Termites bombers "own" chemical weapons

In termite species Neocapritermes taracua of caste workers at a certain age, biologists have found such a property as conversion to suicide. During the fight, they are able to apply the two-venom, which is activated by the explosion.

In Britain, found an unusual creature with 60 eyes

It has long been known that nature continues to be an open book for the man: scientists do not cease to discover previously unknown species of plants, birds and animals.

Revealed the secret speed of a cheetah

Scientists were able to figure out why cheetahs can run almost twice as fast as greyhounds, and despite the fact that they, and other muscles have the same function, and running style is identical.

Rhinoceros horns grow on insulin

Experts from the University of Montana’s claim that such outstanding body parts of different animals, such as horns and claws are developed from the tissues with increased sensitivity to insulin.

Scientists have discovered a magnetic navigator in the nose of trout

Some animals, birds and fish are able to migrate thousands of miles, pinpointing if the direction of motion.

Biologists discover why dogs love to chew on the bones?

After analyzing the evolution of dogs, biologists have learned why dogs love to chew bones.

Both male fish are looking for the way to the heart of females?

Males of some fish found in South America, for luring females use a special "bait", "bait" which is very similar to an insect that fell into the water.

As the molds were tamed by people

Experts from the Vanderbilt University decided to find out how the ancient brewers were able to "domesticate" the fungus Aspergillus and get him to cooperate with the yeast, while not synthesize toxins.

Tree snakes are able to move through the air

Brown tree snake boyga able to overcome the air gaps of more than two meters in height and up to five feet in length.

From the fear of caterpillars eat less and grow faster

To keep out predators on the eyes, hawk tobacco caterpillars have to eat less, but they are restructuring their metabolism so that they begin to make better use of even one small ration, which they manage to get one.

Mushroom Monster or the largest organism in the world

Giant Philippine Crocodile, recently became the Guinness Book record holder, the size and sloppy in mushrooms available in Oregon. Moreover, on the sizes Oregon mushroom surpasses all living organisms on our planet.

Biologists repainted yellow dragonfly in red

Colouring dragonflies due to chemical balance within the pigment cells located on the abdomen of insects.

Aphids extends the life of ladybirds

Scientists have found that the survival of the larvae of ladybugs that eat aphids on organically fertilized plants increased by 10%. Why is this happening, scientists still completely unclear.

In Lake Lou Yeager lives fish that castrate men

Swimming in the famous lake of Illinois temporarily banned because of the unusual discovery.

Teeth copepods surprised biologists

Scientists have figured out how copepods can crush quartz solid shell algae. It turned out that this ability must crustaceans resaylinu - elastic protein that is part of their teeth.

Why do dolphins have such large brains?

In humans, brain mass relative to body mass is the largest among all members of the animal world.

Scientists have questioned the sign of cold-blooded dinosaurs

Dark circles are typical in bone tissue - that is, the line of suspended growth - have been completely symptom cold-blooded dinosaurs, as previously thought, but the common denominator in all the major bone structure lizards, and some mammals, say scientists..

This man evolved from apes smacking

Speech movement of people and facial expressions of monkeys developed in a similar way. Scientists believe that mimic the movement of primates that were independent of chewing, could be the basis for the development of speech.

Genius Monkey easily beats the people in the intellectual game

Very clever chimp from Japan plays with anyone in the game to remember the numbers.

The Greenland shark is slower than a turtle

An international team of researchers has found that one of the aquatic predator moves at a speed of up to 8 times smaller than the speed of movement on land leatherback turtles.

The plants are insects as postmen

Experts from the Institute of Ecology in the Netherlands found that there is a kind of insects postal service, where the mailbox role performs the soil, and the role of the postman - plants.

The tails of peacocks emit ultrasound

Peacocks are famous not only for its dazzlingly beautiful tail, but very dissonant scream.

Vegetable poison makes the mouse out of the consumer plant seeds in their distribution

University of Utah, USA and Israel Institute of Technology, Technion, conducted the study.

The famous turtle couple broke up after 115 years

After 115 years of cohabitation, the two turtles from the Zoo Reptilien Happ in Austria, can no longer sustain each other and now live in separate cages - according to an article in the Austrian Times.

"Penguins, perverts" troubled Captain Scott and his expedition

In Britain, the records were published one hundred years old member of the expedition to the South Pole, who witnessed the unusual sexual behavior of penguins, and thus found it such a "perverse" and shocking that I decided not to share their observations with the general public..

Birds have reduced the giant ancient insects

After analyzing the concentration of oxygen in the last three hundred million years, scientists have come to the conclusion that the oxygen with the appearance of birds is not limited in the size of flying insects.

Light weight helps to prevent mosquitoes from death from raindrops

Super-fast video helped investigators find that mosquitoes can easily carry collision with rain drops due to heavy-duty chitin armor and low body weight.

Spinal cord stimulation paralyzed rats regained mobility

Some rats with spinal cord injuries were able to walk again and run independently as a result of the special treatment, which included a chemical and electrical stimulation of the nerve cells of the spinal cord and motor exercises in robotic simulator, biologists said..

Death from a snake bite during a mysterious religious ritual

Preacher snake handler, a long time avoiding danger, has died after being bitten during a religious service in a remote national park in West Virginia last weekend.

Algae are lungs of the world

The algae in the global occupy a tiny portion of the coastal area, but other than filtering water and providing shelter inhabitants of the seas, they are making a great contribution to the binding of carbon in the air.

Scientists have found fossils of eel with a human spine

In ancient times to fish, who continued to live in the water, was characterized by the acquisition of some parts of the anatomic structure peculiar to terrestrial beings.

In Panama, have discovered a new species of frogs

German biologists have discovered in the west of Panama unusual new type of ink frog, which leaves the fingers yellow footprints. Details of the discovery were presented in a paper published in the scientific journal ZooKeys.

Since dolphins can communicate

Yuka Mishima Oceanological of the University of Tokyo has developed a prototype device that is able to publish the entire range of sounds that are used in your lexicon real dolphins from the clacking and whistles to be used for echolocation ultrasound..

Scientists have studied the largest variety of rays from satellites

Very little is known about the giant manta ray, the largest species of stingrays in the world, reaching 25 feet in width (7.62 meters).

Mystery of grand ocean creatures continues to excite scientists

A strange creature, supposedly filmed by underwater drillers in the deep ocean at the end of April this year, sparked an unprecedented intrigue and controversy on the Internet.

Scientists have tried to read the minds of dogs

What a dog thinks, gazing into the eyes to his master, tried to find out, researchers from Emory University, creating a new technique that allows you to scan the brain of dogs and to study the mental processes of an animal that has been domesticated by man since ancient times..

Methane released by organisms dinosaurs kept warm climate on the planet

Giant dinosaurs may have warmed the planet for its digestive gases, researchers say.

Dinosaurs are not extinct because of a meteorite

Some North American populations of herbivorous dinosaurs became extinct long before falling back to Earth asteroid (or comet).

We have found the bones of cyanobacteria

Scientists have found a cyanobacterium, inside which there are calcareous granules. Most likely, these granules are playing the role of a ballast hold cyanobacteria on the surface of the water bottom or stramatolita.

Biologists have found neurons in the brain magnetic navigation pigeons

By studying homing pigeons, biologists from the U.S.discovered in their brain a separate group of neurons responsible for processing the information necessary to birds for orientation in space, thus helping them plotted on long flights.

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