Curiosity has found evidence of life on Mars

The study of the chemical composition of the soil sample from Mars, made by American rover Curiosity, has shown that the conditions on the red planet in the distant past were suitable for sustaining life, similar to the one that exists today in the world..

A mysterious gas found in the atmosphere of Titan

Pictures featuring unusual fluorescent glow emanating from the surface of Titan gave scientists circling the orbit of Saturn, visual-infrared spectrometer (VIMS) Cassini.

The rover confirmed the possibility of the existence in the past life on Mars

For more than 200 days last mission of NASA, during which it was confirmed by the possibility of life on Mars. It is now known that Mars once was in many ways similar to the Earth, and it could be microorganisms.

Telescope "Hubble" took an unusual ring-shaped galaxy

Astrophysics, getting new data telescope "Hubble", published online annular space observatory image of the galaxy Zw II 28. The site contains several pictures in high resolution, as well as descriptions of them.

NASA announces the unexpected behavior of the Sun

According to the scientists, this year was supposed to happen solar maximum, the peak of the 11-year cycle of our sun. But, as it turned out, the solar activity is at unexpectedly low.

BLITS Russian satellite collided with the wreckage of Fengyun-1C in orbit

The collision of two space objects of terrestrial origin - Russian microsatellite BLITS, working with the laser probing of international class, with a fragment of the Chinese weather satellite Fengyun-1C, destroyed six years ago when testing anti-satellite weapons - occurred on the night of March 9, said Thomas Kelso, an expert of the American Center Space Standards and Innovation..

Bright comet Pan-STARRS can now be seen with the naked eye

One of the two brightest comets of this year, Pan-STARRS (C/2011 L4), amateur astronomers will now be able to see with the naked eye.

Probe "Messenger" for the first time was a complete map of Mercury

NASA probe "Messenger" has completed work on mapping the surface of the planet that is closest to the Sun, the other, creating the first ever in the history of the complete map of Mercury.

Saturday will fly past Earth asteroid the size of a skyscraper

2013 ET asteroid the size of a 35-storey building - about 100 meters - will fly on Saturday, March 9, by the earth, according to data published on the website of NASA.

An asteroid the size of a meteorite Chelyabinsk flew past Earth

At 11:35 MSK asteroid 2013 EA, the size of which ranges from 5 to 17 m, flew close to the Earth.

Rare zodiacal light will soon appear in the night sky

A rare phenomenon called "zodiacal light", will appear soon in the sky. The weak glow of tiny dust particles from the solar system, which extends along the ecliptic, in the Zodiac, is difficult to observe.

Object properties depend on the structure of the microworld Multiverse

Is there a multiverse consisting of many universes? What is its structural organization? These issues are beyond the scope of experimental studies and is generally considered to be rhetorical, do not affect the concept of theoretical physics.

Fault Dragon spacecraft will not prevent him to fly to the ISS

Problems with the engine at the Dragon spacecraft, carrying on board a large number of stocks for the International Space Station began shortly after the start.

Astronomers have for the first time are watching the birth of a planet directly

Astronomers have obtained the first images of shrouded in a cloud of dust and gas space object, which probably is a planet that is in the making.

The new discovery casts doubt on the current theory of the origin of the moon

According to new research, common for a long time, the theory of the origin of the Moon requires revision.

Alien life could exist around dead stars

Scientists believe that the planets surrounding the white dwarf to find signs of life more real than any around other stars.

Scientists: Mars suitable for life

The scientists, based on the results of observations of the Red Planet, came to the conclusion that Mars has the potential for the emergence and existence of life.

Earth waits collision with an asteroid Apophis

Opened in Kitt Peak, Arizona in 2004 Apophis asteroid, which in 2029 and 2036.

On the Sun formed a giant stain the size of our six planets

Giant sunspots size of at least six planets Earth, the Sun formed in less than 48 hours, according to NASA. Spots on the Sun - is the dark areas on the surface of the Sun, which appear due to the action of strong magnetic fields.

Discovered the smallest planet

Detecting tiny planet was the first evidence for the theory that the planets orbiting stars in our galaxy may have a much smaller size than the planets in our solar system.

Curiosity took them out of the drilled rock samples were first

Photos taken by experts NASA, became clear demonstration of the successful completion of the work of collecting rover Curiosity stone powder, which was formed as a result of drilling rock.

NASA released images of asteroid 2012 DA14

NASA managed by Goldstone planetary radar observatory set the parameters, and the rotation period of the asteroid 2012 DA14, which flew on Friday is very close to the Earth.

The death of the universe will be due to the Higgs boson

The discovery of the Higgs boson, made by the American physicist, has allowed him to predict the death of the universe. It will be due to the destruction of the fundamental instability, which is associated with the properties of elementary particles.

NASA will be engaged in the improvement of the detection of asteroids

NASA, universities and private groups in the U.S. have started to work on the system warning of the approach of the asteroid, which will detect objects in space, such as those last week fell to the Russian territory.

Black holes continue to grow rapidly

Black holes - areas in space with a powerful gravitational pull that are inevitable even for objects moving at the speed of light - known for their brutal appetites. However, these "monsters" seem to be more gluttonous than previously believed.

Found superfast star flying through the Milky way

Six bullet stars that are carried at speeds reaching 2.5 million kilometers per hour through space, were likely ejected by the black hole of enormous size, located in the center of our galaxy, astronomers suggest.

Began testing the Mars probe Maven

After assembly of the NASA Mars orbiter Maven (Mars Atmosphere and Volatile EvolutioN), specialists Lockheed Martin switched to ground tests. Running the probe are planning to make in November, according to NASA.

Milky Way forward collision with another galaxy

Astronomers are paying close attention to the study of our neighboring galaxies, and they have a special reason for this. It is known that galaxies sometimes collide with each other.

Evolution of the Universe

The theoretical model of the multiverse reveals a connection between the phenomena of macro and micro level, determines the order of formation of composite microparticles and conditions of their interactions.

Kepler space telescope has found close to the Earth billions of her twins

New data Astronomical Satellite NASA "Kepler" evidence of the billions of Earth-like planets that are much closer than they could imagine scientists.

Bright green comet will soon fly over the northern hemisphere

Residents of the northern hemisphere in early April, will be able to watch the flight of a comet with an unusually bright green glow. Bright coloring heavenly pilgrims due to the content in its spectrum of cyanogen and diatomic carbon.

Hot Jupiter "cast a shadow" on his star

Darkening in the light of star HAT-P-7, caused a powerful gravity of Jupiter were recorded by scientists.

Record asteroid will pass by Earth this month

An asteroid the size of half a football field will come to Earth on February 15. According to NASA, it will fly closer to us than satellite GPS.

In the future, NASA will launch the largest in the history of "solar sailer"

U.S. Space Agency NASA plans next year to launch the most extensive in the history of the solar sail, the area of which 1.2 thousand square meters. m

Iran launch a monkey into space troubled Americans

Iran’s launch monkey into space on Monday, alarmed U.S. officials, who believe that this technology could be used by Iran to increase the range of their weapons delivery.

Scientists: sooner or later the Sun "absorb" the Earth

After the failed "end of the world", the expected number of inhabitants of the planet at the end of December 2012, scientists have presented further scenario by which to develop relationships with the luminary of the Earth.

In the solar corona was first observed magnetic "Spit"

The first time scientists could make out in the solar corona delicate structures or so-called "Spit", by which the temperature is increased up to a million degrees, reported a team of researchers based on the results of the experiment suborbital Hi-C in an article published in the journal Nature..

For the first time outside the solar system discovered aurora

Astrophysicists from the University of Leicester was the first to detect extra-solar aurora. Summary of the scientific articles published in the journal The Astrophysical Journal, can be found at TGDaily.

The giant hole on the moon - a place for an alien base

The space probe Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter made the most detailed pictures of the two giant holes in the surface of the moon. The holes are like a deep black hole for scientists and represent special scientific.

Traces of life may conceal the clay in the deep craters on Mars

In the deep craters on the surface of Mars are signs of clay, the formation of which is due only to the presence of ground water - this is evidence of possible existence on Mars of liquid water, and therefore life, even after its oceans evaporated, according to a paper published in the edition of Nature Geoscience..

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