Astronomers have discovered traces of the river on Mars

Startling new picture of the European Space Agency found traces of river length of 1,500 km and a width of 7 km, which once flowed on Mars.

NASA went to the moon image "Mona Lisa"

Engineers U.S. space agency sent a digital image of the Mona Lisa to the lunar probe LRO (Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter) to test communication with the laser channel. The information published on the official website of NASA.

In the YouTube video appeared with taking off from the Moon UFO

Will there finally, in 2013, earthlings contact with aliens? One of the users hosting YouTube absolutely sure of this.

Russia will send a space station on the moon in 2015

The Russian space agency Roscosmos announced that the country will resume exploration of the Moon, after a forty-year hiatus.

The International Space Station will expand to three times

NASA plans to add an inflatable module to the ISS, originally intended for the purposes of space tourism.

Space hotel will open in 2016

Russian company Orbital Technologies is developing a commercial space station, which will orbit the hotel at an altitude of 350 km above the Earth.

Found a large structure of the universe

Discovered a large concentration of quasars stretches for 4 billion light-years and in theory should not exist.

Asteroid Apophis will fly past Earth in 2036

The specialists from NASA, their observation of the asteroid Apophis show that the fear of collision with it is not necessary.

17 billion exoplanets discovered in the Universe

Astrophysicists have determined that the universe in the sixth almost every star there is an extrasolar planet similar to Earth.

The hypothesis of adding life to the Earth from space, Russian scientists will test

Experts from the Institute of Biomedical Problems (IBMP RAS) is scheduled for spring of this year, about 80 biological experiments in space during the launch of a scientific satellite "Bion-M

Curiosity took pictures of "flower" on the surface of Mars

NASA researchers are studying the next shot, which recently sent the rover Curiosity, trying to understand what had it pictured.

Images of "live" Mars introduced American engineer

Engineer and programmer Kevin Gill from the U.S. showed how out of space could look like Mars in the past, if there was life on the planet. The results of the simulation can be found in a blog engineer, and brief commentaries passes Universe Today.

Around the Andromeda is a strange galactic disk

Around a large spiral galaxy Andromeda was found in the galactic disk group of dwarf galaxies.

ALMA telescope in the constellation of the Wolf recorded the birth of stars and planets

The simultaneous formation of the star HD 142527, located in the constellation of the Wolf and its surrounding planets fixed radio telescope ALMA, which subsequently helped scientists figure out how the matter of the protoplanetary disk is moved to the star, in spite of the large distance between them, according to a paper published in the current issue of the journal Nature..

The gas cloud glows 100 times brighter than the sun in the center of the galaxy

In our Galaxy in 2013 could shine a new star, which from Earth can be seen in the infrared.

"Hubble" registered a record fine spiral galaxy

Image unusually thin spiral galaxy IC 2233 managed to get a space telescope "Hubble". Thickness less than the diameter of the galaxy is ten times. Picture of IC 2233 in high resolution with details posted at NASA.

A large number of clay on Mars indicates the presence of water on it once

A new study carried out by experts at the Georgia Institute of Technology (USA), found that found in the rocks and soil of the Red Planet argillaceous rocks, as well as some minerals could be formed only with long-term availability of water on it.

Scientists have received confirmation of the active formation of gullies on Mercury

Recent images taken by the spacecraft Messenger, allowed the scientists to look inside the crater Eminescu width of 130 km, which is located north of the equator of Mercury.

A meteorite discovered by accident record size

According to some data, the researchers were able to fix California’s huge meteorite fall. Celestial body that could remain anonymous deserves its entry in the Guinness Book of Records.

On Titan discovered the river, like the Nile

On the surface, the largest moon of Saturn - Titan discovered hydrocarbon "Nil".

"Hubble" has opened seven new galaxies

American scientists, astronomers reported in the media on the opening of seven new galaxies through space telescope "Hubble".

Geminids meteor rain held this week

If you do not have time to admire the poor representation of the night sky, which was given this year’s Leonid meteor shower - do not worry.

Dawn probe captures the mysterious gullies on the West Side

NASA experts are studying the new data obtained by the probe Dawn, exploring asteroids. On the West Side, which is one of the largest asteroids, the probe was fixed mysterious gullies.

U.S. starts selling tickets to the moon

The American company "Golden Spike" has recently announced its readiness to send to the moon by 2020, two astronauts and space tourists.

Russian scientists are going to resume the program "Phobos-Grunt"

Scientists from the Space Research Institute (IKI) of the Russian Academy of Sciences in the hope to resume shortly program "Phobos-Grunt". This was recently told journalists Leo Green, the head of the institute.

Scientists: Venus may be active volcanoes

After completing the analysis of data collected by satellites, "Pioneer Venus" and "Venus-Express", the researchers concluded that Venus from time to time there are volcanic eruptions, changing the composition of the atmosphere of the planet.

The Russian space program will explore the Moon

Prospects for the development of space related mainly to the development and construction of the moon on it manned bases, as suggested by Gennady Raikunov, director general of the Central Research Institute of Machine Building.

Universal theory of planetary satellites appearance created by scientists

A group of French astrophysicists from the Sorbonne and the University of Sofianopolis created the first time a theory that allows for a single logic to explain how the planets were formed all the satellites that are in the solar system.

ISS will make a maneuver to record a full revolution of the Sun

For the first time during its existence, the International Space Station (ISS) will change the orientation in space in orbit to ensure better handling of a scientific experiment.

Water found on Mercury

New observations from NASA’s MESSENGER interplanetary station, were convincing proof of the hypothesis of the presence of water ice and other frozen materials in permanently shadowed craters at the poles of Mercury.

Microsatellite "Sphere" fell into the Indian Ocean

Launched to the ISS astronauts in August microsatellite "Sphere" entered the dense layers of the atmosphere. According to the U.S. Strategic Command his alleged crash site is located in the southern Indian Ocean.

At the dwarf planet Makemake is no atmosphere

European Southern Observatory astronomers have found that in contrast to the next door Pluto a dwarf planet Makemake, no atmosphere. Summary of the research scientists published in the journal Nature, can be found at the observatory.

A new asteroid discovered by Russian astronomers

Working with a network of automated telescopes such masters of Russian astronomers have discovered in the main asteroid belt, a new minor planet in size from 1.5 to 2 kilometers, which is located between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.

A powerful solar flare will result in a strong magnetic storm

On Friday, November 16, at about 11:00 in the Sun was a huge eruption. A large number of solar material by the beginning of the next day was impossible to hang around with great speed to the surface of the Earth.

Fragment of a young galaxy was the most distant object in the Universe

Scientists have discovered a galactic fragment formed after the Big Bang, after 420 million years old and located at a distance of 13.3 billion years of our Earth.

Curiosity was on Mars wind map

Curiosity took up apart from the search for extraterrestrial life on Mars and study its soil, the study of weather typical of the Red Planet.

The main mission of the telescope "Kepler" is completed

The space telescope "Kepler," which is designed to search for exoplanets, planets circulating outside the solar system, the major part of its mission completed, but the work will continue for another four years.

In the universe of stars is stopped

The universe ceased to create new stars. This fact has an international team of astronomers in the processing of such telescopes, like wide-angle, infrared and Subaru, which are established in Hawaii and Chile.

40 light-years separate the Earth and potentially habitable planet

Special attention is attracted scientists - HD 40307 - the sixth planet, because it was almost in the middle "of life" in front of his star.

Best "space photography", indicated by astronauts and scientists

The fascinating and attractive beauty of the cosmos, the mysterious power of the heavens.

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