Snoring was more dangerous than smoking and obesity

The shocking discovery was made recently by U.S. researchers: regular snoring increasingly threatens the health of the body, particularly the heart than smoking and obesity.

Scientists have figured out how much meat should a man to maintain muscle mass

A new study found that eating 170 grams of beef, along with exercise considerably improves protein synthesis in muscle fibers in men of middle age.

Products that help you cope with stress

Vegetables, as it turned out to be useful not only to maintain a slim figure. Regular consumption of fruits and vegetables improves the mood of some species, according to a new study.

Vegetable diet will help patients with kidney disease

U.S. scientists have found that a large number of fruits and vegetables in the diet can help with chronic kidney failure. The work of researchers was published in the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology.

Scientists have found a new way to destruction of cancer cells

A tiny capsule that has been developed by U.S. researchers can inhibit cancer cells, it is not damaging healthy.

Calcium intake increases the risk of dying from a heart attack in men

U.S.researchers have found links of consumption in high doses of calcium with increased risk of death from cardiovascular disease, reports Medical News Today.

Aussie 25 years has lost all the teeth out of love for soda

Carbonated drinks, it seems, is not harmful to health, such as alcohol. However, in the absence of a sense of proportion and soda can ruin a man’s life. So, addicted 25-year-old Aussie stake to the cause of tooth loss.

Tattoos can cause skin cancer

Medical studies U.S. experts showed that used for tattooing ink, contains many toxic substances which may cause skin cancer. Especially harmful blue ink, which is composed of cobalt and aluminum.

TV viewing reduces sperm quality

A team of U.S. scientists found that men who spend watching television too long, sperm concentration falls short of the standard indicators twice.

Vitamin C can cause kidney stones

Intake of vitamin C in large quantities Swedish researchers have linked with a twofold increase in the risk of kidney stones, reports Medical Xpress. Their information, researchers from the Karolinska Institute published in JAMA Internal Medicine.

Yoga will help to combat hyperactivity disorder and schizophrenia

Everyone knows that yoga helps to relax and unwind with strong feelings and emotional stress.

Sun baths reduce the risk of arthritis in women

Exposure to the sun has a beneficial effect on the female joints, decreasing by an average of 20% probability of occurrence of arthritis.

Milk and yogurt protect against osteoporosis

Consumption of dairy products with low-fat elderly people need every day. This protects the bone preventing osteoporosis. Fatty milk products similar effect with no effect.

Scientists: the inhabitants of the equator increased risk of allergies and asthma

Allergic symptoms (sore throat and sneezing) may occur more often in people who live close to the equator in the form of increased sunlight exposure.

Scientists have discovered how fear arises

For many years it was considered the center of the amygdala fear (amygdala) in the brain.

Chewing gum improves brain

Japanese scientists from the National Institute of Radiological Sciences conducted a study and found that regular consumption of chewing gum, which was considered a bad habit earlier, has a beneficial effect on brain function.

Scientists: excess sugar causes the development of cancer

Sugar in moderation brings benefits to the body, providing it with the necessary energy.

The human body is capable of producing analgesics

That was the conclusion of experts at the University of Michigan. They believe that this unique ability of the human body manifests itself in times when it is urgently needed medical care, but for some reason this does not arrive.

WHO presented the revised rates of consumption of salt

The World Health Organization (WHO) has reduced the daily rate of salt for an adult, which was hitherto 2,000 mg.

Beer will help in the creation of drugs for diabetes and cancer

Researchers in the U.S.have established the exact configuration of the molecule humulones - components of hops that give beer its distinct bitter taste.

Marriage protects against heart attack

Analysis of national database for an incidence of myocardial infarction allowed Finnish scientists conclude that people living in a marriage are less prone to heart disease exacerbations and are capable of more rapid recovery, if you had not managed to avoid a heart attack..

Sex - a poor substitute for sports training

There is a widespread belief that sex can burn up to 300 calories a person, which saves him from having to going to the gym, grueling workouts, as well as restrictions in the use of sweets at night.

The first time the work of the brain of fish in real-time

Neuroscientists from Japan using the "light" of neurons in the brain of a living vertebrate, have developed a new technique for monitoring the activity of individual nerve cells and throughout the central nervous system in the living brain of the zebra fish, according to a paper published in the edition of Current Biology..

Bread - the cause of chronic fatigue

Bread in the human diet is probably one of the oldest foods.

The bacteria travel through the body on stem cells

Scientists have discovered that leprosy pathogens - bacteria Mycobacterium leprae - to travel through the body using stem cells, which they themselves had created from glial (Schwann) cells.

Vegetarians are a third less risk of dying from a heart attack

Vegetarians risk of hospitalizations and deaths from heart disease by 32% less than that of people who eat animal products - meat and fish.

Pitahaya recognized as the most valuable product of the year

Taiwanese scientists have for several months been studying the beneficial properties of various fruits, native to Asia and South America.

Chilean scientists have created a vaccine against alcoholism

Scientists from the University of Chile (Santiago) plan to start tests they developed a vaccine against alcoholism.

Erection problems can be caused by heart disease

The cause of erection problems in men can be a cardiovascular disease and the risk of early death, according to new information from the Australian scientists who have published their work in the journal PLOS Medicine.

Garnet will cheat hunger and prevent overeating

The capsules containing the components of pomegranate curb the strong feeling of hunger and save you from overeating, as ascertained by Scottish scientists. This preparation will help reduce the amount of daily food intake by 22%.

Frost resistance genes found in Siberians

Cambridge researchers have discovered that the native Siberians positive selection of genes that allow survival in a terrible cold.

Fruits and vegetables protect against the bright colors of paralysis

Continued inclusion in the diet of fruits and vegetables red, orange and yellow flowers that contain special pigments that help to delay or even prevent the development of severe neurological disease, which is expressed in muscle atrophy and complete loss of the ability to control limbs.

Inflammatory processes during pregnancy increase the risk of autism in children

U.S. researchers found that the risk of having autistic child is greatly increased if during pregnancy the expectant mother was not able to avoid the inflammatory process.

Bad habits are sometimes useful

Doctors are constantly being told about the dangers of alcohol, coffee and stress, but it turns out that even these bad habits have a positive side.

Twitter is recognized by scientists an effective way to lose weight

A team of U.S.scientists from the University of North Carolina decided to find out, can you help maintain microblog users to get rid of extra pounds.

Scientific discovery has identified the secret of a successful training program

You have the feeling that your workout leave you tired, not giving a real difference? The study by researchers from the University of cyclists Stirling possible to discover the secret of successful training.

Scientists have found a new way to protect cells from HIV

Molecular biologists at Stanford University led by Matthew Portesom developed a gene therapy that allows some of the immune cells do invulnerable to HIV.

British scientists have announced the completion of the era of antibiotics

British doctors say that in the world there are more and more bacteria resistant to many existing antibiotics today, they threaten the planet as much as global warming and the search for new antibiotics become increasingly difficult.

In the U.S., there was ice cream, treating colds

The American company Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams made ice cream that eases colds.

Coping with depression help books on self-help

In the U.S., the appointment of specialist books on self-help from the NHS considered an effective treatment for major depression, the researchers found.

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