Plain water will save us from migraine

Dutch scientists from the University of Maastricht in 2005, turned their attention to a patient suffering from migraine headaches and problems with the bladder.

The reason for the growth of nails instead of hair became steroids

Steroid use was the cause of a resident of the United States in 28 years, Aysom Chagny, a rare disease - on the skin of her hair follicles began reinforced nail growth.

Anesthesia of the Future: hypnosis replace anesthesia

Scientists have confirmed that the use of general anesthesia during surgery in humans takes several years of life.

Scientists have figured out why so many children are sick

Moms all over the world are concerned about why their kids are sick.

Healthy food increases the level of intelligence in the child

One of the greatest challenges for parents is to feed the baby, and the process of education, will agree with almost all parents. And what exactly to feed him - worried parents every day.

Slim figure will give accelerated metabolism

Scientists at Johns Hopkins have provided a list of rules needed to increase metabolism.

Skin cancer can trigger a lowering drugs pressure

Known hypertensive agents were found to lead to an increase in the sensitivity of the upper layers of the epidermis to ultraviolet radiation.

What foods are especially useful during the hot period?

According to Russian physicians, hot summer days require special food, and then the human body skillfully cope with the seasonal effects of the environment.

Iced tea in summer is dangerous for the kidneys

Everyone knows the summer heat makes us iced tea.But its use, as it turns out, is not beneficial to our body.

From cancer of the brain protects allergy

Having an allergy reduces the likelihood of ill oncology brain, especially in women younger generation, according to the scientists.

Aerosol particles from the skin to help with venous ulcers

The American company Healthpoint Biotherapeutics has created an aerosol containing particles of the epidermis for outdoor use, which is tested in the treatment of 228 patients with trophic disease of the limbs.

A new kind of Olympic doping: genetic

After the Olympics E. Shiven shocked with his performance in the complex swimming the 400 meters by swimming 50 meters faster than Ryan Lochte, the male champion in the discipline, more suspicion arises in the emergence of a new type of doping.

Intestinal bacteria are involved in the gestation

Pregnant women intestinal microflora varies as people with obesity or metabolic syndrome, but these adjustment during pregnancy are the benefit body: they allow better feed fruit.

Mental abilities are increased by the light

American scientists reported that primate brain activity can be controlled using light.

Scientists: Women live longer than men due to mutations in the DNA

Life expectancy for women and men may differ in view of changes in the DNA of mitochondria, as shown by a recent study by Australian scientists, published in the journal Current Biology.

Heart disease will be treated exhaust gases

In Scotland, researchers are testing a new method for the treatment of heart disease using nitric oxide and carbon monoxide, poisons found in their car exhaust, as reported by the publication Daily Mail.

Every twentieth Olympian suffers from asthma

Asthma is the most common chronic illness among athletes participating in the Olympic Games.

Cherry juice can help with arthritis

Recent studies have shown that cherries have anti-inflammatory properties, and even pie cherries can help people with arthritis and improve well-being.

Testosterone in high concentrations causes cancer

Elevated levels of testosterone given the nature of increasing the risk of lung and prostate cancer in old age.

Almonds and cholesterol will help reduce and increase libido

Introduction of almonds in your daily diet will help to lower cholesterol levels in the blood, as shown by a new study by American scientists.

It is proved that alcohol increases three-fold effect of the drug

It is known that taking certain types of medication, is strictly forbidden to drink alcohol. Monash University scientists have noticed: alcohol increases the efficacy of the drug, actually tripling the dose, cites DNA India.

2 apples a day to lose weight and save a heart attack

One of the main enemies of women’s health are complete and cardiovascular disease.

Heat - perpetrator of abdominal pain

Scientists around the world are concerned that climate change can increase the incidence of infectious nature: gastroenteritis and cholera.

Physical inactivity is more dangerous to health than smoking

Scientists have once again draw attention to the fact that lack of exercise is harmful to health.

What is different from each other sperm?

The scientists compared the genomes of normal cells and sperm. Researchers from Stanford University told the journal Cell, they opened after reading the DNA of human sperm.

Stress at work is deadly for women

Studies conducted at the Women’s Hospital Brigham showed devastating effects of stress on women’s health.

Cheese will help prevent diabetes

Daily consumption of two slices of cheese, can reduce by 12% the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, which is closely associated with being overweight, according to the publication The Daily Mail.

Laboratory mouse with human immune

Scientists at the MGH Laboratory, together with colleagues at Harvard have managed to create a mouse with a human immune system.

What kind of chocolate still useful?

After a series of clinical tests, British scientists have evidence that dark (bitter) chocolate, which is rich in polyphenols, is really very good for health.

Biologists have brought variety of medical marijuana

Israeli experts have deduced grade marijuana does not cause a person intoxicated, so no buzz from its use can not be obtained.

The usual tea can replace antibiotics

Daily consumption of black tea reduces the risk of severe diarrhea and other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Pets protect children against infections

If there is a dog or a cat, then contact the child’s doctor will have much less often, say Finnish researchers from the University Hospital of Kuopio.

A new study shows link between diabetes and phthalates

Scientists have discovered a link between diabetes and widespread in use chemicals.

In humans, we found a new type of fat

Scientists at the Dana-Farber Institute found that in addition to the body of brown and white fat there is also a beige oil.

Disorder in the memories cause amnesia

In people suffering from amnesia, the memories in the brain are not ordered, and are confused and interfere with each other.

Phobias accelerate the process of biological aging

Women who have any phobias, for a number of molecular indicators are older than their age. According to scientists, the cause of the premature aging of the body is the psychological stress, telomere shortening and thereby Aging cells.

Nanoterapevticheskoe scientists have developed a way to combat blood clots

Harvard scientists have developed a new biometric method of delivery in a partially occluded vessels nanoterapevticheskih means that dissolve clots are formed before they have time to cause death or serious violations.

Mental development is dependent on the length of the intestine

It was experimentally confirmed that between mental development, brain size and the length of the intestine there is a relationship.

The cause of sunburn - damaged RNA

American scientists were able to understand the mechanism of the inflammatory response seen in sunburn. According to them, with an overdose of UV-damaged them microRNAs serve as a signal to inflammation.

10 delicious products for effective weight loss

Most people believe that the products, the use of which is provided diets can not be tasty, hearty and enjoy exclusively vegetarians. Is this true?

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