White Horse opened its genetic secrets

An international team led by researchers at Uppsala University (Uppsala University) has identified a special type of genetic mutation in the white horses, which can be traced back to their common ancestor who lived thousands of years ago.

Wasps use parasitic mites to protect their offspring

Parents are always doing their best to protect their children. And one of the species of wasp comes to this matter so far that gives your home a parasitic mites, which in turn help in the fight against hostile insects in the hive.

Scientists have grown a tree from a seed, age more than 2000 years

Israeli researchers who grew a sapling from the seed of date palm found in the fortress of Masada (Masada), reported that the age of the seed really is about 2000 years old, and that it can help restore the species of trees biblical times.

Evolution in the laboratory: scientists first saw the process in action

Scientists at Michigan State University (Michigan State University, East Lansing, US) led by evolutionary biologist Richard Lenski (Richard Lenski) for the first time in history were able to simulate in the laboratory the process of evolution of living organisms.

Snakes are not only deaf, they hear in stereo!

Physicists at the University of Munich in Germany and the University of Topeka, Kansas (University Munich, Germany; University of Topeka, Kansas) found strong evidence that snakes can hear through their jaws.


( - Article in any case does not encourage drug use. It is available only describe this natural drug, methods of application, as well as the negative consequences that may result from its use.

Bats give more decibels than a rock concert

Researchers studying the echolocation of bats have come to the conclusion that these tiny mammals emit a very loud sound, much louder than the ability to produce any other known science flying creature.

Lizards rapidly evolve in the new environment

In 1971, a team of researchers carried five pairs of adult Italian lizards from their usual habitats of the island under Kopisty (Pod Kopiste), on the neighboring island Under Marquardt (Pod Mrcaru).

Ants are able to pretend to be dead to survive

Red ant uses a rather unusual for insects, but very effective strategy of self-defense during the attack of the alien ant colonies.

Revealed the secret of the strongest beings in the world

The most powerful being in the world, Hercules beetle (Dynastes hercules), has the amazing ability to change its color.

Bats are able to fly until the ability of echolocation

Scientists have long debated about the sequence in which the bats have evolved the ability to fly and to use echolocation.

Crocodiles "turn off" light to improve digestion

It is known that crocodiles at every opportunity is not averse to a good snack.

Amphibians can help in the fight against drug-resistant bacteria

Italian researchers have found that a natural agent present in the skin of a frog in a position to suppress drug-resistant strains of bacteria that cause hospital-acquired (nosocomial) infections.

Chimpanzees, like humans, have cultural differences

Until now it was thought that the social and cultural development is peculiar to man. But recent research scientists have shown that it applies in relation to the colonies of chimpanzees.

Gophers - is not only valuable fur. They know how to outsmart predators!

California ground squirrels are using a rather unusual way of masking their own scent from various predators, they chew and smear on his fur discarded rattlesnake skin.

Fighting global warming: Scientists make plants more efficiently absorb carbon dioxide!

In an era of global warming research scientists, aimed at reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to attract more public attention.

The remains of a huge dinosaur with teeth the size of a banana, identified

A student at the University of Bristol (University of Bristol) pointed to the identity of the remains recently found one of the largest carnivorous dinosaurs new species of ancient giant animals.

Dogs are better than people are able to sort the photos by category

It turns out that our four-legged friends is not alien to abstract thinking.

Natural herbicide helps turf grass to survive

Some species of fescue (turf grass) are able to produce their own broad spectrum herbicides that inhibit the growth of surrounding weeds and other plants.

How to create the perfect tape? Ask the insects!

Researchers have developed a highly structural adhesive coating, which is two times more efficient than the conventional smooth adhesive tapes.

The life and death of plants depends on their size

Recent studies have shown that plants themselves regulate their population, choosing how to live according to their size and weight. Moreover, this relationship can be seen in all kinds of plants, from single-celled phototrophic to a giant redwood.

Secret weapon invasive plants - acid, killing neighbors

Scientists from the University of Delaware have discovered a secret weapon used by a special kind of cane in the wetlands, which is able to quietly and effectively destroy the growing next door "competitors."

Mussels prompted as to create an eco-friendly adhesive

Researchers from the University of Oregon have developed a new type of environmentally friendly, harmless to health adhesive derived from natural sources.

Elephants are scared to death of bees. And it can be used!

Less and less free space remains for African elephants because of the rapid development of the territories of human wildlife.

Primitive plants manipulate insects or "I have sex for food"

Scientists from the University of Utah have discovered a strange method of reproduction primitive group of plants sagovnikovyh.

2007: the ozone hole is reduced ...

The ozone hole over Antarctica has decreased in size by 30% compared to last year. According to the calculations made by NASA’s satellite Envisat, the annual ozone loss amounted to a maximum of 27.7 million tonnes (previous year - 40 million tonnes).

Soon the plants will stop growing?

Researchers concluded that the growth of plants in the world can slow down by the end of this century due to air pollution.

Black fungus found in Chernobyl, radiation feeds!

Mushrooms uses hazardous radiation to survive. This unexpected finding could one day help feed astronauts in space - at least those who want to have that kind of mushrooms.

Found new life forms at a depth of 3.5 km!

Reefs in the North antlanticheskom Ocean showed to the world the new species of crustaceans and an incredible amount of new forms of life, from squid skin "polka dot", is shaped like a ball for a game of beach volleyball, to a sinister-viper fish with teeth like ice icicles..

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