Ladybugs Asians will win with the help of the whole world of biological weapons

Biologists have found that the Asian ladybug conquer Europe and North America managed with the help of parasitic fungi. Insect infect their competitors, while remaining intact.

Carnivorous plants have got rid of junk DNA in its genome

Biologists have decoded the genome of carnivorous plants and found it junk DNA, which, as previously thought, regulates the genes of multicellular organisms.

Warming may cause the disappearance of many species of animals

Global warming may lead to the fact that approximately one-third of land-based animals, and more than half of the different plant species may disappear or be at risk of a significant reduction in the number, according to new data.

Scientists have discovered the smallest furry insect

Tinkerbella nana - a new kind of small flying fairy flies with thin fringe fringed wings, named after the fairy Tinker Bell from "Peter Pan," the scientists struck their microscopic size.

Tyrannosaurs were able to swim

Paleontologists have found that predatory dinosaurs of the Cretaceous know how to swim. This is indicated by traces of their claws, preserved at the bottom of an ancient river.

Florida fisherman caught a shark with a two-headed embryo inside

The fisherman who caught in the waters of the Florida Keys in the south-eastern United States shark, found inside the embryo with two heads.

Ciliates, which has seven floors

Usually, in the nature of an individual are divided by gender into two floors, with the exception of hermaphrodites, and some of the features of some of reproduction in living beings.

Caecilians exhibit a kind of care for offspring

American and British zoologists have discovered a new type of caecilians that feed their pups own skin.

In the Adriatic Sea for the first time caught a poisonous puffer fish

Poisonous puffer fish, which belongs to the family of blowfish, first discovered in the Adriatic Sea, according to the Croatian edition of the Slobodna Dalmacija.

Scientists have created an extinct animal embryo

Scientists from the University of New South Wales (UNYUE) reported the successful creation of a living embryo animal that died three decades ago. This breakthrough may in the future allow to restore the population of extinct species.

At first there were four wings protoptits

Primitive protoptitsy fly, using not two, but four wings.The lower pair of wings in their descendants eventually disappeared.

Trained rats helped found in 2400 min

Giant African rats have extraordinary ability in the detection of deadly mines, helping them to clean large areas.

In Lake Tahoe found fish-monster

A new species of lake monster has been found in the depths of Lake Tahoe.

Scientists create tadpoles with eyes on the tail

Biologists have found that a significant distance from the brain of tadpoles does not preclude a partial recovery of the transplanted eyes.

Giant nests on telephone poles in the Kalahari Desert

In the scorching desert almost no trees, in the shadow of which could shelter from the scorching sun. But that does not stop finch build huge nests in which they live swarms.

Giant isopods living in a Japanese aquarium, not eating for five years

Caught in the Gulf of Mexico, the representative of crustaceans, which were brought to Japan in September 2007, reaching a length of 29 cm and weighs 1 kg.

Chimpanzee with a human face

Professional photographer of nature created a gallery of pictures which depict the chimpanzee, expressing different kinds of emotions.

From the fear of flies, fruit flies are alcoholics

Frightened by parasitic wasps, flies, fruit flies prefer to lay eggs in fruit containing alcohol. In this way they provide their offspring protection against infection.

Bumblebees perceive color electric charge

Scientists have discovered the ability of bumblebees Bombus terrestris feel the electric field of flowers. This feeling helps insects find nectar. Summary of the paper published in the journal Science, lead NatureNews.

Antidepressants do perches aggressive

Biologists have found that antidepressants that fall from the waste water in lakes and rivers, changing significantly the behavior of their inhabitants - snappers begin to behave under the influence of these substances antisocial and aggressive.

A new kind of owls have found on unusual cries

A new endemic species of owls that live on the island of Lombok in Indonesia, was first described by ornithologists, who were attracted unusual attention to the cries of territorial birds.

Marine slug uses a "one-off" penis for mating

Scientists surprised by the unique ability of sea slug Chromodoris reticulata rid of reproductive organ, and then grow a new one for use in the next mating.

Off the coast of New Zealand have discovered a new species of marine animals

Scientists have discovered a new species of fish in the waters of New Zealand near the Kermadec Islands at a depth of over 9,000 meters.

Fish are measured relatives by smell

Generally, all fish in the shoal have roughly the same dimensions.

Scientists: squid can fly

Scientists in Japan have found that squid, jumping out of the water, able to cover a distance of 30 meters. A team of researchers from the University of Hokkaido was able to capture this discovery in the photo, as reported by local media.

Turtles are able to influence the development of the embryo

For some modern reptiles typical of a live birth, some remained in transition: the embryo develops inside their eggs, but the egg is in the body of the mother.

Owls can turn his head 270 degrees

Everyone knows that owls easily and naturally turning his head in all directions, like the head on their hinges.

Extend human life to 500 years to help genes snails

Snails have an uncanny ability to slow down the aging process during hibernation.

Revealed the secret movements of living organisms

Scientists from the Indian Institute of Fundamental Research claim that they were able to solve the mystery of the movement of all living organisms.

Chimpanzees have a sense of justice

Experiments have shown that primates more ethical and honest than humans: chimpanzees have a sense of justice and can be a brother to share food with neighbors.

We found red ants social chromosome

Red fire ant Solenopsis invicta - the most dangerous representatives of the ant family.

Butterfly, which is able to speak

Science knows more than 1 million different species of insects.

Crabs confirmed the ability of crustaceans feel pain

The results of research scientists from the School of Biological Sciences at Queen’s University in Belfast were unexpected and probably in the future will play a role in the volumes of natural shellfish.

Animals are able to dream

Until recently, it was assumed that the life of animals is only a series of instincts and reflexes.

Grow crystals of magnetic teeth help shellfish

UCLA scientists managed to find out the mechanism of growth in the teeth crustacean shellfish Cryptochiton stelleri magnetite crystals.

Deep-wooly worm is found on the coast of Kent

Bizarre sea creature found on the beach a resident of Kent, vacationing there with the child. It turned out to sea mouse - kind of sea worm that inhabits the depth of 2 meters below the sea surface. She was washed ashore during a storm.

Jays are capable of sensing the intentions of others

Recently, there are increasing data showing that simulate the mental state of others capable of not only people, but also many animals, such as dogs, chimps, and now the corvids.

Flesh-eating worms attacked two Australians

A fascinating journey of two Australians Bryan Williams and Ellie Waag in South America, over a nightmare when they found themselves under the skin at the growing carnivorous worms.

Striped mongoose speak with a human voice

Experts from the University of Zurich have analyzed how to "talk" striped mongoose and came to the conclusion that these animals are used for communication monosyllabic cries formed a combination of consonants and vowels, as well as in humans.

In Japan, the first videotaped the giant squid in the depths of the ocean

The film crew of Japanese television NHK together with the crew of TV channel Discovery Channel were the first to videotape gigantic squid swimming in its natural habitat in the depths of the ocean, according to Japanese media.

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