Skin-bone covering ancient animals served as a mechanism output of carbon dioxide from the body

Roughness cover with small spikes the oldest of four-legged animals, apparently, had a remarkable feature - the removal of excess carbon dioxide from the body.

In the Philippines, have discovered a new species of purple crabs

Researchers have found in the Philippines four totally new species of freshwater crabs belonging to the genus Insulamon, each of which is notable for the bright purple-violet color shell and limbs.

Plants love to talk

British and Australian biologists are convinced that the plants do produce specific sounds and react to them.

In an isolated cave New Mexico have found antibiotic-resistant bacteria

Detection of bacteria that live at depths of Lechuguilla Cave in New Mexico, could significantly help the research of drug-resistant bacteria.

The real aliens are reasonable dinosaurs

The study, conducted by Professor Ronald Breslow at Columbia University, presents a new look at the possible existence of extraterrestrial life.

Scientists have identified the real cause of death of the dinosaurs

The disappearance from the face of the earth these ancient animals like dinosaurs may be due to the fact that smaller individuals that are able to survive a natural disaster, extinct or "transformed" in the form of birds in competition with baby dinosaurs larger sizes and mammals, as stated by the Swiss paleontologists from University of Zurich..

Coloring eggs helps fight the birds nesting parasitism

Cuckoo eggs can take a color eggs of those birds whose nests they throw up their. A bird eggs of the host, in turn, are able to change their color to prevent the breeding of parasitism.

Monkeys are able to distinguish words

French scientists have managed to teach baboons do difference between short words and letter combinations that are not words.

Why bees continue to disappear?

In recent years, scientists have observed a mysterious mass disappearance of bees from hives around the world. A team of American researchers led by Professor Alex Liu tried to figure out the cause of unexplained bee pandemic.

The disappearance of the predators in the northern hemisphere affects the state of the ecosystem

The results of the study, which revealed a significant reduction in the number of large predators, particularly wolves in the Northern Hemisphere have shown that the current population of elk, deer, and other large herbivores too exceed their historical levels and contribute to disruption of the ecosystem..

In China, fluffy Tyrannosaurus rex found

Scientists have recently discovered that tyrannosaurs in life may have been coated with a soft fluff. At least, that’s what looked like their close relatives who lived in the north-east of China a few million years ago.

In Siberia, the frozen mammoth found

A new discovery of a young well-preserved mammoth indicates that ancient people "stealing" huge animals lions, according to BBC Nature.

Earth will be invaded by giant snakes

Newly discovered fossils of prehistoric snake monstrous explain some of the facts from the past and raises questions about the future.

Swedish ecologists have revived population of the White-tailed Eagle

Swedish ecologists managed to prevent the complete disappearance of white-tailed eagles, the largest birds of prey that live in northern Europe.

Missing 62 years ago kind of frogs was again found

Zoologists of the California Academy of Sciences and the University of Texas was lucky to find a frog in Burundi dlinnopaltsevuyu Cardioglossa cyaneospila.

Scientists have discovered the incredible properties of the body bears during hibernation

U.S.researchers have recently discovered the amazing ability of the body baribalov or black bears - without a trace of wound healing in the body of animals during hibernation.

Scientists have found signs of guinea worm vertebrate brain development

The origin of such a complex organ as the brain of vertebrates is still a mystery to scientists.

A resident of France has taught her dogs to play the piano

In the new video, which appeared recently in YouTube, dog breed golden retriever sitting next to each other in front of a huge keyboard, press the right keys correctly in response to musical notes, strumming their owner with a brass musical instrument called the ocarina (clay svistkovaya flute)..

The oldest fossil salamanders are found in China

Six samples of salamanders have recently been discovered at the bottom of a dried-up lake in China and identified a group of paleontologists from the University of Beijing and the University of Chicago as the oldest specimens of all species Salamandroidea ever found on Earth.

The skeleton of the oldest body was discovered in Australia

The group of paleontologists discovered fossils of the oldest animal that had a skeleton.

Mystery of orange goo in Alaska discovered unraveled

The origin of the strange orange goo, whose appearance raised eyebrows residents a remote village in Alaska, and has attracted the attention of the world last year, it was finally established scientists.

Robotic fish shoal of fish taken as a leader

Having set himself for the most part still unexplored question about the criteria on which the selection of a leader is a school of fish, the researchers discovered that mimicking the movement of the fish robot may become the leader of their living relatives..

Do bats have discovered a new flu virus

Scientists have discovered that herbivorous bats that live in Guatemala, a new type of influenza A virus subtypes other kindred, and called it the H17, as reported by the scientific journal Nature News.

Marine bacteria attack the plankton and fish, alluring light

All is not gold that glitters. In the underwater world, this may just be the bacteria that use the properties of luminescence for the conquest of the living organism.

The size of the ancient horses was associated with climate

Scientists have conducted isotopic analysis and found that the old horse became smaller in warmer climates and have gained a larger size for a cold snap.

Scientists have made a surprising discovery in the deepest cave of the world

In the dark abyss of the deepest caves in the world was hiding a new kind of elementary eyeless insect, which the researchers named the most profound of all the animals ever found on earth.

Scientists have resurrected the old plant of the Siberian permafrost

Russian scientists managed to grow campion uzkolistuyu fabric of its immature fruits that have lain thirty thousand years in the permafrost of the Siberian tundra.

Scorpios see body

U.S.scientists have recently found out that scorpions can see not only the eyes but also your whole body.

Color insects reflects the level of toxicity

A study conducted by the University of Exter and Liverpool, points directly to the fact that the differences between the alarms animals which appear in the external terms, show how individuals are poisonous to predators.

The longest living organism planets discovered in the Mediterranean Sea

Vast grassland "sea of grass" Posidonia, which according to scientists from 80 to 200 thousand years old, were discovered by biologists from Australia to the Mediterranean.

Scientists have recorded the talk of deep creatures

Researchers from the University of Massachusetts who study life in the deep ocean, it was possible to tape the strange sounds made by unknown creatures.

Plants were talking to each other, warning of the dangers

The silence in the garden can be deceiving. Scientists were finally able to confirm the long-standing assumption of many gardeners that plants are able to exchange information.

Paleontologists have discovered a new species of prehistoric crocodile

In the vaults of the Royal Ontario Museum paleontologists discovered the ancient ancestor of modern crocodiles.

First plants caused ice ages

The appearance of the first plants on land triggered a series of ice ages and global changes in the atmosphere.

Pythons have damaged the Everglades National Park

A marked reduction in mammals are widely distributed in the Everglades National Park in Florida as it turned out, was associated with living in it the giant Burmese pythons, according to a study conducted by Michael Dorcas, a professor of biology, and his colleagues from Davidson College.

Male mice sing serenades his chosen one

Many people do not just have to hear the squeak of a mouse in the pantry, but scientists have long figured out that this is not the only sounds that can emit home button.

In the jungles of Suriname found 46 new species of animals

The expedition, which lasted about three weeks in the wild jungle of a small Latin American country of Suriname, was completed for biologists incredible discovery: they found 46 brand new species.

Snake bite can cause premature aging

Very toxic Russell’s viper venom kills thousands of people every year, but sometimes the bite of a venomous snake can cause premature aging effects of the human body.

The oldest dinosaur nest found in South Africa

Nest of dinosaurs that were recently discovered in South Africa were 100 million years older than the ones that were open earlier scholars.

Small amounts of alcohol extend the life of roundworms

A new study by American scientists, published in the latest issue of the journal PLoS One, showed that the life expectancy of roundworms who received low doses of ethanol was increased to 5 or even 25 days, compared with their fellow drinkers.

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