Telescope "Hubble" discovered the most distant object in the universe

Astronomers have used the space telescope "Hubble" at the limit of its capabilities to detect the most distant object in the universe that we have ever seen.

The huge rocket "Delta" took off from Vandenberg, California

The result of three years of work aimed at preparing the panel and support tools for placing missiles "Delta" was its launch, which took place on January 21 in the morning.

2011 will be the year for Europe launches

Two thousand eleven years will be the "year of launchers", reported by the Director General of the European Space Agency Jean-Jacques Dordain.

Astronomers have discovered the largest black hole

Black hole neighboring galaxy M87 weighs 6.6 solar units, making it the heavyweight champion of black holes.

Russia plans to re-organize the space tourism in 2013

Recently it was announced that Russia would re-open access to the Soyuz spacecraft for tourists in 2013 after a break since 2009, reported on Wednesday one of the companies in the U.S.

Discovered the smallest planet

Distant solar planets do not seem to come out of the shadows, showing its appearance during these days.

The core of the moon was identical to the Terrestrial

Advanced seismological technology allowed us to make the discovery on the basis of the information received in the days of the space program "Apollo" (January 1967 - December 1972). It was found that the core of the moon is like the Terrestrial.

China and Russia this year will start a joint exploration of Mars

Together with Russia, China will launch its first Mars probe in October after a two-year delay.

Satellite-zombies come back to life

"Satellite-zombie", which in a few months spontaneously drifted in orbit sending signals to Earth, suddenly recovered their own inexplicable failure earlier this year.

Where stars are born?

This mosaic image is the best wide-angle view of the galaxy with strong star formation, Messier 82 (M82), resulting in the history of space exploration.

NASA is preparing a mission to an asteroid

Asteroid (or comet), the trajectory of which pass close to the Earth’s orbit, called Near Earth Objects (NEOs).

Not discovered a new solar planet similar to Jupiter

A team of astronomers State of Qatar with a research team at Harvard Center for Astrophysics (CfA) and other agencies, has recently opened a new space world.

An unexpected find: a meteorite found on the building blocks of all living things

Scientists have discovered amino acids - the basic units of all living things in metiorit, where they should not be.

On Saturn, discovered by the cyclone, which lasted more than five years

Researchers from the University of the Basque Country (UPV / EHU), watched the cyclone passing on Saturn for more than five years.

Voyager 1 flew to the edge of the Solar System

After a 33-year odyssey, NASA spacecraft Voyager 1 reached an area in which there is no outgoing solar wind.

Exploded entire hemisphere of the sun

In this video, filmed by NASA in the UV range, the phenomenon can be seen in the existence of which, until recently, scientists did not believe. It is seen an explosion of a hemisphere of the sun, one region after another. What does this discovery?

Gorgeous pictures of a meteor shower Gemenid

One of the brightest and most powerful meteor streams of the year could see in the sky in the evening on December 13 inhabitants of the planet.

Scientists have learned how to manage solar sails

First light was used to create aerodynamic lift.Used a technique based on the fact that light can be bent, or refracted, when ingested from one medium to another, will create a spacecraft with solar sails.

In the universe is three times more stars than previously thought

Astronomers say that the universe contains three times more stars than they expected. Their contention is based on the new observations, which show that the structure of many galaxies is significantly different from the device Milky Way.

NASA has appointed a press conference on the discovery of extraterrestrial life

NASA will hold a press conference in Moscow on 22-00 December 2.

Scientists have unraveled the mystery of birth our nearest galaxy

The nearest to the Milky Way - Andromeda Galaxy - was born as a result of the collision of two smaller galaxies, astronomers have discovered. The international team conducted computer simulations of the time evolution of the Andromeda galaxy.

The satellite of Saturn discovered oxygen

Space probe "Cassini" discovered oxygen in the atmosphere of Rhea - the first time that gas was found somewhere other than Earth.

Russia will clear space orbit space debris

Russia announced plans to spend about $ 2 billion for the program to clean up space for the purpose of cleaning the debris that fly in Earth orbit.

Box found in previous universes

Current cosmological theory is that the universe began 13.7 billion years ago with the Big Bang. But a legendary physicist says he found the first evidence of an eternal, cyclical nature of the universe.

Astronomers have spotted an intergalactic alien that refutes the dominant theory

Astronomers have discovered a planet the size no smaller than Jupiter, which has come to us from another galaxy.

In the center of the galaxy discovered giant bubbles of energy

At the center of our galaxy there is something mysterious and mysterious - even astronomers can not yet explain it.

From Moscow to St. Petersburg for 5 minutes, new planes

Sydney may soon be just 2 hours 30 minutes from New York City, compared with 21 hours of flying today, thanks to the development of NASA - ’ultrasound’ passenger jets that can fly at speeds up to five times the speed of sound.

By 2020, the station will be built on the extraction of resources on the Moon

The first operation in the history of mankind to develop extra-terrestrial deposits, will take place on the moon. Satellite earth is rich and relatively accessible reserves of water ice.

Milky Way - to each according to habitable planet!

You may have heard reports that more than one quarter of all sun-like stars in the Milky Way may have planets like Earth.

Sleeping rover has found signs of liquid water

Soft Martian soil, which stuck Mars rover Spirit, gave reason to believe that under its surface flowing streams of water. But this happy discovery, it may be the last for the rover.

Travel to Mars in the same direction

You have decided to take part in a mission to Mars in the same direction, with the chance to watch the sunrise on the extinct volcano of Mars "Olympus" or walk through a valley Vastitas Borealis?

ISS broke the record for the Mir space station on the residence time of man in space

October 23, 2010, the International Space Station (ISS) broke the record for the Mir space station in a continuous stay of man in space. ISS on October 31 to celebrate 10 years in space.

Discovered the most distant galaxy

Recent observations have allowed astronomers to detect the most distant galaxy ever seen by man. The light of this galaxy has traveled to 13.1 billion light years, which makes this galaxy one of the first formed after the Big Bang.

On the moon, discovered large reserves of water

Supplies of water on the moon is much larger than previously thought. According to the analysis of NASA data, which was published on Friday, this discovery could be a decisive argument in favor of a manned base on the lunar surface.

Physicists have figured out how to check whether we live in a universe-hologram

Signature: A physicist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sam Waldman in the laser lab, where a holographic interferometer is constructed

Two German satellite will create the most detailed 3-D map of the entire surface of the Earth

Two German reconnaissance satellite launched into orbit in tight formation, and are preparing to make the most detailed 3D map of the entire surface of the Earth.

Discovered the most massive cluster of galaxies at a distance of 7 billion light-years away

With the help of the South Pole Telescope, astronomers have discovered the most massive galaxy cluster ever discovered by man, at a distance of 7 billion light-years away from us.

The opposite of black holes can be seen in your kitchen sink

Scientists have long known that the kitchen sink can create a white hole. And now, they have confirmed this experimentally.

Private spaceship makes first glide

Rocket company Virgin Galactic, called SpaceShipTwo, made its first solo glide on Sunday. The company plans to create a service for sending customers to space travel, the so-called space tourism.

Signs of a planet like the Earth, where life could exist

The planet, located in the solar system parallel to ours, it can be inhabited.

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