says the expert from Harvard University.Techniques for controlling sleep or at least to influence it really work.

To be alone is also harmful as smoke 15 cigarettes a day or being an alcoholic

The researchers found that sociability good for your health, while loneliness is equivalent to 15 cigarettes a day.

Discovered the biggest sexual problem women

Nearly two-thirds of the women who have undergone a total urological check reported that suffer from sexual dysfunction. The research is published in the August issue of the Journal of the British Association of Urology.

Music tones the brain and improves learning

Learning to play a musical instrument, according to a recent review article, promotes changes in the brain and leads mainly to favorable developments, including improved knowledge and understanding of languages.

New technologies can improve the treatment of brain cancer in children

The analysis presented July 18 at the 52nd Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physicists Medicine (Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine AAPM), reveals that children with brain tumors who are exposed to radiation for medical purposes (use of X-rays are used to destroy cancer cells and reduce tumor) will be received considerable support through the creation of a new treatment known as "intensity modulated arc therapy" or IMDT..

Long-term mobile phone use can cause tinnitus

Regular use of a mobile phone for at least four years, can cause twice the risk of developing chronic tinnitus (constant ringing, roaring, whistling in the ear), indicates a small study published in the on-lain version of the journal Occupational and Environmental Medicine ..

Scientists have determined the probability to survive 9 types of cancer

Spanish epidemiologists to provide information about the chances of surviving nine types of cancer in Spain, and compared them with other European countries.

15 signs of divorce

Scientists have deduced the 15 signs that your marriage threatens to divorce, starting with the fact you were smiling at the children’s photos and ending with your profession.

Scientists are allowed to "meat paradox"

A new study conducted at the University of Kent, found that people who try to avoid the "meat paradox", which is that people do not want to cause harm to animals, but meat eaters can do so by denying the ability of an animal to suffer.

Found a way to extend the life

A new study sheds light on the reasons why low-calorie diet can extend the life and reduce the severity of age-related diseases of a wide range of animals.

Developed artificial blood for use in hot spots

U.S.scientists who work commissioned by the Pentagon’s experimental department, have developed artificial blood, to provide medical care to soldiers wounded in combat zones.

Scientists unravel the mysteries of evolution from unicellular to multicellular organisms

One of the most interesting processes of evolution - the transition of unicellular organisms into multicellular, required less change than previously thought.

Scientists have identified what disorders suffer internet trolls and their victims

Young offenders electronic tranquility and their victims are likely to have psychiatric and physical symptoms and problems, according to the study, which was published in the June issue of the journal Archives of General Psychiatry.

Disclosed is a new effect of caffeine, which improves performance of athletes

Scientific UK first proved that high caffeine directly increase muscle power and endurance during relatively low-intensity activities.

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy adversely affects the quality of the seed of the future men.

Botox restricts the ability to experience emotions

A well-known side effect of Botox - is the inability to fully express emotions. Now as a result of the study revealed another side effect - the inability to fully experience these emotions.

Breast milk transmits drugs and drugs from mother to child

Quit smoking, do not drink more than three cups of coffee a day, do not take any medication, or if you are taking, do it as early as possible, before feeding the baby.

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