Revealed the secret of the luminescence mechanism of sea snail

Two U.S. scientists at Scripps Institution of Oceanography in San Diego, presented the first details about the mysterious flashes, blinding bioluminescent light produced by a little-known sea snail.

Animals have feelings?

People often consider the manifestation of feelings of animals such actions as, for example, vacant look of a polar bear in a zoo, suggesting that he is sad, or look out lobya dog who knocked over a bucket of garbage and expresses so ashamed.

First discovered pterodactyl egg with embryo

Ancient dinosaur eggs presented researcher Dr. Neal Naranjo surprise when he made an X-ray tomography of their contents.

Ancient Bible fragments revive the forgotten history

A new study discovered a forgotten chapter in the history of the Bible, providing a rare glimpse into the life and culture of the Byzantine Jews.

Scientists: now acquire a new strawberry flavor

About 50 years ago, when consumers have replaced local markets for groceries, we found that strawberries had lost its distinctive bright flavor.

Found 20,000 remains the biggest disaster in the world

Found 20,000 remains the biggest disaster in the world, at the age of 252 million years

Top botanical discoveries of 2010

A new species of tropical mistletoe discovered and described by scientists of the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, London. The research team found the plant during an expedition to Mount Mebu, located in the northern Mozambique in 2008.

Australia will celebrate white Christmas

Snow that fell in Australia on Monday, December 19 gave the people of the country the opportunity to experience the charm of a snowy white Christmas.

Do not miss the event of the lunar eclipse of 21 December

Everyone knows that "the moon on the bedspread newly fallen snow gives a glimpse, reflecting all around and giving the impression of noon." This phenomenon can be observed throughout the winter, except during a lunar eclipse.

Revealed the secret of light sensitivity of plants

As you know plants are very sensitive to light, because the light is for them a necessary source of energy, as well as an important condition in which activated special photoreceptors that regulate growth, metabolism, and physiological development.

A new species of lemur found in Madagascar

The researchers reported the news agencies on December 13 at the opening of a new species of lemur Madagascar with a long tongue and the size of a squirrel.

Scientists have developed a new method for the production of plant-based medicines

Mankind has long known about the healing properties of medicinal plants produce a variety of medicinal compounds.

Shark attack on tourists in Egypt continues

The German woman was killed in an attack on her shark during shnorkelinga on the Egyptian Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheykn, reported by the official representatives.

Error genetics or why men become women

Scientists have recently made a new discovery, finding that a change in a single gene in the human body may be the reason that the male fetus, the embryo begins to develop like a female.

Attention farmers: frequent exposure to pesticides can lead to madness

A new study published in the online version of the journal Occupational and Environmental Medicine, found that long-term human exposure to pesticides may be linked to the development of insanity.

A surprising development of the embryo marsupials

A long-standing mystery of nature kind of bizarre pink marsupial embryo animal-like larvae outside the mother’s womb is curious in many ways.

First released to the will of genetically modified mosquitoes

The research firm Oxford, has announced the results of an experiment to produce the will of genetically modified male mosquitoes in the Cayman Islands. This is the first such experiment, which takes place in nature.

Type of meat does not cause aggression in humans

Kachanov Frank (Frank Kachanoff), a researcher specializing in issues of evolution and a psychologist from McGill University in Canada, was surprised by a new discovery.

Paleontologists have identified the oldest dinosaur embryos, belonging to an extinct 190 million years ago mind

The newly discovered in South Africa in 1976 eggs belonging to the dinosaur Massospondilu or Massospondilusu (Massospondylus), well-preserved embryos.

How to prepare for childbirth expectant fathers

A new study found that men who frightened the upcoming birth of his pregnant halves, better able to cope with their fears by attending courses to prepare for the birth.

In Peru, discovered the mummy dogs fifteenth century

Peruvian archaeologists have discovered six mummified dogs, dating from the 15th century, which apparently is a religious sacrifice in prekolumbiyskoy archaeological areas.

Found fossilized specimen of the oldest shrimp

Professor Feldman Rodney (Rodney Feldmann) and his colleague, Professor Cary Schweitzer (Carrie Schweitzer), from the Department of Geology at the University of Kent reported the opening of the ancient to the present time in the world.

The boa can output offspring without mating

Information that look completely turned ten scientific theories of reproduction reptiles, the researchers presented the State of North Carolina State University, discovered that female boa can produce offspring without mating.

7 paradoxes that will put you in a deadlock

The definition of the word "paradox" is somewhat blurry, but more often under this understanding is a true statement that is contrary to intuition. Some have addressed, some are not. Here are 7 paradoxes that you can not solve.

Found most effective way memorizing and processing

It is one thing - remember new information, such as a telephone number or a foreign word, and quite another - to put this information into the part of the brain, where it can be easily removed at the right time.

Unique parent of tropical fish

Scientists have recently discovered that the disc fish surprisingly attentive parents. It is known that small colored creations feed their offspring nutritional mucus, located on their skin.

The astonishing survival Sawai sheep on the Scottish island

In the Scottish archipelago of St.Kilda, sheep Sawai no visible enemies or predators, but probably they have all the makings to cope with the lack of food, severe weather conditions, which can kill polnaseleniya overnight and parasitic worms that live in their bodies and inhibit their immune system..

Top of animals with the most horrific appearance

In addition to the monstrous fish-dragon, bizarre and funny bats axolotl (or water dragons), here are a few more creations with the most intimidating appearance that walk, fly or swim in the world.

Halloween: set a new record for the largest pumpkin

New world record for a huge pumpkin this year marked the feast of Halloween or All Saints’ Day in Minnesota.

Discovered a new type of snub-nosed monkey that sneezes in the rain

An international team of primatologists discovered a new species of monkey in Northern Mianmare (formerly Burma).

The inhabitants of Indonesia are the victim of a double disaster

Volcanic eruption and subsequent tsunami killed hundreds of people, extending their destructive power for miles deep into the coast of Indonesia.

Scientists: the plants will save the world from air pollution

A new study unexpectedly found that vegetation plays an increasingly important role in cleansing the atmosphere than previously thought.

Mystery solved Etna

Geophysicist Dr Wouter Shellart (Wouter Schellart) developed the first dynamic model to explain the mystery of the largest and most fascinating volcano in Europe, Mount Etna, located on the island of Sicily (Italy).

Scientists: Monarch butterflies use medicinal plants to treat offspring

Monarch butterfly, according to a study conducted by biologists at Emory University, it appears, use medicinal plants to treat diseases of the posterity. New data have been published in the online version of the journal Ecology Letters ".

Satellite image before and after the leakage of waste in Hungary

The latest satellite images, where you can observe the consequences of the recent spill waste in Hungary. Below are photos of before and after the leak. With this KML-file, you yourself can see photos of the data in Google Earth:

Detected body with the largest DNA world

Scientists from Kew Jodrell Laboratory have discovered that a plant called Paris japonica, which is native to Japan, has the largest genome in the world.

The smallest fish found in the waters of the Shetland Islands

Europe’s smallest marine fish, also known as bull Gillet, was first discovered in the waters of the Shetland Islands.

Fossils of a new species of horned dinosaur found in Utah

Scientists have unearthed the remains belonging to two new species of giant herbivorous horned dinosaurs in southern Utah, USA.

Scientists are trying to recognize the language of bats

Many species of bats hunt insects "on the fly", emitting ultrasonic impulses and using the echo to find prey in flight.

Scientists have created a Moon Garden

The moon, as you know, is not the most favorable place for the cultivation of fruits and vegetables.

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