Recipe of special glue scientists suggested porcupines

Everyone who had the misfortune to experience the effect of porcupine quills, know that they are extremely difficult to remove their skin.

A new theory of a living cell

Scientists from the University Bill Martna Dusseldorf and Neil Lane of University College London, offered an interesting theory of living cells with a variety of bio-energy properties.

Scientists: the animals are capable of experiencing emotions

The results of a study conducted by Oxford scientists have shown that higher animals are able to experience a variety of emotions. Animals such as chimpanzees, rats, dogs and cats can decide for themselves what they have - good or bad.

The strongest bite in perani

Scientists have found what animals bite, or rather bite stronger than all. Among all known vertebrate champions in force clamping jaws relative to its own mass fossils were megapirani Megapiranha paranensis.

Revealed the secret of coral fish

The last few years, scientists from the universities of Noyeshatel (Switzerland) and Kvinzlend (Australia) involved the disclosure of mysteries little creature Labroides dimidiatus - the so-called cleaner wrasse with a blue stripe.

Discovered bacteria that can live on Mars

An international team of scientists from Russia and America found bacteria of the genus Carnobacterium on the banks of the Kolyma River in permafrost.

Christmas pictures that will melt even the most frozen heart

Photos of cute animals in Santa hats and Christmas decorations cause of emotion even the most cold-blooded man. All of these young animals by serving as models of funny, only 6 weeks.

Legs instead of fins - a new experiment genetics

Scientists do not stop experimenting on animals in search of answers to their questions evolution genetics. And Spanish scientists seem to be able to play the first stage output of vertebrates from sea to land.

A new contender for the title of the smallest dog in the world was in Poland

Tiny Terrier named Macey found the smallest puppy in the world, and his 35-year-old mistress, Anna Paul, working in the beauty salon for pets, dreaming about the title of the smallest dog in the world.

Urban sparrows have found a new use for cigarette butts

Cigarette butts pollute the streets and remain intractable environmental problem in many cities. But for birds living in Mexico City is not garbage, and effective means of protecting nests from parasites, scientists report.

Mysterious insect-like creatures found in cave Mestrago

Three unusual springtails, tiny insect-like creatures have been found in the Spanish cave Mestrago.

Discovered form of life has spent in complete isolation 3,000 years

She was in total darkness, in the lake, the salinity of the water which is seven times higher than the sea, and the temperature is 13 degrees below zero.

Near Petersburg "drunk" waxwings not found

Bird watchers, watching while the behavior of the birds living in St.

Elephant, who spoke in Korean

The Asian elephant, nicknamed Kaushik can imitate human speech, saying in Korean words that are easily able to understand those who speak the language.

Unusual pets become the stars of the Internet

Internet swarmed cats, which can rightly be called one of the main characters of the global network.

Found the remains of dinosaurs contained living cells

Opponents: it is not organic, and biofilm that has formed as a result of contact with animal bones microorganisms.

Beluga whale learned to imitate human speech

In captive mammals of the suborder of toothed whales learned to reproduce human speech.

Scientists have determined that with the jaws in fish appeared real teeth

Paleontologists from the European X-rayed by microtomograph fossilized remains the most primitive jawed fish and found that these creatures have full teeth and bony outgrowths not, as previously thought.

Speed ??cheetahs associated with features of their anatomy

On the ground, among the animals has no equal in the speed of movement of a cheetah.

Crows can distinguish between cause and effect

Previously it was thought that only the human mind can determine the cause-and-effect relationship.

Clinic for animals suffering from obesity in the United States opened

Obesity has long become one of the main problems of America.

In Mexico, found fish with terrifying genitals

The male fish living in waters of the Gulf of Mexico, has a terrifying genitals. Sexual organ, the structure of which provides for four hooks, allows the male to capture and hold the struggling female during mating, according to researchers.

The most innocuous cephalopods was a hell of a vampire

Scientists have found that Vampyroteuthis infernalis, that is a hell of a vampire - it is the only cephalopod that is not a predator. Forced to change its diet extreme deep-sea life.

Cats, too, can be two-faced

The unusual color of the cat made a star of Venus internet.It can be called a "two-faced cat" because of its color of the muzzle is a clear distinction between a black and a red half.

Whimsical fish lives on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean

Often a variety of terrestrial fauna is amazing.In life, there are unique animals that surprise with their appearance of people who saw them.

The dog became an assistant teacher at the British School

The director of the school in the British city of Barnstaple has signed an order for a job as a teacher’s assistant dog breed Alaskan Malamute.

In Vietnam, the fish found with genitals on the head

A new species of fish with the head on the body of copulation has been identified in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam, as reported Wednesday news agency AFP.

Scientists have found formic Internet

Biologists and experts in the field of computer systems at Stanford University, found that the behavior of harvester ants that are foraging, similar to the protocols that control traffic on the Internet.

In Belgium, found the remains of the ancient cockroach on Earth

International expedition, consisting of scientists from the USA, France, Sweden and Belgium, lucky.

French entomologists have discovered for the first time the ability to photosynthesize in insects

French scientists have discovered for the first time in insects, namely in the pea aphid, the ability to use solar energy to generate light in the same way as do the plants during fotosinteza.Gruppa with the head of Alain Robishonom, Agrobiotehnologicheskmy Institute in Sophia-Antipolis, discovered in 2010 else aphid capable of producing carotenoids, i.e.

The mice have a visual alarm system about the dangers of

Harvard researchers found that the mice have a visual alarm system that is activated in the event of danger, and is aimed at the detection of predators.

The nature of the influence of crickets song

Zoologists from the University of California have shown that the character of the young crickets depends on whether they hear in the process of growing the songs of other birds.

Cats have discovered the secret life

Researchers from the University of Georgia noted that about a third of domestic cats consume every week for about two little animals, reports Daily Mail.

In Alaska, the mayor was elected cat

Fifteen tailless cat Stubbs became famous all over Alaska is not a record of longevity: it happens, cats and live longer.

Birds beak size depends on the temperature

Environmentalists have tweaked the classical Darwinian theory according to which the size of a bird’s beak depends on the diet of birds.

The fish found skin cancer

The first signs of skin cancer observed in representatives of wild fish. Disease detected in the inhabitants of the Great Barrier Reef, presumably caused by ultraviolet radiation passing through the ozone hole, which is located in this place.

Devon beetle - the oldest insect world

The remains of an insect found by paleontologists in the Upper biozone Belgium may belong to one of the oldest insects on our planet.

Dolphins-"workaholics" choose to communicate their own kind

Bottlenose dolphins from Australia, who use marine sponges during the hunt, like "an affair" and communicate with their counterparts, who also own this skill, as ascertained by the authors of a study published in Nature Communications.

What is different from the human bird thinking?

Scientists believe that even the most highly birds are able to solve only a limited number of clear objectives, and for more feathered enough creativity.

The irradiated monkeys are smarter

The scientists, based on the results of the tests proved that the primate thinking can be improved by optogenetiki, ie, activating a specific part of the brain the necessary light.

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