Experiments can lead to new treatments for neuroblastoma

Neuroblastoma - one of the worst diagnoses that can deliver a baby.

Cartilage is able to repair itself?

Scientists have discovered that a certain type mice has tremendous natural ability to regenerate cartilage. The study of this phenomenon may help to significantly improve and facilitate the treatment of damaged cartilage in humans.

Cancer of the esophagus have learned to "freeze"

Gastroenterologists from Southwestern Medical Center, University of Texas (Southwestern Medical Center University of Texas) have developed a new technique to fight cancer of the esophagus.

Why smokers suffer worse flu and other viral infections

A new study by researchers at Yale School of Medicine (Yale School of Medicine) may explain why the symptoms of colds and flu, which are often mild in non-smokers, can be much more severe in smokers.

After 40 years in Europe returns Ebola-like virus

On Friday, July 11, 40-year-old Dutch citizen had died in hospital isolation ward in Leiden (Netherlands) after less than two weeks after his return from Uganda.

A model of a portable artificial kidney

Researchers from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), and the Health Department of Veterans Affairs (Veterans Affairs Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System, CA) have developed a prototype of an automated portable artificial kidney (Automated Wearable Artificial Kidney, AWAK), which will help to avoid some of the complications in patients using the traditional system of dialysis..

Scientists have learned to see the muscle fiber in action

Using an unusual microscope with a special needle-tipped, researchers from Stanford University (Stanford University) for the first time were able to see in action the tiny muscle fibers of a living organism.

Pre-Ice Age Europe gave the world Lyme borreliosis

Researchers from the University of Battskogo (University of Bath, UK) found that the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi, which causes Lyme disease (tick fever), has its origins in the pre-Ice Age Europe, but not in North America, as previously thought.

Eczema in babies can cause a cat with a specific gene mutation

Gene mutation and a pet can increase the child’s risk of getting sick with eczema during the first year of life. These results of a recent study published in the medical journal PLoS Medicine.

Women "tides" are associated with forgetfulness

In a first of its kind study conducted by researchers from the University of Illinois at Chicago (University of Illinois, Chicago), middle-aged women do not see more than 40% of so-called "Tides", or hot flashes in menopause.

Artificial Eye in the development of new wireless implants

About 30 million people worldwide suffer from blindness caused by various diseases of the retina.

Developed an experimental drug that blocks the development of prostate cancer

Scientists from Ohio State University have developed a new experimental drug for prostate cancer. Experiments with mice have shown that a new drug capable of blocking the progression of prostate cancer in animals with premalignant disease.

Dermatologists herpes zoster associated with heredity

Researchers at the medical school of Texas at Houston (Texas Medical School, Houston) came to the conclusion that heredity may be one of the reasons why some people are more susceptible to shingles - a serious disease of the skin.

Solved another mystery on the way to eternal youth

Schwann cells (neyrolemmotsity) that produce myelin, have the ability, which is envied by every aging Hollywood star: they are able to become young again.

Glaucoma threatens the loss of

( - Elevated eye pressure can lead to serious chronic disease - glaucoma, which can not be completely cured, and in 30% of cases it leads to loss of vision. As the time to recognize the problem?

On the way - genetically modified ... people?

News that scientists have for the first time genetically altered a human embryo, caused extremely negative reaction from some watchdog groups, who argue that it is - a step towards the creation of "breeding children."

"Trojan Horse" is battling cancer

Using nanotechnology for the treatment of malignant tumors is a very promising, because thus it is possible to advantageously affect the cancer cells and minimize damage to healthy tissue.

Nanodiamonds are safe and effective in the fight against cancer

Nanodiamonds, like many other nanomaterials have attracted special interest of researchers of the XXI century.

Menstrual blood - a valuable source of stem cells?

The researchers leading the search for new sources of stem cells for use in regenerative medicine, have found a new potentially unlimited, always available and inexpensive source of multipotent stem cells. This source - menstrual blood.

The cancer cells spread, "blowing bubbles"

New fundamental mechanism of how tumor cells interact with each other, has just been discovered by a team of scientists led by Dr.

Scientists have discovered how a cataract

Cataracts (from Lat.Cataracta - "waterfall") - an eye disease associated with clouding of the eye’s lens and causing varying degrees of vision disorders.

Perhaps the first recorded case of transmission of avian influenza from person to person

Doctors are forced again to revise their views about the possible transmission of avian influenza virus from person to person.

Scientists are puzzled by genetics growth

The researchers decided to look more closely at the causes that determine growth.

Male contraception: hormones can all

According to an analysis conducted by an international team of researchers, the combination of the male hormone testosterone and progestin suppresses sperm production faster and more efficiently than testosterone alone.

Diagnosis of colon cancer at an early stage: it is possible to do without a biopsy!

With the new technique, developed by scientists at Stanford University (Stanford University School of Medicine), it will be possible to diagnose colon cancer at earlier stages, and without the need for biopsy.

Carbon nanotubes can help bone fractures

The healing of broken bones - a long and difficult process.The most effective method to date to restore bone is to locate and secure the correct positioning of a broken bone by means of plaster bandage or tire.

A new method for rapid and accurate diagnosis of TB

Researchers from Imperial College London (Imperial College London) and the University of Oxford (University of Oxford) have developed a new method for analyzing the blood, known as ELISpot-Plus.

Scientists have found a gene that blocks HIV

A team of researchers from the University of Alberta (University of Alberta) in collaboration with scientists from the University of Pennsylvania (University of Pennsylvania) have discovered a gene capable of blocking HIV, preventing thus the development of AIDS - acquired immune deficiency syndrome..

Latest Searches causes of hair loss

A healthy person loses an average of about a hundred hairs a day.

Street noise increases the pressure even while sleeping

Results of a new study published in the "European Heart Journal", indicates that the noise from airplanes or cars passing by the house leads to an increase in blood pressure, even during sleep.

Scientists: Mobile phone does not cause cancer

Japanese scientists have finally decided to disprove the theory that mobile phone radiation can cause the formation of malignant tumors.

Scientists have developed a vaccine against prostate cancer

Researchers from the University of Southern California have developed a vaccine against prostate cancer, which helped prevent the development of cancer in 90% of mice that are genetically predisposed to developing the disease.

Hemp killing 20 years earlier than tobacco

The scientists who conducted the study of the development of bullous lung disease, found that the destruction of the lungs of smokers of marijuana coming twenty years earlier than tobacco smokers.

Geneticists have overcome addiction to morphine

Morphine is considered an excellent pain reliever. But he has a dangerous side effect - addiction. Recent experiments with experimental mouse scientists have shown that dependence on morphine is still possible to win.

Can not sleep? Remove away your cell phone!

Swedish researchers have found that talking on a cell phone before going to sleep adversely affects the well-being, and advised not to talk a lot at night on the phone to get a good night’s sleep.

Hormonal contraceptive patch is dangerous for women?

Recent studies of the influence of the hormone patch on the health of women who prefer this form of contraception, have revealed a rather serious side effects, which is not mentioned on the packaging contraceptive.

Medicine and Nanotechnology: The cancer cells will now be ... blow!

A joint team of scientists from the University of Missouri (Columbia), and the U.S.

Anthrax toxin taught to "kill" cancer cells

For most people, the concept of "anthrax toxin" is a negative emotion.

The risk of liver disease depends on the length of the legs?

A new study of the causes of various diseases of the liver led to very strange conclusion: the shorter legs, the higher the risk of liver cancer and other diseases associated with this vital organ.

Men need more "Botox" than women

The procedure for the introduction of the drug into the skin of the same name, which is a purified botulinum neurotoxin type A.

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