Castration increases life expectancy by 20 years

Why are women allowed nature to live longer than men, and how to correct this injustice? This question was asked more than once researchers.

Soda activates the "obesity genes" in the body

People are genetically predisposed to be overweight or obese should abandon the use of soft drinks.

Women spend 17 years of life, weight loss

Fad diets come and go, but there will always be one that will outshine the rest.

Analgesics provoke headaches

Scientists from the National Institute of Health and Medical Assistance UK have found a scientific explanation for these massive appeals to the doctor about severe headaches.

By obesity adolescents excess calories are not involved

The results of the research, scientists have shown that adolescents are obese in reality eat much less than their peers with normal body weight.

Control of stress depends on heredity

The ability to control themselves during times of stress at work depends largely on the inheritance of our genes.

Children from three parents to be born in the next year

The Parliament of the United Kingdom, starting next year, may authorize the birth of three children of parents with the help of gene technology.

The beauty of a woman is dangerous for the health of men

Spanish scientists have conducted an experiment in which revealed that the male half of the planet is at risk of developing diabetes or high blood pressure, impotence and even at the mere sight of a beautiful woman.

Disclosed is a phenomenon of phantom vibrations mobile

Syndrome phantom call to the recent increase in complaints of people who have experienced stress, as well as patients with various neurological disorders.

Pronunciation of the emerging emotions can reduce stress

Is it possible to reduce the level of stress, fear and anxiety, just describing feelings arise? New psychological research at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) has shown that verbal expression of emotions at the moment of their appearance, really has an impact..

Long working hours is dangerous to human health

Scientists have shown that if the working day consists of more than eight hours, the chances of developing heart disease over 80%. But whether these are processing our health?

Postpartum depression affects the growth of a child

Babies whose mothers experienced postpartum depression, a period of 4-5 years are of low growth. Such a statement was made by scientists from the School of Public Health in the Bloomberg, located at Johns Hopkins University, reports HealthDay News.

Israeli scientists are diagnosed with cancer with a blood test

Completed research conducted by Israeli scientists developed their infrared instrument that its rays can detect cancerous changes in the cells of the blood. Consequently, the cancer will be diagnosed in a simple blood test, reports

Oily fish will prevent fraying of the body in old age

Admission per serving (140 grams) of oily fish (mackerel, trout, tuna, salmon) three times a week protects the muscles of older people wear. This effect is doubled in the case of physical exercise.

Smoking cannabis triggers testicular cancer

Researchers at the University of Southern California have found an association between smoking cannabis and the risk of testicular cancer with a low probability of recovery. These results of the studies published in the journal Cancer.

A cup of coffee will eliminate the pain in the neck

If you work at a computer, and often experience pain in the neck, will help you a cup of coffee, as shown by results of a new study conducted by researchers from Norway.

Clean hands - a healthy body

Israeli scientists have developed a simple wrist band, which is responsible for control of the purity of man’s hands.

Daytime sleep prolongs life and improves skin tone

Half an hour short of sleep per day in between lunch and dinner improve significantly the ability of a person to think clearly, increase its productivity, improve mood, memory, and even the heart.

Mice were returned to distinguish odors

Scientists from the United States was able to restore the sense of smell in mice suffering from congenital anosmia (the inability to distinguish between the odors).

The cooling glove improves athletic performance effectively steroids

The study of temperature regulation, which is produced at Stanford biologists Craig Heller and Dennis Grehn, has led to the development of the device, which quickly cools the body temperature, improves recovery after exercise and may explain why muscles get tired..

In the fight against high blood pressure can help a healthy lifestyle

The development of hypertension can prevent healthy lifestyle. These conclusions were doctors, after examining five factors that can trigger the development of hypertension.

Scientists closer to a product from all strains of malaria

Scientists from the University of Cape Town’s claim that almost created a drug that will help in the fight against all strains of malaria. A team of specialists has opened the connection MMV390048, blocking the spread of the disease among the people.

Low-fat diet does not prolong life

Compliance with the diet low in calories does not help to live longer. Such a disappointing conclusion made in the course of the study conducted in monkeys, scientists from the University of Texas.

Designed contact lenses, intraocular pressure control

Company Sensimed AG unveiled its new product - contact lenses Triggerfish, the main feature of which is the ability to track the performance of clock intraocular pressure and fix the slightest deviation from the norm.

Early graying men heralds longevity

Spanish scientists from the University of Madrid opened an interesting pattern regarding the problem of early gray hair.

Reading the same health benefits as exercise

Reading a good book, we develop not only intellectually, but also raise the level of their physical and mental development.

A unique case: a woman gave birth to a baby without a uterus

In the UK, 24-year-old Kirsty Brown was the mother, despite her lack of authority for carrying a child - the uterus.

The glucose level will now be determined by saliva and tears

American researchers from Purdue University, based on graphene and the platinum nanoparticles created a sensor that measures the level of glucose in the blood samples of tears, saliva and urine.

It is proved that smokeless tobacco contains carcinogenic compounds

In smokeless tobacco has been identified carcinogen provoking oral oncology. This was reported by researchers at the University of Minnesota at the annual conference held in Philadelphia by the American Chemical Society.

Asians were the new SPIDopodobnoy disease

In people with Asian origins, a group of doctors from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, led by Sarah Browne, revealed a new disease, which manifests itself SPIDopodobnymi symptoms, tells Medical Xpress.

Oral sex is good for health of women

A new study conducted in order to determine what effect oral sex has on the mental functions, showed that this kind of love-making is of great use to women’s health and improves the mood.

Children mature fathers are at an increased number of mutations

Later the conception of children negatively affects the health of the offspring - thus, increasing by one year of age is accompanied by his father on the average appearance of two deleterious mutations in the genome of their direct descendants.

Lipstick is fraught with infertility and obesity

Substances that are contained in lipstick, can trigger the growth of women’s male hormones.

Experts established dose in which the alcohol can be useful

Alcohol may act favorably on the human body when used no more than once a week, one glass of red or white dry wine.

Men are more likely to develop kidney failure

The scientists from the UK published the results of research that examined the risk of renal insufficiency (PI) in both women and men throughout their lives.

Doctors treating children against drugs

Doctors from the Australian Research Centres and NPS TGA Medicine Wise offer parents to reduce the use of medications in the treatment of their children.

Break makes learning more effective

If you are practicing a new piece of music or a new dance move, then make sure to take breaks. New research has shown that it is possible to study new skills more effectively than if you were practicing non-stop.

American experts say that the human brain is impervious to aging

The possibility of his brain underestimates humanity.According to researchers at the University of Chicago, the human brain is the "fountain of youth" and the huge potential.

Vitamin C reduces the negative impact of emissions on the body

Doctors in England have revealed yet another reason why every day should eat foods containing vitamin C.

Child due to snoring can be naughty

Snoring occurs every 10th child, up to 4% of children suffer directly from sleep apnea, when breathing may be difficult or for a certain period of time to linger.

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