Voyager 1 has reached a new region on the boundary of the solar system

NASA probe has entered a new region at the boundary of our solar system and interstellar space.

NASA discovered the twin of the Earth

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration of the United States (NASA) confirmed that found the planet on which water can be, and even life. Potential twin of the Earth outside the solar system and is considered exoplanet.

Discovered strange new infrared galaxies

In the remote regions of the universe, a distance of almost 13 billion light-years from Earth, with strange galaxies.

A black hole opens up its secrets

Black holes can be attributed to one of the most amazing and bizarre predictions of Einstein’s theory of gravity.

On what will the NASA budget for next year?

In 2012, the agency will have at its disposal 17.8 billion dollars.

Phobos-Grunt was recently released on contact

European Space Agency (ESA) has managed to contact the Russian interplanetary station on the night of the 23rd to the 24th of November.

NASA launched the Mars rover is the most advanced in the history of

The world’s largest interplanetary research station, Curiosity, was launched to Mars to search for life on this planet.

Scientists have compiled a list of planets where life could exist

American scientists have compiled a list of planets and satellites, which most likely could be a life.

Pluto may have a liquid ocean on the radioactive heating

When automatic space station NASA "New Horizons" will reach Pluto in 2015 and send it to Earth photo, it will allow astronomers to determine whether the ocean lies beneath its icy surface.

The last solar eclipse of 2011 occurred on Friday

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated in America on November 24, nearly coincided with an event such as the recent solar eclipse of 2011, which happened in the early morning of Friday, November 25.

NASA launches a dream machine for Mars exploration

The size of a car and equipped as a complete laboratory, developed by NASA’s new Mars rover surpasses its predecessors in size and capability.

ESA has recorded signal Phobos-Soil

The Russian Space Agency said that the Australian tracking station in Perth on Wednesday night still caught quite a clear signal from the Phobos-Grunt spacecraft.

The birth of the famous black hole

For the first time astronomers have created a complete description of a black hole, matter which is so dense that even light can not overcome its monstrous gravitational force.

Scientists have confirmed the existence of lakes and living in Europe are on the satellite

Being in a relentless search for life beyond Earth in the galactic space, scientists at the University of Texas in Austin found a liquid substance, hidden beneath the surface of the ice on Jupiter’s moon Europa in the amount equal to the Great Lakes of North America..

Space stations - solution to the energy problems of the Earth?

An international team of scientists conducted a study that showed that the collection of solar power in space can be a cost-effective way to meet the world’s energy needs over the next 30 years.

China successfully held the second space docking in its history

On Monday, China successfully completed the second space docking in its history. According to state media, it will be another step towards the creation of habitable space station.

Russia sends astronauts to the ISS after an unprecedented series of failures

Russia will launch on Monday, the three astronauts to the International Space Station. Moscow hopes that this mission will restore confidence in the space program, whose reputation could suffer after an unprecedented series of problems.

The chances of saving Phobos-Grunt "very small"

According to Interfax, the probability of saving the Russian space station, which was stuck in Earth orbit due to a failed attempt to get to the moons of Mars, look increasingly dim.

First obtain a direct image of the disk of a black hole

With the help of the Hubble Space Telescope was first obtained an image of a quasar accretion disc.

Completed 520-day simulated mission to Mars

Six men come out of the conventional spacecraft on November 5. This will mark the end of the 520-day simulated mission to Mars.

China launched an unmanned spacecraft

China has announced the successful launch of an unmanned spacecraft on Tuesday. This is another step towards the establishment of China’s first space station by 2020.

China sends first woman into space

China plans next year to send a woman into space as part of a program involving the construction of a space station by 2020, reported on Monday the news agency Xinhua.

Scientists have developed a plan to establish an autonomous and affordable lunar base

Renowned expert on natural satellite of the Earth, Paul Spudis of the Institute for the Study of the Moon and the planets of the solar system (Lunar and Planetary Institute) together with Tony Lavoie of Space Flight Center.

Astronomers have discovered a complex organic compounds through the universe

The journal Nature published a study which demonstrated that organic compounds with an unexpectedly high level of complexity exist throughout the Universe. These results suggest that the complex organic compounds can form stars.

Russia is considering the establishment of lunar bases in the caves

Currently, NASA has no plans to repeat its ambitious attempt to deliver on the moon.

Russian rocket successfully took off from Kourou

Russian rocket was first launched from Europe’s spaceport in South America on October 21. It takes into orbit two satellites that will be part of the future European satellite navigation systems such as GPS.

Soyuz spacecraft will be launched for the first time with a foreign military base

Prestige and a multibillion investments will be at stake when this Thursday will be the first spacecraft launched by the Soviet era with the European space base in South America.

Russia will try to deliver samples from the Martian satellite

In just three weeks, Russia plans to launch a valiant mission to Mars to land on the satellite of Mars, Phobos, and three years later to return to Earth valuable cargo of soil samples.

Cross the Universe for a few hours?

The recent news of neutrinos moving faster than the speed of light, caused a surge of new ideas to create warp engines, or similar devices that can exceed the speed of light.

A direct correlation between solar activity and winter weather

Scientists have shown for the first time a direct link between the 11-year solar cycle and winter weather of the northern hemisphere.

Venus surprised scientists presence of the ozone layer

Recently, scientists have been able to establish that it turns out that the planet Venus also has its own ozone layer.

Arctic ozone hole breaks all records

In the first three months of this year in the skies over the Arctic was something unprecedented. There was a big hole in the ozone layer, which is greater than the size of all I have seen before.

Astronomers have discovered a factory for the production of supernovae

A team of astronomers from the Onsala Space Observatory and Chalmers discovered seven previously unknown in excess of the new stars in the galaxy age of 250 million years.

Another satellite will fall to Earth

The whole world watched with bated breath the situation with NASA UARS satellite that fell back to Earth.

Created the most detailed computer model of the universe

New cosmological model of the universe, created on a supercomputer and dubbed the Bolshoi, is the most detailed and largest to date.

China launched its first space laboratory

The rocket carrying China’s first space laboratory, Tiangong-1, was launched from the north of the country.

China will launch the first module of the space station next week

China will launch a space station module Tiangong-1 next week, that would be the first step toward a Chinese space station.

Astronomers have discovered a planet from Star Wars

Science fiction has been realized in reality.NASA released an animation recently discovered planet Kepler-16b.

NASA will create the most powerful rocket in the world that will take us to Mars and beyond

Earlier this year, after 30 years of service, were sent to the retired space shuttles. Their successor looks very familiar.

HARPS telescope discovered 50 new exoplanets

With a world leader in the field of detection of extrasolar planets, the telescope HARPS, the astronomers have discovered more than 50 new exoplanets, including 16 super-Earths, one of which orbit passes on the edge of the habitable zone of its star.

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