Morbid jealousy to be treated

Experts from the University of Pisa claim that morbid jealousy, like other diseases, it is better to identify with the advance of medical examinations.

During pregnancy, the embryo has to see the light

Vitreous Eye embryo penetrated vessels feeding the maturing retina.

The girl, who is not growing, puzzled doctors

Brooke Greenberg little eyes shine with joy when her mother imports in a wheelchair at a local children’s clothing department store, where Brooke chooses things.

Scientists describe the reasons that push people to gluttony

The main cause of overeating, according to scientists from the U.S., is not a lack of willpower, and eating certain foods.

Scientists have explained the benefits of tea of ??coffee leaves

After studying the composition of the leaves of coffee, the scientists have put an end to disputes fans of the two most popular drinks in the world - tea and coffee - their usefulness.

Strawberries and blueberries reduce the risk of heart attack in women by 30%

Weekly intake of three servings of strawberries and blueberries for at least one-third can reduce the risk of heart attack in women, according to new to American scientists who were published in the Journal of the American Heart Association.

Early gray hair - a sign of good health

It sounds paradoxical, but the early gray hair in men is far from being a sign of premature aging, and a strong indicator of men’s health.

Coca-Cola effectively treats gastro-intestinal stones

Experts from the University of Athens found that Coca-Cola brings to our health not only harm, but also benefit: aggressive substances that damage the tooth enamel from fans of the drink are able to remove the gastro-intestinal stones.

Stormy sex life is dangerous for the health of men

Australian scientists have questioned the benefit of the traditional sex for men’s health. Biologists from the University of Western Australia state that actually excessive sexual activity leads to impaired immunity, undermining the body’s resources.

Ginseng is more effective Viagra

South Korean scientists, based on the results of a new study concluded that ginseng is used from ancient times people of China for the treatment of impotence, really helps men to increase their libido, reports Daily Mail.

Scientists have returned to mice ears deafened

The good news for people who have to work in the constant noise and fans of loud music! Hearing loss caused by loud noises too, soon will be cured with the help of drugs.

Black tea will save from stroke

Researchers around the world do not stop harping about the benefits of green tea.

Hot chocolate tastes better in an orange cup

European scientists in a recent study confirmed the link between the color of dishes and the perception of taste of food being in her man.

Drinking sugary drinks facing depression

Regular consumption of sugar-sweetened soft drinks, including diet, is associated with an increased risk of depression, while drinking coffee without sugar reduces this risk.

Fatty foods have a negative impact on the quality of sperm

A study conducted by members of the University Hospital in Copenhagen, found that high-fat and high-calorie food has a negative impact not only on the heart of man, but also on the quality of sperm in men.

"Memory molecule" is not related to its formation

Studies in transgenic mice, conducted independently by neuroscientists have shown that protein kinase M zeta (PKM-?), another protein known as the "memory molecule", in reality, nothing to do with its formation and maintenance.

Alcohol saved the life of a resident of the UK

Alcohol can save a life during a heart attack. Such an unusual operation on Christmas Day were forced to British doctors from the Cardiology Clinic of Bristol.

A blood test will determine the true age of the person

Scientists have recently developed a test that establishes the duration of life of people and showing the speed of the aging process of the body. Testing of this innovative technology provides for the participation of more than 100 people in the UK.

Asparagus helps to avoid a hangover

Specialists of the National University of Jeju in South Korea have found new medicinal properties of asparagus: the leaves and shoots of the plant to protect liver cells from toxins and significantly relieve the symptoms of a hangover after drinking alcohol in large quantities, writes The Daily Mail.

The expression of negative emotions extends life of 2 years

When a person is angry, then for the sake of your health it is better to let off steam, say scientists. People with a hot temper who does not hold back his anger and live longer.

Genetic mutations are not associated with the development of disease

The fact that the man is not perfect, said by the ancient sages.

The bodies of the dead will be a source of stem cells

The discovery of stem cells, which has been made in the last century, has identified the development of medicine completely new stage.

U.S. scientists have found a molecule of obesity

Experts at Indiana University in Bloomington presented a new effective method to combat obesity and diseases associated with it.

Chicken Soup wins coed infection

One of the oldest and well-known folk remedies used in the treatment of the common cold is chicken soup.

Blinking, the man turns his attention from one thing to another

Blinking in humans occurs more often than is necessary to wet the eye, as this action frees the brain from its current state, helping to "reset" the center of attention in it.

Hypnotics due to the placebo effect

Researchers from the University of Lincoln and Connecticut, Harvard Medical School found that the effect of some sleeping pills due to a 50% placebo effect, betraying The Telegraph.

Insect larvae are called food of the future

Scientists from the Netherlands found a more environmentally friendly and cheaper alternative to meat and poultry that is not inferior to the nutritional value of these foods of animal origin.

Headache attacks can cause the familiar products

At times, it would seem, nothing heralds the emergence of severe headaches.

Chicken eggs are struggling with "bad" cholesterol

Daily eating eggs can increase the "good" cholesterol while increasing the mass of the visceral fat, or metabolic syndrome. Eggs quench your hunger for a long time, helping to keep the weight is normal.

Immune cells move through the body like a rock climbing

As you know, the first to rush to the site of infection neutrophils.

Scientists have found a substance in the brain, pushing people to suicide

Researchers from the University of Michigan found that the glutamate contained in the brain can push a person to commit suicide.

Gazpacho normalizes blood pressure

Regular consumption of cold gazpacho soup - Spanish dish consisting of frayed raw vegetables - can help lower blood pressure and, consequently, the risk of cardio-vascular system.

Determined by the rate of consumption of milk for children

Medical specialists from St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto (Canada) concluded that children aged two to five years, every day should drink at least half a liter of cow’s milk.

Aerobics improves brain activity

Scientists have long been asserting the beneficial effects of regular aerobic exercise on physical health, especially in the elderly.

Five products whose use is limited during the New Year holidays

New Year’s table is always breaking from the variety of products, which, incidentally, are not always useful and safe for human health.

In the Netherlands, the dog brings deadly infections in humans

The two-year dog breed hound named Cliff instantly detects the presence in the body of Clostridium difficile, an intestinal infection that causes diarrhea, abdominal cramps, loss of appetite, fever and weight loss.

Tactile receptors are involved in the same way as hearing

It is believed that the tactile receptors, dense grid covering our skin, have a spatial working principle, that is, we experience a variety of surfaces, comparing their individual sections.

In the battle against leukemia helps broccoli

The component called sulforaphane contained in broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables helps reducing the amount of malignant cells in lymphoblastic leukemia.

The high-speed anti-depressant

U.S.scientists have reported meaningful results from clinical trials of a new rapid-acting antidepressant.

Condom to protect women from sexual infections

U.S.scientists have developed a new contraceptive for women that will provide reliable protection not only against pregnancy but also from sexually transmitted diseases through.

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