Scientists have discovered why the mornings so hard to wake up

Many people are familiar with the problem of severe wake in the morning.

Uncovered another secret to losing weight

The use of finely chopped food stimulates the process of losing weight, according to U.S.

Nanoparticles with bee venom kill HIV

The nanoparticles carrying one of the toxins, which is part of the bee venom destroys virus imunnodifitsita person without harming the surrounding cells, as scientists have found from medical school at Washington University in St.

Green vegetables protect the body from harmful bacteria

Green vegetables protect the human body from harmful pathogens, as the results of research scientists from the Australian Institute of Molecular Immunology.

Salty foods can cause autoimmune diseases

The consumption of salt in unlimited quantities can be a risk factor for the development of such autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis, according to a study conducted by American and German scientists.

Cancer of the stomach learn to identify by breathing

A quick and simple analysis of breath can diagnose cancer, as shown by a new study.

Found the source of phantom pain in the field of amputated limbs

Phantom pain of a chronic nature, which torment after the amputation of some people appear due to the fact that the human brain does not recognize the loss of an arm or leg, keeping the chain of neurons responding once for her work.

Scientists: obesity gene is associated with skin cancer

Associated with obesity gene FTO may lead to the development of melanoma - skin cancer. This was reported by the researchers of the University of Leeds in the UK, reports Medical Xpress.

Young mothers suffer from intrusive thoughts more often than other people

Obsessive thoughts and increased anxiety are more common in women who became mothers recently, the scientists from the United States by publishing their work in the Journal of Reproductive Medicine.

Viruses have their own immune system

A study conducted by the American microbiologist, showed the presence of one of the viruses analogue to the immune system.

Unhealthy diet expectant mother spoils the taste preferences of the baby

U.S.researchers conducted another study and found that the content in the diet of pregnant excessive amounts of sweet and fatty, salty and fried foods contributes to the formation of unhealthy appetite in children, according to Science Daily.

Nutritionists have compiled a list of the most unhealthy foods

The most dangerous and harmful to human food products were identified by American nutritionist Jared Koch. Regular consumption of foods on this list may have a negative impact on human health, helping to stimulate even diseases such as cancer.

Pessimism increases life expectancy

Good news for pessimists: people with dark thoughts that are constantly in fear of what the future is more likely to live longer than a few times, than the thoughtless optimists, according to a new study.

Sugar substitutes can cause weight loss

Scientists have found that the use of artificial sweeteners, which are used for the production of health foods, preserving a slim figure, can have the opposite effect, contributing to weight gain.

Internet addiction causes breaking and mental disorders

Dependence on the Internet can lead to depression and withdrawal symptoms, according to a new study published in the journal PlOS One.

The Mediterranean diet protects against heart disease

Avoid problems with the heart to help compliance with the Mediterranean diet.

An active sex life leads to addiction and alcoholism

The surprising fact was recently discovered by scientists: the more sexual partners a person had, the more he was exposed to the risk of alcoholism and drug addiction.

Scientists will create a powerful antibiotic of human sweat

Antibacterial drug created from human sweat can actually win superbagi sick and deadly strains of tuberculosis.

Caesarean section increases the risk of allergies in children

Having a baby through Caesarean section increases it 5 times the risk of developing allergies in the future. New data presented members of the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, reports The Daily Mail.

Medication drugs ahead of the number of deaths

Death from an overdose of drugs are growing for 11 years in a row. The lion’s share of them in the addictive painkillers.

Smoking causes more harm to the male body

It has long been known for a fact that quitting smoking helps people to improve their health and achieve performance that are characteristic for people who have never smoked.

Red wine has a beneficial effect on hearing

A powerful natural antioxidant resveratrol contained in red wine, prevents hearing loss and prevents cognitive impairment. New information is presented in a press release issued by experts Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit.

Immune system to destroy the problems in his personal life

Complex relationships and frequent quarrels in the family are having a devastating effect on the immune system of the spouses.

Caffeine prolongs pregnancy and leads to weight loss in the infant

Daily consumption of caffeine threatens pregnant women in low birth weight and increasing gestational age. Data were presented by Swedish and Norwegian scientists, reports The Daily Mail.

Chemicals in food and household items - the cause of spike disease in the world

The chemicals contained in the objects used in everyday life, can lead to the development of breast cancer, asthma, infertility and birth defects, according to Daily Mail, with reference to the WHO.

Fast-food destroys the liver like hepatitis

Enough to spend a month on fast food to cause liver damage in the same degree as hepatitis. This is the conclusion of one of the creators of American television.

The new facility has a hangover instant action

The problem of severe consequences drunken parties will soon decide the new "Antipohmelin" reception which will help sober up in a matter of seconds.

Hiking in the solarium can replace fruits and vegetables

Specialists of St. Andrews University in Scotland, said recently that with the help of a special diet, you can achieve the effect of sunburn, reports The Daily Mail.

Men with circumcision get less pleasure from sex

Circumcision for men made in adult or childhood, eventually leading to the alleviation of fun in mind to reduce the sensitivity, the specialists said University Hospital of Ghent.

Scientists have figured out how to teach a child to useful products

Wanting to teach a child to term is regularly fruit and vegetables, the expectant mother should be taken during pregnancy, a special diet, reports The Daily Mail.

Sugar heals wounds

Experts say that sugar, deriving from the wound fluid, prevents the growth of bacteria, which it needs water. Thus, pathogens are killed. Clinical tests prove promising approach, reports news agency BBC.

Scientists have discovered why women are more likely than men freeze

The fair sex is often affected by the fact that freeze in the hands and feet, regardless of the weather.

Vitamin C protects against cold, provided that ...

The effectiveness of vitamin C in the treatment of the common cold is caused by regular workouts as betraying The Daily Mail. These are the new information specialists from the University of Helsinki.

Insomnia causes suicidal thoughts

Insomnia, accompanied by nightmares, evoke a sense of hopelessness, it may lead to suicidal thoughts.

Chocolate improves mood and energizes

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, a holiday which is accepted to give chocolate lover, scientists have once again reminded of the benefits of this delicious product.

Black tea protects against dementia in old age

According to a meta-analysis of several studies, tea reduces the risk of dementia in old age. Daily use 4 cups of the drink also improves memory.

Exercise reduces the risk of developing prostate cancer

A new study conducted by experts of veteran Medical Center in Durham (England) found that exercise and workout in the gym at the white-skinned men reduce the risk of prostate cancer or facilitate the course of the disease.

Riddle "asleep" kingdom

It is known that a rather large time-span of our lives, we are in a dream. If the person deprived of this possibility, it would not last long - will die.

"Protivoonkologicheskie" viruses

It is known that the immune system reacts to foreign objects, which include viruses, bacteria, Rickettsia, etc. However, cancer cells are the immune system are not perceived as "foreign", resulting in cancer is often detected at later stages.

The rim Cefaly relieves headaches in 20 minutes

Scientists from Belgium introduced a new device that eliminates the migraine. Wearing a headband Cefaly for 20 minutes, according to the researchers, eliminates painful headaches, according to the publication The Daily Mail.

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