Astronomers have discovered a mysterious tunnel on Mars

NASA perplexed by the mysterious origins of the education they have recently found on the surface of Mars.

Astronomers have discovered a very small exoplanet

The diameter of the recently discovered small planet is only two-thirds the diameter of Earth, while she herself strongly and completely covered with red-hot molten magma.

Astronomers have found a black hole medium-sized

Australian scientists from the University of Sydney with Compact Array Telescope have discovered for the first time the average black hole.

Scientists have discovered binary stars

Astronomers using the UK Infrared Telescope in Hawaii have discovered four pairs of stars that wrapped around each other in less than four hours. Between them is so little space that is the issue of the closing of their crowns.

NASA in search of magnetic portals near the Earth

Researchers from the University of Iowa, sponsored by NASA, have developed a method to identify the hidden magnetic portals around the Earth.

The Large Hadron Collider will be upgraded to search for dark matter

No sooner had the scientists working with the most expensive scientific experiment in the world, discover the Higgs boson, as immediately moved svoiego focus attention on the resolution of another exciting task: the mysterious dark matter.

Scientists have discovered dark matter at the edge of the universe

Professor of Astrophysics, Karl Gebhardt of the University of Texas conducted an experiment to study dark matter (HETDEX), during which discovered many interesting things about the mysterious substance, is a significant part of the universe.

Orbital parasites can revive old satellites

Last year DARPA launched a project of Phoenix, the essence of which consists in the recovery of broken satellites and their parts with a special orbiter parasite.

Astronomers have discovered the fastest pulsar

American researchers in the field of astronomy, together with their colleagues from France gathered compelling evidence that an object INTEGRAL IGR J11014-6103, which has been found orbiting observatory, a pulsar, able to move with great speed.

Apocalypse: on the planet earth scenario is killed constellation Vulpecula

One of the planets in the constellation Vulpecula is going through the apocalypse.

Scientists have caught a magnetic super-tornado, warming up the solar corona

European physicists discovered giant magnetic tornadoes that heat the gas in the solar corona to millions of degrees Kelvin, it confirmed one of the most accepted theories that explain the abnormally high temperature of the corona, astrophysicists said..

ESA has reported for a flight into space lichens

The researchers summarized the results of the experiment on the effect of the open space to the various living organisms.

In the lunar crater found a lot of ice

According to the spacecraft NASA Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, about 22% of the surface of the lunar crater Shackleton, bred in the south polar region, formed by ice.

Distant planet disappears right before your eyes

Atmosphere of a planet similar in size to Jupiter, which is located outside the solar system, vanishes faster than previously predicted, due to the impact on the planet of the parent star.

"Voyager 1" reached the edge of the solar system

More recently, scientists have found that one of the interstellar space "truck" - the device "Voyager 1" reached in the end, the region of space, which is characterized by excessive intensity of charged particles arriving from outer space in the solar system..

A pair of unusual exoplanet was discovered by a small telescope

A small telescope has helped astronomers recently detected two Earth unusual for its type of extrasolar planets orbiting distant stars bright.

Space colonization during the life of the current generation

The new trend of commercial development of space, which could lead to the beginning of large-scale space expansion in the coming decades.

Doubles ejection of solar plasma can cause a magnetic storm on Earth

The two most powerful plasma discharge, which took place on Wednesday and Thursday in the Sun on the Earth can trigger a burst of geomagnetic disturbances on Sunday, June 17, as suggested by specialists from the center of the forecast space weather Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration National USA..

Martian crater reveals periodic climate change

The European Space Agency has published pictures that were taken with the probe "Mars Express" showing alternating climate change on the Red Planet.

Astronomers have not been able to hear the "voice" of aliens on planet system GJ581

Trying to hear the broadcast of some alien civilization with acceptable habitable planets a star system Gliese (GJ) 581 ended in failure - astronomers artificial signals from this system is not found, according to an article from the Astronomical Journal..

Astronomers have discovered an unusual exoplanet

More recently, the space telescope Kepler - a hunter of planets suitable for keeping them on the microbial life - discovered exoplanet with unusual properties.

Venezuela will launch in October, with China its second satellite

In October 2012 Venezuela intends to run with the People’s Republic its second satellite, said on Thursday the Minister of Technology and Science South American country’s Jorge Arreasa.

New methods for the study of the planets of solar system

Delivery of the people on the surface of Mars is a big problem, consisting of several steps, the most difficult and dangerous of which is probably the descent to the planet.

Millions of people watched a unique solar eclipse

Tens of millions of people on Earth today observed an unusual solar eclipse: The moon for a moment shut out the sun, leaving the edges "ring of fire".

Italian scientists have uncovered the mystery of the Tunguska meteorite

The mysterious Tunguska phenomenon dominates the minds of all fans of the unknown and provokes heated debate scientists for several decades.

That astronauts eat lunch or space on Apollo 10

In this photo taken on May 18, 1969, captures the launch of manned spacecraft "Apollo 10", more training provision for astronauts to perform the mission.

Near Earth fly about 4,700 dangerous asteroids

Humanity emits a sigh of relief when any huge space asteroid flies past Earth - except, perhaps, small asteroids, which scatter the precious meteorites on the surface of the earth.

Found meteorites bombarded the moon billions of years ago

American astrophysicists, analyzing samples of lunar rocks, which have been obtained expedition "Apollo 16," found small fragments of ancient meteorites that fell to the moon for about 3.8 billion years ago, as reported by the publication Science.

Russia introduced an unprecedented resolution photo of Earth

With the help of a Russian satellite was created photo of Earth from space the highest resolution in history.

Russian Soyuz spacecraft went to the ISS

Soyuz spacecraft carrying two Russian cosmonauts and a U.S. astronaut, after a delay of more than a month because of problems with the body designed and built by Russian capsules, went to the International Space Station (ISS).

In California, looking for a fallen meteorite fragments

Scientists are on the stage of an epic search for "Precious" meteorite fragments - California fireball that appeared in the morning sky over California last month.

Astronomers have discovered an interesting nebula

Astrophysics, exploring deep space, find an inconspicuous, but very intriguing object causing a keen interest specialists. This object was nebula formed a star similar to the Sun. Opening Nebula, it was thanks to the Hubble telescope.

Astronomers discover new scientific methods to detect unknown exoplanets

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope - Kepler, looking for extrasolar planets system, detecting dimming starlight caused by planets passing by their parent stars, relative to the point of view of Kepler.

Scientists first discovered the light reflected from extrasolar super-Earths system

For the first time, NASA’s space telescope, was discovered by the light from a distant "super-Earths" with a size greater than that of our own Earth in half. Astronomers call this historic achievement in space exploration.

ESA announced the completion of missions Envisat satellite

The European Space Agency (ESA) acted on Wednesday for an official announcement of the termination of the mission’s biggest civilian satellite, spacecraft Envisat, which was launched in 2002, according to RIA Novosti.

In NASA created a group for new scientific work on board the ISS

Representatives of the non-profit organization dedicated to research in the field of American units of the International Space Station (ISS), stated that they would welcome proposals for specific projects, the implementation of which is scheduled for June of this year..

The Pentagon needed instant identification of satellites

The U.S.military observers for possible threats may have difficulty identifying the satellites streaking the sky in the crowded space lanes of the Earth.

Astronomers have discovered a rare stellar disk of quartz dust

A group of Japanese astronomers, led by Dr.Haydiki Fujiwara (Hideaki Fujiwara), discovered a main sequence star surrounded by a rare disk of quartz dust.

Telescope "Chandra" has registered an unusual outbreak of a black hole

Astronomers expected in the near future of a supernova explosion in a neighboring galaxy M 83, to his surprise an outbreak of a different origin.

Earth moved dense matter on the visible side of the moon

Earth’s gravity in the process of interaction with the newborn moon was the reason that the most heavy rock with a complex chemical composition gathered on the near side of the Moon, while the lungs of minerals primitive type moved to the back of the satellite, as reported by astronomers in the information published in the journal Nature Geoscience ..

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