A new species of giant clam found in Antarctic waters

Spanish explorers discovered the rare mollusc in Antarctic waters, which also has a saucer shape, like a conventional clam species known to date, but more significant proportions.

Biologists have found an incredible number of unknown viruses in sewage

Despite the fact that viruses are the most common form of life on Earth, our knowledge of the viral world of limited information on the possible existence of only a small number of these microscopic pathogens.

Plants bloom the second time this year

UK plants began to bloom a second time this year due to not warm weather season irrelevant.

Researchers have found aphrodisiac fruit fly

People often are males, often trying to find a true aphrodisiac in the world among the huge number of those known to us from ancient times.

Scientists reveal the secrets of "miracle berry"

Which has become widely known in the United States only for a few years, such as the miracle berry cranberry has the unique ability to give sweet sour or bitter foods.

Our feathered friends are not mind when building bird nests

The ability to nest in birds is not instinctive, this skill they have to learn from experience, according to some researchers.

Rare species of snails found again after 110 years in Fife

Isolated population of rare earth snail species in the last marked 110 years ago has recently been found again.

Scientists were able to photograph the extraordinary giant armadillo

Rare footage of a giant armadillo finally been made by researchers in the swamps of central Brazil.

Breeder-inventor surprised the world in black and white cucumbers

At the age of four years, Michael Mazurek (Michael Mazourek) was keen bell pepper, zucchini and sweet peas - the most prominent vegetables growing in his first garden.

Crows use mirrors to find food

Clever New Caledonian crows can use mirrors to find food, according to the scientists. Researchers from the University of Auckland in New Zealand, to test the reaction of wild crows on a mirror.

Discovered a new type of flower that he sows his seeds

A small plant that stoops down to the ground to plant their seeds, it was recently discovered by scientists in the village of north-eastern region of the State of Bahia in Brazil, one of the richest areas of biodiversity in the world.

In the waters of Australia have discovered a new species of dolphins

Researchers have recently discovered that dolphins found in southeastern Australia represent a previously unknown species.

Baby dinosaur fossils have been found in Maryland

Researchers from the School of Medicine at Johns Hopkins University using fossil hunter identified and described a fossil dinosaur recently hatched from an egg.

A huge toothy fish once lived in the waters of the Arctic

A large predatory fish with a terrifying mouth lived in ancient times in the waters of North America, is believed to archaeologists who have completed the analysis of fossil terrible sea beast.

Orangutan Shirley from Malaysia "quit smoking"

Female orangutan from Malaysia named Shirley, who became famous in the whole world that smoking cigarettes thrown into her cage by zoo decided to help quit smoking.

In Guatemala, was born pig-headed humanoid

On September Guatemalan news channel relayed a message about the mysterious phenomenon that happened in a village in the country - the birth of an ugly pig whose head resembles the head and face of a man than a pig’s head.

In the Philippines, after a three-week hunt was caught by a giant crocodile

A giant saltwater crocodile weighing more than a ton has been caught in a remote village in the southern Philippines after a series of attacks on humans and animals, as officials said.

Alligator fat can be used for biodiesel production

Recently it became known that the addition of meat, the use of which has become so prevalent in recent years in the food industry, alligators are also the owners of the component suitable for the production of biodiesel.

Scientists had discovered the most primitive type of animal

Scientists from the Smithsonian and other partner organizations have found an extremely primitive conger eel in the reefs on the coast of the Republic of Palau.

In the U.S., the first known fatality from the bite of a bat

The Centre and the Office of Disease Prevention reported this week, the first fatality in the United States from the bite of bloodsucking bat. These data strongly excited population is interesting because if they are then at risk of danger.

In China, found the largest mushroom in the world

The most massive of all discovered at this point fungi growing on a tree in China.

Giant rat kills predators with poisonous hair

Poisoning his hair with saliva and plant poison, she at one point cracked down on any aggressor.

The luminescent genetically modified dog

Dog named Tegon glows under ultraviolet light, which can help researchers to develop tools to deal with certain types of diseases.

Excavation bugs - a new alternative to herbicides

Recent studies funded by the Council of Biotechnology and Biological Sciences and the National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) in France, it was found that ground beetles reduce the number of weed seeds in the soil.

Discovered an ancient fossil lizard pregnant

In a new research paper published in the journal "Naturwissenschaft" provides information about the opening of fossil reptiles, living about 120 million years ago, which proves that some lizards do not lay eggs, but give birth to live young.

A funny sight: Monkey Do yourself a pedicure

Doing the "pedicure" mandrills living in the Chester Zoo, led scientists to believe that monkeys are capable of wielding not only simple, but also more advanced tools.

The therapeutic properties of dolphins can help people

What other wonders conceals from us Mother Nature? In search of an answer note bottlenose dolphins. That, at least, offers a researcher at Georgetown University Medical Center.

Lions attacking people in the Moon

As you know full moon - this time wandering werewolves and heart-rending howls of wolves, but a new study found that in the days when the full moon reaches its maximum brightness in the sky, more is to be feared nocturnal predators.

Parasitism wasps use ladybugs as "bodyguards"

The parasitic wasp species Dinocampus coccinellae is not stupid creature.

Mysterious fossils provide new information in the evolution of insects

German scientists from the Natural History Museum in Stuttgart recently discovered a new insect order, dwelt in the earlier Cretaceous period in South America.

The amazing phenomenon of electrical bacteria

E. coli E. coli - are electric creatures. The bacteria that inhabit the human gut, can cause electrical flashes of light, and now scientists have been able to visualize the process of how cells are flashing like a light bulb.

Mutant two-headed snake surprises zoo visitors in Ukraine

Snake with two heads, which are able to think and eat separately and even steal food, each other, has become the main object of curiosity to all visitors at the zoo in Ukraine.

Rare bisexual butterfly born in the historical museum in London

Butterfly, which is half male and half female came to light recently in the Museum of Natural History in London.

Happiness - is the secret to long life and orangutans ...

Just like humans, happier orangutans live longer, according to the scientists. This information may be able to shed some light on the evolution of happiness in the human world.

Malaysian scientists have discovered on the island of Borneo saltwater crocodile

Wildlife researchers in Malaysia tracked down, finally, the saltwater crocodile by satellite, as reported by them on Wednesday, in response to the invitation of the authorities to find out why nearly 40 people were attacked by animals on the island of Borneo for a desyatiletiya.Diky saltwater crocodile has been caught a little earlier this month in the River Kinabatangan (Kinabatangan) in Sabah (Sabah), and he was wearing something like a collar with a label before it was released to freedom, as the head of the center Dano Dzhirenga Field Benuat Goossens (Benoit Goossens) .

Mayflies: short and tragic life of the ancient species of insects

About 100 million years ago in small mayflies were big problems.

The existence of isolated Amazon tribes

Officials from Brazil recently confirmed the existence of approximately 200 Indians who live in the western part of the Amazon, in the absence of any contact with the outside world.

Sea level rises rapidly

Sea levels are rising at an unprecedented rate, much faster than had been observed in the past two millennia, as a new study shows.

Maggots be used for removing organic waste

A group of researchers from the University of Alicante (Spain), presented the results of the pilot project, which involves the use of fly larvae to reduce the number of bowel movements and animal manure environmentally sustainable manner.

The spread of fungal diseases among frogs worries scientists

Rapidly spreading lethal disease of amphibians animals reached the place bordering Darien National Park in Panama - the last area in the entire Neotropical region, where there was no trace of the disease even as scientists said this week.

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