In love, luck masters of illusion

Among the birds are often a male of various types using their bright plumage to attract females.

Scientists have discovered an unusual creature in the shape of a tulip

The remains of a bizarre creature that lived in the ocean more than 500 million years ago has been found in the Cambrian fossils - Burgess Shale - located in the Rocky Mountains of Canada.

Ruthless boas are able to feel the pulse of the victim

Boa common able to feel the heartbeat of the victim at the time of strangulation because it gives him a signal about the state of the victim, as the scientists reported.

In the Siberian permafrost bacterium found immortality

In Yakutia, the scientists found a bacterium which was given the name "bacillus of immortality." The fact that a gram-positive bacterium is Bacillius F type tablet on its age.

Endangered species of dolphins surfaced in Vietnam

In the scientific world was a sensation.To the delight of all the supporters of the protection of nature in the Mekong Delta, located in the territory of Vietnam, biologists lucky enough to spot dolphins iravadiyskih 20 individuals.

Scientists have discovered the smallest vertebrate on Earth

Tropical forest in Papua - New Guinea - a very noisy place, where even at night you can hear the croaking of frogs, chirping birds and the sound of cicadas strekotnyu other animals.

In Brazil, a carnivorous plant discovered

Plants are fed, sometimes amazing things. Scientists have recently discovered a small flowering plant that grows in sandy soils of Brazil, which catches and eats a nematode or roundworm their sticky leaves that grow under the ground.

Genetics "taught" transgenic silk worms to produce heavy-duty

American biologists cross spider with silkworms, brought transgenic silkworm cocoon worms. Due to the DNA of spiders new silkworm cocoon worms can produce a very durable silk.

Nimble caterpillars mimic each other to escape from predators

Scientists have long been discovered and proven that the example of insect mimicry adult butterflies, but new research shows that caterpillars also use this defense mechanism to hide from predators.

Scientists have discovered an elephant sixth finger

Mysterious kostevoy process, found on all legs of elephants, was in fact a sixth finger, as the scientists reported.

In Hong Kong, began shooting chickens due to an outbreak of avian influenza

In Hong Kong, was shot off about 17,000 chickens after confirmed information about the three birds affected deadly H5N1 virus last week.

The causes of suicide whales

On the causes of the mass suicide of the largest mammals of the planet, scientists argue for many years.

Neanderthal home made of mammoth bones discovered in Ukraine

Up until recently, most scientists specializing in the study of Neanderthals, believed that they were strangers who had sought refuge in the caves only in case of bad weather.

In South Korea, have developed mass production of clones

Korean Dr. Hwang Woo Juice, known for his scandals with cloning, established in the laboratory-scale cloning dogs. The main purpose of the doctor is the cloning of an ancient mammoth.

Designated robin elimination of rare species were discovered by scientists

Rare species chernogorloy robin was discovered by scientists in the Qinling Mountains in north-central China.

Brain small spiders located throughout the body

Smithsonian researchers recently reported that the brains of small spiders has such dimensions that fills the entire cavity of the insect’s body, extending even to his feet.

More than 100 beluga whales tie icy fetters of Chukotka

A large flock of white whales, numbering more than 100 individuals captivated the ice Chukotka.

In China, found the oldest fossilized embryos

Scientists in China have discovered the fossilized embryos, which are over 570 million years. Fossils very similar to modern balls and can lay claim to being the oldest animals or embryos known to modern science.

Scientists Russia and Japan are going to clone mammoth

Scientists from Japan and Russia believe it is feasible the idea of cloning a mammoth, if they can find a well-preserved bone marrow in the femur bone fragments recovered from permafrost soil in Siberia, about the researchers reported on Saturday.

Scientists learned how animals predict earthquakes

Animals are able to sense changes in the chemical composition of the groundwater, which occur before the earthquake.

Discovered the most ancient form of a tiger

The ancient extinct tiger was discovered recently by scientists in China. Although the skull fossil, which is more than 2 million years, far less than the skull of modern tigers, they are very similar in form, according to researchers.

Ravens use gestures to communicate with each other

Such a strategy in behavior, as specified for certain items or parade them to draw on them, so someone’s attention so far has been characterized only for humans and their closest relatives, the great apes.

Scientists have discovered the oldest fossils of microbes

In ancient sediments, rocks, formed in the period between two ice ages, scientists have discovered the oldest fossils of microbes two types of foraminifera (single-celled animals enclosed in a wand-shaped or spiral curled shell) and ciliary ciliates.

8 surprising facts about turkeys

Everyone knows that the turkey is the main decoration of the table in the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States, but few people know that once one of the founding fathers of the United States even suggested replacing the eagle on the image of a national symbol, turkey.

Biologists have been found poisonous spider web that deter ants

Scientists in Australia and Singapore explored web spiders - Web Spiders gold - and found that they cover their networks substance that acts as a repellent for ants. Therefore, arthropods, most of all, protect from insects and their prey themselves.

Botanists have discovered an unusual night blooming orchid

A new kind of night blooming orchid was first discovered and described a group of botanists from the Netherlands.

In Russia found traces of human habitation of the snow?

Bigfoot researcher and biologist John Binderendzhel (John Bindernagel) said that his research team has discovered a visual confirmation of the existence of the Yeti or Abominable Snowman (Russian "cousin" of the American Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch - the name of the mammal-like ape, who lives in forests of North America).

New and unusual creatures were discovered on the ocean floor

Strange deep-creation, Aberdeen researchers found were identified as three new species of worms zheludeobraznyh previously unknown to science.

West African black rhino declared extinct

In West Africa, there are no more black rhinos, according to a recent global assessment of species under threat of extinction.

Scientists have found out when the dogs become more aggressive

New research has shown that dogs are man walks in four times more likely to fight and bite other dogs.

Genetically modified mosquitoes cause more fear

There is a growing concern about the release of a new batch of genetically modified mosquitoes that kill their offspring.

Frozen microscopic worlds come to life with the beginning of global warming

As soon as our planet warms, a world hidden from us permafrost is beginning to revive, and researchers are concerned that the microscopic organisms that inhabit the frozen soil will produce more greenhouse gases, accelerating global warming.

Fossil discovered a small but very toothy mammal

Fossil unusual animal no bigger than a mouse opens up new evidence in the ancient history of mammals.

Traces of "zombie worms" have been found in ancient fossil

Traces of "zombie worms" eating bones have been found in ancient fossil from Italy age three million years, as the researchers reported.

Spider is the second being the most sensitive to vibration

Austrian researchers in the new study confirmed the fact that spiders are extremely sensitive to vibration beings, determining that they are second on the list of living organisms over-sensitive to vibration after cockroaches.

Giant amoebas have been discovered in the depths of the ocean

Giant amoebas have been discovered oceanographers at the bottom of the Mariana Trench, the deepest region on Earth.

In Mexico, discovered the marine Cyclops

In a world of infinite possibilities Photoshop and online scams naturally relates with some skepticism to the news of the discovery of something incredible, including to albino shark fetus with one large eye, located in the middle of the nose, like the mythical hero of the Cyclops ..

Animals begin to shrink in size due to global warming

The increase in global temperatures over the last century as a result of climate change caused by human activity, was the reason that many creatures have been noticeably reduced in size, since a number of changes in their habitat, as well as the direct impact of global warming, as reported researchers..

Penguins are also able to commit a crime

Adelie Penguin (Pygoscelis adeliae), committing "criminal" acts - stealing stones from a nearby nest - was exposed operational crew news agency BBC.

The sound emitted by a piranha, just terrible, like its bite

The terrifying image with sharp as the blade teeth, predatory nature - it’s not all associations that occur in people with the word "piranha", now to the list of associations can also add a ferocious "bark" of predatory fish.

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