Russian cosmonauts made the first spacewalk in this year

Two Russian cosmonauts made a space walk outside the International Space Station on Feb. 16 to prepare our orbiting laboratory for the arrival of a new module in the following year.

Switzerland will launch a space cleaners

Neat Swiss are going to spend spring cleaning in space. Swiss scientists announced on Wednesday that it plans to launch "orbital janitors," which were designed for the purpose of cleaning the debris in Earth orbit.

What is the difference between our solar system from the space outside it?

Scientists have discovered a galactic difference native and foreign matter

Europeans are ready to ship cargo to the ISS

Launch unmanned cargo ship carrying on board, fuel, water, oxygen, air and dry cargo, scheduled for March 9. This has already become the third ship was named Edoardo Amaldi, in honor of the Italian nuclear physicist.

As a matter can fall into another universe

Leap from our universe to the other - it is theoretically possible, say physicists. And the technology to test the idea, are available today.

New sverhzemlya found in the habitable zone of a nearby star

An international team of scientists has discovered a potentially habitable sverhzemlyu that revolves around a nearby star.

Named the most likely cause of the collapse of the Phobos-Soil

The head of the Russian space agency said Tuesday that cosmic radiation is the most likely cause of the problems that led to the collapse of the Phobos-Ground in January.

Russia began negotiations on the establishment of a lunar base

The Russian Space Agency (Roscosmos) has begun negotiations with Europe and the United States to establish a manned lunar research base.

Russian space launches delayed

Russia announced the postponement of the next two manned launches to the International Space Station (ISS) for several weeks due to technical problems arising from the Soyuz spacecraft.

The crew of the ISS orbit is delayed for another month

Replacement crew of the International Space Station (ISS), the launch of which was to take place March 30, 2012, seems to linger on earth for a while due to defects in the work, made when assembling the capsule spacecraft "Soyuz TMA-04M," as reported on the eve of Media representative of the space industry..

Astronomers have discovered a new species of giant habitable planets

Sverhzemli - this planet, the more massive than the Earth, consisting of a stone rocks that may contain the continents, oceans, and atmosphere.

Launch of the first private spacecraft to ISS delayed

The first launch of a commercial cargo ship to the International Space Station has been delayed until spring.

On Sunday and Monday on the Earth magnetic storm is expected

On Earth, January 22-23, from the release of the Sun plasmoid magnetic storm will occur.

Martian meteorite brought to Earth 7 kg of stones is 10 times more expensive than gold

Scientists have confirmed that 7 pounds of material from Mars fell in Morocco last July.

Next U.S. crash Phobos-Soil

Russia on Tuesday said the failure to Phobos-Grunt could be caused by radiation from U.S. radars.

Fragments of Phobos-Grunt fell into the Pacific Ocean

The wreckage of the Russian spacecraft "Phobos-Grunt", not so long ago, the failed, fell into the Pacific Ocean, according to RIA Novosti on Sunday, Colonel Alexei Zolotukhin, who is the official representative of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation to the troops ASD..

New map of the universe tells the story of the last six billion years

Scientists Sloan Digital Sky Survey (STSON) have created a new full-color map of the universe, which includes a quarter of the visible sky.

New class of planetary systems with two stars

Based on the data obtained by the Kepler telescope, astronomers have discovered a new type of planetary systems with two stars.

In Russia discovered extraterrestrial quasicrystal

In science, it so happens that the path becomes more interesting than the actual discoveries made along the way.

Man is not made for space travel

The human body is not designed for space travel, so the professor of animal ecology at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. Consequently, space exploration and colonization of other planets, most likely, the person will be available.

Should we adapt Mars by terrestrial life forms?

As soon as we explore more distant corners of our solar system, all the more acute becomes the question of colonization or settlement beyond Earth.

China opened its space program for the next five years

China has announced that the next generation of rockets will run on cleaner fuels. In addition, in their plans - space launch heavier loads, which would be another step towards the creation of a space station and a delivery man on the moon.

Scientists have discovered the warm water in the constellation of Taurus

Astrophysicists have made a unique discovery, finding in the constellation of Taurus around protoplanetary stars warm water vapor. Previously, scientists had anything like this was not observed.

The space ball that fell in Namibia, has puzzled experts

A large metal ball fell from the sky on remote farmland in the northern part of Namibia, and became a puzzle to many local experts. So they decided to seek help from the staff of NASA and the European Space Agency.

Found life on Pluto

NASA scientists have discovered a molecule on the surface of Pluto organic origin, which may indicate the presence of living organisms on the planet.

Russian spacecraft successfully delivered astronauts to the ISS

Soyuz spacecraft safely delivered a Russian, American and Dutch astronauts on the International Space Station. Now a team at the station again consists of six people, as it was prior to September of this year.

Scientists have created a model of the universe based on the theory of superstrings

A team of three researchers first demonstrated how our universe was formed three spatial dimensions of the ten, nine of which belonged to the space and one in time. The results were obtained by simulation on a supercomputer.

Found the remains of fried giant planets

Astronomers were able to use a telescope "Kepler" to discover two planets scorched dying star out of their system. Star of burned gas shell planets and left only their charred stone core.

GLONASS started a restructuring

In Roscosmos faced with the problem of excess satellite navigation system GLONASS, which recently began to run too often. As a result, the question arises of how to use the extra space vehicles may have a system for this purpose to rebuild.

NASA creates a flying robot to the ISS

Flying robots are widely used in science fiction.However, the force of Earth’s gravity can not support heavy objects on the fly in the conditions of our planet.

Phobos-Grunt will fall to Earth in January

Russian interplanetary station, stuck in Earth orbit will fall to Earth next month. As reported on Friday, the Russian Space Agency, the toxic fuel and radioactive material on board does not pose a threat of infection.

Found a candidate for the title of smallest black hole

An international team of astronomers has identified a candidate for the title of the smallest black hole known to us.

His father died Russian space Boris Chertok

Did not live up to quite a bit of the centenary, on the 99th, died a famous designer of rocket technology, academician, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Boris Chertok.

Exploding star left a rose

Around 3,700 years ago, people on Earth could see a new star in the sky.

The sky will be the brightest comet

Record bright comet C/2011 W3 (Lovejoy) should appear in the sky this week.

The biggest black hole: a monster the size of a 21 billion Suns

Gravity of space objects distort the space is so large that even a ray of light that is close to them, will be absorbed forever. Although the general theory of relativity, Einstein predicted their existence, the great physicist himself doubted it.

It took the last lunar eclipse of the year

Recently, in the past 2011 superzatmenie Moon passed on Saturday evening. Superzatmeniem this phenomenon is called because the shadow of our land completely hide the lunar disk.

SpaceX will fly to the ISS is February 7

The demonstration flight under a program called Commercial Orbital Transportation (COTS) appointed by February 7, 2012. Currently underway are the final checks and tests to ensure the safety of the flight.

The rover has found signs of water and microscopic life on the Red Planet

Mars rover Opportunity has found a pronounced mineral veins, as it turned out plaster, which were formed with the participation of water. Their analysis will deepen our understanding of the environmental history of Mars.

Mercury found near the flying object

The video made by NASA probe internet users found in orbit of Mercury mysterious object of impressive dimensions. The outline of the object looked like a spaceship.

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