Powered by fast-acting antidote to cyanide

Scientists have developed a fast-acting antidote to cyanide (salts of hydrocyanic acid), which will help save the lives of people at risk of chemical poisoning: firefighters, employees of hazardous industrial facilities, as well as victims of terrorist attacks..

Scientists claim that cirrhosis of the liver can not just stop, but also to cure

Check out their guesses in experimental animals, scientists from the University of California, San Diego (California, USA) concluded that liver fibrosis (fibrous connective tissue growth) can not only stop but also reverse!

Know your enemy: cancer stem cells identified

Perhaps, the cancer is rooted in yet insufficiently studied area cellular medicine: the area of cancer stem cells. They could be found among the rapidly proliferating cancer cells.

Tobacco smoke "useful" of marijuana smoke?

Canadian researchers have found another reason to refrain from smoking cannabis.

Antibacterial soap affect the hormonal activity

Scientists from the University of California at Davis (University of California, Davis) conducted laboratory studies and found that the conventional antibacterial chemical additives contained in detergents (for example, in the sauna soap) can disrupt the hormonal activity of the organism.

Exercise can reduce immunity

Judging by a recent study by Australian scientists, athletes, often considered to be the ideal of physical health and well-being can be subjected to more diseases than those who do not engage in active sports.

Infectious diseases of the teeth can cause hair loss

There is some relationship between infection and the development of so-called teeth "Alopecia areata" - alopecia areata or local hair loss. Alopecia affects both men and women regardless of age and is found in about one person in a thousand.

Scientists have learned how to grow the immune system from stem cells

Scientists at Stanford University have made another successful discovery in the field of stem cell transplantation. They have learned to literally "grow" new immune system in mice by replacing the old damaged circulatory system of the new.

Developing a new vaccine against the most dangerous strains of HPV

Researchers from the Medical College of Georgia (USA) to the creation of a nine-vaccine against nine of the most dangerous strains of HPV.

Permanent sexual arousal syndrome spoil life for women

New studies have shown that women with regular sexual arousal syndrome, are often victims of various psychological disorders.

Nicotine dependence can be reduced by continuing to smoke!

Scientists have developed the first successful strategy to reduce smokers nicotine addiction without giving up smoking.

The bones of the face - the key to the emergence of wrinkles

Researchers at the Medical Center at Duke University found that the reason for the appearance of wrinkles - no earthly gravity, pulled away the skin, and age-related changes in bone structure of the face. And most of all women suffer from it.

Sepsis. Green tea - a powerful tool in the treatment of common blood infection

Sepsis (total blood poisoning) - pathological immune response to bacterial infection.

Laser on the virus!

Physicists at the University of Arizona have developed a unique technology, which is made possible thanks to the destruction of the laser bacteria and viruses (such as HIV) without causing harm to the cells of the human body.

Scientists may have found a way to treat hypertension

For more than 40 years, scientists have searched for a natural hormone capable of outputting sodium from the body. On the basis of this hormone could be created safe and effective drugs to combat high blood pressure - hypertension.

New lethal genetic disease of the heart

Scientists at the Sahlgrenska Academy have discovered a previously unknown genetic disease caused by a genetic defect that leads to the fact that muscle cells lose their ability to store energy derived from sugar.

Genetics for impotence

Recently, studies have been conducted on the effect of gene therapy treatment of erectile dysfunction. The most significant result stored for up to six months, showed two patients who were subjected to the most thorough treatment.

The herpes virus can be used to fight cancer

Unpleasant, though not fatal herpes virus might be used as a weapon to combat the widespread worldwide breast cancer.

New studies of bone tissues: treatment of osteoporosis in doubt

The researchers found that human bone structure is very different from that which was assumed to ranee.Poslednie findings can influence the whole process of treatment of some diseases that weaken the bone.

Smoking not affect the development of multiple sclerosis?

Some people believe that smoking tobacco causes multiple sclerosis. Recent scientific studies have shown that this is not the case, though still remained unknown causes and the development of the disease.

To find a cure for bird flu thrown over 40,000 computers

Last month, scientists from Europe and Asia have launched a major new project to find a cure for the deadly bird flu virus.

All people have different numbers of genes

People differ from one another more genes. This is revealed in the course of international studies that publication in Tokyo (Japan).

Saliva tests detect cancer?

Do not fall asleep at the wheel!

It turns out that onlookers - sensitive and conscious people!

Psychologists say that the phenomenon of "contagious yawning" is most pronounced among people emotional, sensitive and more developed in terms of social awareness.

The mutation of the insulin gene may cause neonatal diabetes

Recent studies of the insulin gene showed that its mutation leads to a particular form of diabetes, affecting neonates and infants, and as a result - to a lifelong dependence on insulin injections.

We find a vaccine for hepatitis C?

Scientists have discovered monoclonal antibodies that can translate into reality the dream of a vaccine against hepatitis-C.

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