Created artificial trees, transforming CO2 into O2

Air - one of the conditions on the ground, without which you can not really do without.

Orchid can mimic the smell of carrion to attract pollinators

Enjoying the aroma of wild flowers, beware or pass by orchids from South Africa. These flowers are able to mimic the color and the smell of rotting flesh to attract their main pollinator, gray meat fly.

UN concerned about a huge reduction in the number of bees in the world

UN on Thursday expressed its concern about the huge reduction of bee colonies due to the many onsets of pests and pollution.

Chickens capable of empathy

The study found that domestic hens show signs of compassion, the ability to "feel the pain of another." This discovery is important for the care of farm and laboratory animals.

The tsunami in Japan rocked the world

The tragedy that happened in Japan, moved by the whole world.

People can learn from the peace-loving bonobos

It is known that man evolved from apes, and 98.7% of its DNA is similar to that of chimpanzees, but we share one more similarity to one type of chimpanzee, which is not observed in bonobos (pygmy chimpanzees).

Biologists are saving fur seals placed under threat of extinction

Workers Wildlife Service recently rescued a two-month Mediterranean fur seal pup.

Earth is on the brink of mass extinction

Earth is on the verge of a mass extinction of species, which will be the sixth in the last 540 million years.

Biologists have discovered a new genus of stingray

A biologist from the University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC) discovered a new type of tropical freshwater stingray.

Discovered four new species of ant-zombie

Researchers are combing the rainforests of Brazil, discovered four new species of fungi that turn ants into zombies.

Unbelievable: a primitive animal eats through the skin

Hagfish (Myxini) - a simple, tube-like scavengers differ terrible eating habits: when ugly predator encounters with dead or dying carcass of the animal at the bottom of the sea, he begins to delve into the cavities of the body.

Scientists unravel the mysterious mechanisms of the web

Scientists now have a better understanding of why spider silk fibers are so incredibly strong.

Walking cactus - a new discovery in the evolution of insects

Fossils of 10-legged worm-like creatures that lived 520 million years ago, could fill the gaps in the history of the evolution of insects, spiders and crustaceans.

Scientists: Sheep are much smarter than previously thought

Scientists from the University of Cambridge have discovered that sheep are much more intelligent than was previously assumed.

Mutated fish from the Hudson River-existing immunity

Fish feeding on the bottom material of the Hudson River, has developed a gene that gives her immunity to the class of toxins called PCBs.

Mysterious animals Solomon Islands

When dusk covered the Solomon Islands, cacophonous croaking begins to grow, rising from the ground of the forest. The noise comes from a small Solomon’s Horned Frogs, amphibian animal that is unique to the islands.

Fruit flies are able to detect heavy hydrogen

New analysis by researchers Greece and U.S. found that such insects such as fruit flies can distinguish between normal and heavy isotope of hydrogen (deuterium), which adds the value of the new theory of how the sense of smell.

Pets are an ideal partner by smell

The male may follow a female in the half-light, capturing her scent. This fragrance attracts his attention. He begins to feel that it might be one of those in search of which he has spent his entire life. He follows her, trying to make an impression.

Roses with celery gene: a new method of self-defense for flowers

Study of North Carolina State University intends to expand the scope of "flowerpot life" rose by embedding them in a celery gene to help plants against Botrytis fungus (botrytis) or petal wilting, one of the major diseases of roses after their maturation..

The secret of monkey gestures

British zoo workers noticed some monkeys living in a group of mandrills, sometimes making strange gestures: they covered his eyes with one hand.

Scientists: squid can hear

Scientists in the United States revealed the mystery of whether the squid and hear how it goes.

A tiny flea has the record for most genes

This tiny crustacean 31,000 genes - more than any other creature on Earth, including humans.

82 whales stranded on the coast of New Zealand

Ten pilot whales and pilot whales have died as a result of the fact that about 82 mammals washed ashore the top of the South Island of New Zealand on Friday.

Discovered a new kind of African Wolf

Scientists studying genetic confirmation, have discovered a new type of wolf that lives in Africa.

Birds can hold quantum entanglement

Robins keep the quantum entanglement in their eyes for 20 microseconds longer than the best laboratory systems. This is the conclusion of physics, which explored how birds use quantum effects to "see" the Earth’s magnetic field.

Plants are able to detect pollutants and explosives

Colorado State University biologists have shown that plants can serve as highly specific detectors that determine not only the pollutants of the environment, but also the explosive elements.

The body shape of seahorses has received a scientific explanation

Unusual and beautiful sea horses for centuries caught the imagination of people. But now scientists have figured out why this unusual fish has a horse’s head and s-shaped body.

Control of the internal clock of all forms of life

Scientists have studied the mechanism by which controlled the internal clock of all forms of life from human cells to algae.

Unusual rhino born in a zoo in the U.S.

Official representatives of the recently reported rare unusual phenomenon in the Saint Louis Zoo in Missouri - the birth of a baby with a pair of black rhinos, which first became parents.

People are not afraid of spiders and snakes from birth

Hollywood movie producers accidental shooting films like "Arachnophobia" and "Snakes on a plane": the majority of people terribly afraid of spiders and snakes.

Scientists first discovered the remains of a dinosaur odnopalogo

The excavations in Inner Mongolia, China, scientists have discovered a new species of dinosaur the size of a parrot with only one finger.

Sharks do not distinguish colors?

Sharks are unable to distinguish between colors, despite the fact that their close relatives rays and chimaeras have some color vision - these are the results of a new study by Dr.

Like a crocodile swallowed a mobile phone

Having swallowed accidentally any electronic device that can trigger at least, unbearable pain in the abdomen, not to mention other more serious consequences.

Two new species of beetles discovered in New Caledonia

Only five species of so-called ’bug-fleas’ of 60 were found to date in New Caledonia in the western Pacific Ocean.

Extinct mammoth can be resurrected after 4 years due to fossil found in Russia remains

The woolly mammoth, which died out thousands of years ago can be brought back to life in just four years, thanks to a breakthrough in cloning technology.

Open half-animal, half-plant

Scientists sea creature found that creates chlorophyll in photosynthesis. This is borrowed genes in plants.

Russian scientists penetrate the closed ecosystem, the former in isolation from the outside world for 14 million years

Lake Vostok, which was under the ice for 14 million years, will soon be available for study by Russian scientists.

Riddle: thousands of dead crabs covered the coast of England

A pile of dead crabs, which brought waves to the shores of England, sprawled along the rocky Thanet Coast (Thanet Coast) over the past few days, a phenomenon of which puzzled scientists say over the last several years.

Birds fall from sky again, this time in Louisiana

Officials of the United States reported the second case this week of unexplained mass deaths of birds. At this time, the dead birds were found in the southern U.S., in the state of Louisiana.

Created genetically modified fish, which grows almost twice as fast as normal

Immediately after his appearance became the cause of heated debate, a genetically modified salmon, developed in Canada, could be the first genetically modified animal to be allowed to sell as a food product, and is named one of the 50 best inventions of 2010 according to Time Magazine..

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