Detected galaxy with a split personality

Galaxies are divided into sphere-like and thin disk (like our own Milky Way).

Billionaires expressed plans of the company for the extraction of space resources

The idea of mining operations on asteroids is long overdue.Asteroids - the remnants of the failed attempts of planets billions of years ago.

An asteroid the size of a minivan flew over California

Scientists have determined that a bright object, which flew with a loud roar over Nevada and California on Sunday morning, was nothing more than a meteor enormous size.

On Titan, discovered an analogue African lake

A large lake found on Saturn’s moon, Titan, has very similar features to the Etosha Pan, a salt marsh, located in the north of Namibia, which at times filled with water. It may well be that the "big lake" on Titan, too, by its very nature temporary.

ISS found dangerous microorganisms

Microorganisms found on the International Space Station, deemed dangerous and can lead to malfunction of the plant equipment. This was announced in a media statement the Vice-President of Russian Academy of Sciences Anatoly Grigoryev.

Google founder will join forces with the creator of the movie "Avatar" in space exploration

Google CEO Larry Page and chairman of the board of directors of the search engine, Eric Schmidt, together with the director of the film "Avatar," James Cameron, will create a company for space exploration.

Secret of the origin of cosmic rays is getting trickier

Huge cosmic explosions known as gamma-ray bursts have been removed from the list of potential sources of the most powerful cosmic rays in the universe. This is the conclusion drawn by researchers in the new study.

Some stars capture lonely planet

New research has shown that billions of stars in our galaxy captured stray planet that once roamed in interstellar space.

SpaceX will send the first private spacecraft to the ISS?

Date of first unmanned mission to the space station, which will be held by a private company, is scheduled for April 30.

NASA announced the extension of the research mission of Kepler for four more years

Astrophysics Scientists have long been in search of extrasolar planets that are outside of our solar system, and there are changes in recent years, using the spectrographic method.

Mysterious dark regions on Mars are made of glass

These dark and mysterious formations on Mars, composed primarily of glass, which was formed during volcanic eruptions.

On Mars, has been found living in 1976?

Mathematical analysis questioned the negative results of an experiment to search for life on Mars, which was held 36 years ago.

NASA will fund the development of satellites transmitting solar energy to Earth

The company Artemis Innovation Management Solutions announced that material resources are allocated to the initial development of certain projects proposed last summer by NASA.

Revealed the secret of cosmic dust

Scientists have unraveled the long fired their minds the mystery of how dying stars eject material from which arise in the future new world.

Solar system HD 10180 may be the record for most planets

HD 10180, we can intercept the palm of the number of planets.

Volcanic tunnels on Mars could become a safe haven for life

Volcanic tunnels on Mars could become a safe haven for displaced earth. Mars discovered volcanic tunnels that can become a safe haven for displaced earth

Climate Change in the sun will lead to deterioration of space weather

Researchers from the University of Reading (UK) led by Luke Barnard showed that the space age in the history of mankind strangely coincided with a period of incredibly high solar activity, or the so-called grand maximum.

Other natural satellites of the Earth

Earth at any given time, has more than one moon. That was the conclusion a team of astronomers from the University of Helsinki, the Paris Observatory and the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Egypt plans to launch a satellite, created by local scientists

Artificial satellite, which was designed and built exclusively a group of Egyptian scientists in the near future, will be sent into orbit.

Where and how did the Moon?

New research led to revise our views on the formation of the Moon.

On the Sun discovered huge tornado

Solar tornado, several times larger than the size of the Earth, have been found in the solar atmosphere, say researchers from the United Kingdom.

10 billion Earth-like planets may exist in our galaxy

Around 40 per cent of red dwarfs can rotate the planet the size of Earth, the environmental conditions are suitable for life.

Two tiny asteroid zipped past Earth

Two tiny asteroid sizes swept far away in the Monday, March 26, flying between our planet and the orbit of the moon, but no danger of influence on our world is not presented, as reported by NASA scientists.

The U.S. space program on the threshold of historic change

The first flight of the private spacecraft to the International Space Station in April, will signal the increasing role of the private sector and all of the expanding opportunities in the field of space tourism.

Mercury was an iron with a thick orange peel

The structure of the planet Mercury, which is the closest hotel to our luminary, scientists struck - the planet in its structure similar to an orange with a thick rind.

ISS is moving toward Russia of spent rocket: the astronauts took refuge in escape pods

Six astronauts were forced to take refuge in escape pods. The reason for this was the cosmic debris that threaten to get to the International Space Station.

Europe posted the largest cargo to the ISS in history

Automatic Cargo Ship (AGC-3) of the European Space Agency (ESA) successfully launched from a base in South America.

The new system space launch maglev

To facilitate the launch of the spacecraft into low-Earth orbit (LEO), two researchers have developed technology maglev (magnetic levitation), to deliver cargo to a height of hundreds of kilometers above the Earth.

NASA is developing an augmented reality headset for pilots

Research Center at NASA Langley, Va., is working to create an augmented reality headset for commercial pilots.

Federal Space Agency presented an ambitious new space program

Ailing Russian space agency intends for the first time in its history, a man on the moon and equip research station on Mars. This ambitious plan has been submitted to the government.

Neutrinos explain where all the missing antimatter universe

Neutrinos are produced by a nuclear reactor in China, mutate from one form to another more quickly than expected. This may help explain why the universe is filled with matter and radiation is not uniform.

Discovered the most distant galaxy cluster

Team of astronomers has discovered the most distant cluster of red galaxies, known to us.

Our galaxy may be filled with planets wanderers

Our galaxy may be filled with stray planets are floating in interstellar space, not connected with any stars.

Scientists have discovered an asteroid that will fall to Earth in 30 years

NASA astronomers have recently discovered asteroid, which in a collision with the Earth in 30 years could cause a big disaster.

On Mars, found traces of the recent earthquakes

Images of the surface of Mars, which were made by a camera high-resolution HiRISE, installed on board the Space Station Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, have allowed scientists to detect signs of recent earthquakes on the red planet.

Japan plans to build a space elevator by 2050

Japanese construction company Obayashi announced its intention to create a space elevator to take passengers to the station, located at a distance of one-tenth of the distance to the Moon.

Canada fell on a huge meteorite

Astronomer Don Hladeku, employee Scientific Centre of Calgary in Canada was able to capture on camera amazing natural phenomenon, which occurred the evening of February 22.

Hubble discovered a new class of planets outside the solar

Astronomers using images obtained with the orbiting observatory "Hubble" was able to confirm the existence of a new class of planet - water world with a thick and dense atmosphere.

Webb telescope: high technology, transcendental value

In the deep and cold space, at a distance of millions of miles from Earth, a giant telescope will scan the universe in search of the first light, which originated more than 13 billion years ago.

Scientists have discovered the location of the mysterious dark matter

Researchers from the University of Tokyo and Nagoya using computer models and information of recent observations of gravitational lenses have finally discovered where the "hidden" dark matter.

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