Scientists: people are able to subconsciously read the sentences and solve mathematical equations

Researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have discovered that, contrary to popular belief, people are able to read the proposal and solve math problems without conscious thought.

Products effectively eliminate bad breath

Halitosis may discourage others from a man and badly tarnished himself mood.

Depression: causes and methods of struggle

Autumn is considered to be one of the most depressed seasons.

Pensioner had a tumor removed from Germany weighing 21 kg

In Germany, doctors have successfully completed the most complicated operation pensioner, removing his 21-kilogram tumor, reports Thuringer Allgemeine.

Lemonade will help to quit smoking

Smokers have long dreamed to break the habit, should pay attention to the lemonade, reports the publication The Daily Mail.

Oily fish will move up the career ladder

Include in your diet foods with omega-3, students and young professionals can greatly improve the quality of their work, according to experts from the University of Pittsburgh in the U.S..

Excess belly fat causes insomnia

From insomnia and other sleep problems can help get rid of weight loss. This is shown by the results of experiments with several tens Americans different age and sex. And exactly how the person will drop excess weight, it does not matter.

A vaccine for HIV / AIDS has successfully passed the first stage of testing in humans

The world’s only preventative HIV vaccine composed of killed genetically engineered virus has shown steady progress in phase 1 clinical trials.

Low levels of vitamin D in the body - the cause of longevity

Dutch researchers have found that the cause of hereditary longevity is a low level of vitamin D in the body, as well as changes in a particular gene. The research work has been published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

It is proved that the use of Botox makes people stupid

Not only muscle work depends on the state of the brain, but also muscles can, in turn, in a certain way, to influence the activity of the brain and mental health in general.

Chronic pyrosis leads to the development of caries

Scientists have shown that the total or partial destruction of the enamel of the teeth is more common in people who suffer from acid reflux. The reason lies in the increased acidity destroys gradually and imperceptibly the patient’s teeth.

The biologist is going to implant in the human algae, so that people can eat the sun

Marine biologist Chuck Fisher offered an unexpected idea for fighting world hunger.

Schizophrenia learn to identify a simple eye test

Scientists have discovered nearly one hundred percent accurate method for determining the presence of schizophrenia. It turned out that it’s possible to do a simple test of eye movement.

What is dangerous for the health of ordinary sandwich?

University of Calgary, namely Professor Vincent Lee was an interesting experiment carried out with the participation of volunteers, mainly students, who were healthy, did not smoke, did not use drugs and alcohol.

The happiest man in the world lives in Kathmandu

The Monk by Matthew Rickard 66 years of Shechen Monastery in Kathmandu - the happiest man in the world, as a new study shows.

Viagra for women will appear soon on the market

Pharmaceutical company in Canada is finalizing the world’s first drug to women, the effect is reminiscent of Viagra, according to the publication India Today.

Magnesium will make us smarter

The results of numerous studies in the last decade indicate that magnesium is able to exert influence on the intellectual capacity of people. However, only now has begun clinical trials to verify the data.

Pregnant women smokers dooms their children and grandchildren

The journal BMC Medicine has published an interesting study which found that women smokers in the situation exposes just two of their generation at risk of developing asthma at an early age.

Creative people are more prone to mental disorders

Researchers from the Karolinska Institute conducted a large study proving that creative people often rest of the population subjected to mental illness and need treatment.

Cheese can be the culprit of male infertility

As it turned out, the enemy of man’s seed is everyone’s favorite cheese. In particular, they should not abuse the young people who dream of being in the future fathers.

Natural Viagra or prolonged erection of a spider bite

Brazilian spider bite causes not only unbearable pain to the person, insect venom causes a strong erection in men, which can last for several hours.

Gout can cause caffeine

British scientists have found that caffeine-rich drinks provoke the female half of the population development of diseases of the joints.

Fruits and vegetables in the form of powder

Engineers of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, have discovered a new method of freeze-dried products. This method converts food into the powder composition, thereby retaining all its vitamins, reports The Daily Mail.

Weight loss increases libido in women

For a long time researchers have argued that the reduction in body weight in women contributes to the rapid Bole conceive a child.

The tablet of old age in the next decade will

Scientists say that the pill, which can prevent the aging process will be available in the coming decades.

Skipping breakfast causes the brain to seek high-calorie foods

Brain scans showed that people skip breakfast more positively react to junk food than those who ate.

"Young" blood slows down brain aging

Blood transfusion of young people into the body of middle age can delay the onset of certain diseases of old age, including Alzheimer’s disease, and keep the brain healthy for a longer period, according to the publication The Telegraph.

After five years of "Armageddon virus" will destroy the human species

Scientists are sounding the alarm: they identified the virus earlier inglorious science, which is transmitted to humans from the animal world, capable of destroying mankind in the near future.

Carbohydrates and sugars increase the risk of mental decline

People in the age group of 70 and above, a diet containing large amounts of carbohydrates, four times greater risk of developing umstennyh rastrojstvami.

Smoking leads to the development of cataracts

Smoking is known to be one of the factors that increase the risk of developing a number of diseases.

Images of kittens and puppies significantly increase productivity

Pictures with images of cute kittens or puppies like to see a clock not only the fair sex.

7 steps on the path to a healthy and happy life

People who use daily 7 servings of fruits and vegetables feel more cheerful and stay sane, according to a new study.

Japanese scientists have announced the imminent victory over caries

Japanese scientists from the Faculty of Biological Sciences and Technology Kinki University announced the creation of a microscopic film that can cover the teeth, thus preventing the development of caries.

Weight loss precedes quality sleep

Canadian scientists say that no one diet will not be effective without the daily quality of sleep.

Sweets make us more stupid

Attention all biting granite of science: the use of sweets and soft drinks containing sugar throughout the six weeks will make you stupid.

Fasting makes brain tumors more vulnerable to radiotherapy

A new study by researchers at University of Southern California (USC) for the first time demonstrated that fasting increases the effectiveness of radiation therapy in the treatment of cancer, prolonging the life expectancy of mice with aggressive brain tumors..

In New Zealand, there were cows to milk antiallergic

Experts of the company AgResearch brought in collaboration with researchers from the University of Waikato in New Zealand breed of genetically modified cows that give milk, which does not cause allergic reactions in children, according to the BBC BBC..

9 most essential to our health drinks

Human body consists of 60% liquid.Therefore, drinking is necessary for the maintenance of life in our body.

A connection between genetically modified foods with cancer

The French government issued a decree on the audit of genetically modified foods (GMOs), after it was found an association between cancer and GMOs. This can lead to a ban in the European Union genetically modified maize NK603.

A simple blood test will determine cancer early

U.S.researchers have developed a blood test that helps to identify with precision the two most common types of cancer in patients.

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