Coffee beans will help in the fight against obesity

The extract of green coffee beans are added to the list of dietary products that contribute to weight loss.

Scientists: big belly threatens men osteoporosis

Recently, researchers from the Harvard Medical School, the United States conducted an interesting study, which involved 35 middle-aged men who are overweight.

A new species of bird flu found in Indonesia

Indonesian scientists discovered a new species of bird flu in the country because of which killed 100,000 ducks, Singapore newspaper reports Strats Times.

Coffee protects against cancer of the mouth and throat

Eating at least four cups of coffee a day can reduce twice the likelihood of developing cancer of the throat and mouth. That was the conclusion experts of the American Cancer Society in Atlanta (Ga.), said the publication The Daily Mail.

Scientists have uncovered yet another reason for the development of homosexuality

Geneticists have suggested that the development of homosexuality is caused by abnormalities in a person’s DNA packaging, it is the preservation of the embryo epigenetic markers that got him on the parent of the opposite sex.

Chocolate can help get rid of the cough

Contained in cocoa beans theobromine effectively eliminates cough. Standard tiles of dark chocolate is considered necessary dose.

Biologists have nerve cells from urine

Group Chinese biologists have developed a method that allows to obtain induced pluripotent stem cells from marrow renal cell contained urine. Summary of the research, published in the journal Nature Methods, reports Nature.

Scientists photographed DNA

Scientists at the Italian Institute of Technology managed to take a picture of DNA with the electron microscope. To capture the double helix at the pictures they have resorted to a kind of trick.

Scientists are working to develop Yakutia medical adhesive from the bladder of sturgeon

The new drug, the development of which is currently occupied by medical experts together with scientists from the Institute of Biology and Geography Department NEFU will eliminate skin lesions on organs such as the liver, lungs, spleen after surgery.

Established contact lenses, reducing corneal

New contact lenses with stem cells capable of restoring vision can now forever changed ophthalmology, reports The Daily Mail, citing information specialists at the University of Sheffield.

Hops help to cure acute respiratory infections and runny nose

According to a recent study by Japanese scientists for the treatment of the common cold and some more serious colds one of the most effective tools is one of the main ingredients of beer - hops, or rather, it contains humulone, said the publication Financial express..

Birth weight affects his mental capacity

It has long been proven that many mental, cognitive and behavioral aspects of health are laid even in utero, and their development continues throughout life.

Vegetables and fruits are red reduce the risk of breast cancer

Eating fruits and vegetables red, orange and yellow colors that are rich in carotenoids, greatly reduces the risk of developing breast cancer.

Admission sedative can cause pneumonia

A common medication sedation is usually prescribed by the doctor, can increase the risk of pneumonia by 50%, and even lead to death. This was reported by the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience at University College London.

Rice bran prevents the development of colon cancer

Researchers at the University of Colorado have begun a clinical trial, during which will be considered by the efficiency of rice bran - a by-product of milling production - in the prevention of colon cancer.

Erectile dysfunction is associated with inflammation of the gums

Turkish scientists found that men who suffer from gum disease is three times more likely occurrence of erectile dysfunction than their healthy peers, reports EurekAlert.

Ten-hour sleep better analgesic effect

Extra hour of sleep at night can significantly improve alertness and reduce sensitivity to pain. This was stated recently the hospital staff Henry Ford in Detroit, reports the publication The Daily Mail.

Long-term aromatherapy can harm heart health

Essential assumes that person inhaling vapors of essential oils is only useful if the session lasts less than one hour. Longer sessions may have a negative effect on the heart, as shown by the results of a new study conducted in Taiwan.

Tap water can cause food allergies

American scientists have found that chemicals used in the process of chlorination of tap water can cause the spread of food allergies in the United States.

Chemotherapy interferes with the immune system to fight cancer

Two drugs that are commonly used for chemotherapy, acted adversely on the immune system of mice.

A computer program for the treatment of alcoholism

British programmers created a computer program that helps to get rid of alcohol addiction. Experts of the University of Liverpool had already tested its new development, recognizing it as a really effective in reducing the craving for alcohol.

Coffee protects the liver from damage

A new study by U.S. researchers found that coffee with severe diseases of the liver has a positive impact on the work of the body.

Excess belly fat increases the risk of osteoporosis in men

"Beer belly" for men not only exposes them to increased risk of cardiovascular disease, but also carries the risk and bone health.

Smoking man becomes stupid

Tobacco smoking leads to degradation of the brain, impairing memory and learning ability, thinking and reasoning. These are the findings of scientists at King’s College London, reports BBC BBC.

Vegetarianism promotes sexual activity

A recent study showed that vegetarians are more sexually active, compared to meat lovers.

Reading brain protection from degradation in old age

The active intellectual activity helps to preserve the density of the white matter of the brain. These are the details of American Scientists, presented the report at the annual conference of the North American Society radiologichekogo.

Unappetizing food injures the human psyche

Israeli researchers say that the food is not good to eat cooked has a negative impact on the emotional state of a person and may even cause serious health problems, as well as provoke a severe form of depression.

Reduce the concentration of sugar in the blood will help the daily use of asparagus

We have every chance of asparagus enter the list of products actively fighting with diabetes, says The Daily Mail. Scientists believe that regular consumption of asparagus can monitor sugar and activates the production of insulin.

Sweat glands heal wounds

In human skin, there are millions of glands that produce and secrete sweat.

The crime rate may decrease the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Treatment of people suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, can help reduce crime. This is indicated by the results of recent studies conducted by Swedish scientists.

New implant projects braille directly in the retina

For the first time in the history of medicine, researchers have projected Braille directly into the retina of blind people, allowing him to read the text visually, with almost 90% accuracy.

The expression of negative emotions is injurious to health

For a long time it was assumed that the stress relief through the release of negative emotions, including anger, it is useful to human health and helps to improve his mental condition.

Regular surveys do not reduce the risk of death from cancer and heart disease

A new Danish study showed that routine examination does not affect the mortality rate of patients from heart disease or cancer.

Unemployment increases the risk of heart attack

U.S. scientists found a possible link to lack of work, as well as multiple redundancies to an increased risk of myocardial infarction. The scientific work was published in the edition of Archives of Internal Medicine.

Scientists: the cells of the nose dogs can prevent the onset of paralysis

Scientists at Cambridge University have reversed the process of development in dogs after administration of paralysis in their body cells that have been grown from the mucous membranes of their own noses, reports "Bi-bi-si."

Osteoarthritis of the knee provokes sweet soda

Sweet drinks several times faster than destroy joints with osteoarthritis. It is noticeable, particularly in men with a lean physique.

Is transmitted through the air a deadly virus

Deadly virus can be transmitted through airborne droplets. We are talking about one of the most severe forms of hemorrhagic fever, Ebola namely - zaurskom subtype, 90% of those infected with it die.

Scientists: crash the day and night cycle and reduces the learning leads to depression

Big changes in biological rhythms associated with shift work or long-haul flights could affect performance and mood. Biological rhythms are known to a large extent depend on the light oscillations.

Every third woman falls into a state of depression after sex

Scientists have long been proven that women are less likely than men love sex.

Scientists have created a molecule of DNA "nanomeduzu" to catch cancer cells

Biotechnology in the U.S.have created a "nanomeduzu", a special device that preys on single cancerous blood cells with an accuracy calculates the number and transmits the information to physicians, according to an article in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences..

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