Mysterious elephant-shrew found in African forest

Wildlife Service, who studied a variety of animal species in the forest Boni-Dodori on the banks of the north-eastern Kenya, could do with some pictures of camera traps bizarre mammal.

Discovered wild flower that protects itself from disease

An unusual wild flower that accumulates metals in its leaves, it appears to be using them as "armor" against bacterial infections.

Scientists have discovered that flying fish fly as well as birds

The study found that the flying fish can fly through the air is no worse than the birds of small and medium size. Scientists decided to test their ability, after have read, this is the kind of fish can fly about 400 meters.

30 reasons why a person could not have come from monkeys

Scientists at the zoo nursery "Noah’s Ark" in the UK presented by about 30 reasons why people could not have come from monkeys.

Pastel bedbugs bites: what you need to know

Small harmful insects recently had put his head in his insatiable Empire State Building, cinemas, theaters, airplanes, apartments, clothing shops, hotel rooms and even in the Google office in Manhattan.

Fish returns to the ocean in record numbers

Rivers of the Pacific Northwest United States and Canada are painted in red on the abundance of fish of the salmon family, although it saw a decline of these species.

Due to global warming, Russia will thrive

Geographer from the University of California at Los Angeles predicts in his new book, the prosperity of the New North.

In Toronto, we found a new species of bees

One morning, on the way to the lab, doctoral student at the University of York, who recently finished a study of 84 species of sweat bees in Canada discovered a new species of bees.

The ants protect acacia trees from the harmful effects of elephants

In East Africa, found some acacia trees, protected from the harmful effects of elephants living on these ants.

The volcano in Indonesia has made a new release of the ashes

Indonesian volcano dormant for four centuries, recalled his powerful explosion of hot ash high into the air more than 10,000 feet (three kilometers) on Friday, forcing terrified residents to flee their homes for safety for the second time this week.

DNA Genetics hacked apple

A team of 86 scientists from around the world, was the first to calculate the genetic code of Golden Delicious apple varieties (Golden Delicious).

In the Gulf of Mexico discovered the bacterium eats the spilled oil

The caption for the picture: Microbes that are marked with a red dashed circle, break down oil prices.

Wasps punished fake teasers

If you act from a position of strength, but can not prove their claims with real actions, then, most likely, will get into trouble.

In Kenya, photographed a mysterious "bearded" antelope

A strange, bearded antelope was spotted a few weeks ago in Kenya. It is not clear why this young creature so different from that of their relatives.

Ancient terrible bird fought like Muhammad Ali

The giant bird of prey, known as "awful bird", the assurances of scientists who fought like Muhammad Ali.

A variety of dog breeds is due to just a few genes

We spaniel hanging ears, basset hound with very short legs, and St. Bernards are large and krupnokostnye. Not to mention the chuhuahua.

The disappearance of the giant tortoises - human error

Turtles inhabited megafauna (the aggregate of all species with an average body weight of greater than 44 kg) for thousands of years - until people came.

A breakthrough in biology: Bacteria have a sense of smell

Bacteria are the cause of some of the most repulsive smells on earth, but as we found out to scientists, the bacteria themselves have a sense of smell.

Scientists have discovered the oldest rocks of the material on the planet

In the north of Canada found a rock that was formed in the early years of the Earth’s formation.

The study proved that the mole rats are visible

Mole rats (mammals of the rodent family) spend most of his life underground, but they are not quite as blind thought for a long time and even have color sensitivity -

People think immoral behavior is funny - but only if it does not pose any harm

What could make the situation funny? Philosophers have tried to answer this question since the time of Plato.

It starts with a global hunt for frogs extinct species

Wildlife Service plans to soon make traveling the world in search of amphibians, whose species are considered extinct, but, in reality, probably just got lost.

Satellite image of wildfires in Russia

Intense fires are still raging in the west of Russia.Burnable dry forests and peat bogs, creating a dense column of smoke hundreds of kilometers.

Scientists have reported the discovery of the sixth largest river in the world at the bottom of the Black Sea

At the bottom of the Black Sea discovered the river, 350 times greater than the River Thames. Underwater river channels are the same as in the rivers on the surface of the earth.

Want to live longer? Get a friends

Physical education, and smoking cessation were considered important steps on the way to a long, healthy life, but modern research suggests another potential trick: to extend the life-span - obzavedites friends.

The content of CO2 in the atmosphere may be reduced

The content of CO2 in the atmosphere can be reduced to preindustrialnogo level for 10 years.

Nine myths and facts about lightning

Scientists are studying lightning for hundreds of years. Although they know what causes lightning, these mysterious flashes of electricity kept many secrets.

Last month was the hottest June in history

According to the State Meteorological Service United States, 2010 could be the warmest year in history.

Triceratops and torozavr were the same dinosaur at different stages of development

The research doctoral student at the University of Montana and one of the best paleontologists can turn the idea of a triceratops and torozavre as a different species, which lasted more than a hundred years.

Monkeys playing tig, as people

Gorillas play of tag, as well as the people to maintain their competitive advantage.

Scientists have calculated mathematically the most likely winner of the World Cup

New Mining tactics teams, allowed to calculate that the best chance of winning the World Cup, the final of which will be held on Sunday, from Spain. He also showed why England lost to Germany.

The researcher found that the fish talk to each other

The underwater world is not so quiet as we think. A researcher from New Zealand found that the fish are able to "talk" to each other.

Scientists have proven that human bird brains

More than a century, neuroscientists believed that the brains of humans and other mammals is different (presumably for the better) from the brain of other animals, such as birds.

Oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico: Just the facts

The explosion of an oil platform

Scientists have discovered the secret of the power of human will

The familiar scenario: you’re on a diet, decided to give up eating cakes, but here you go past the shop counter with pastries and all your willpower disappears somewhere.

The future of education today

Sal Khan teaches the whole world free from his tiny office in the city of Mountain View (population 70 thousand), California.

Support of the fans significantly increases the chances of success of the team

Alien example is contagious.If you see someone yawn, or smile, and will not pass a few seconds before you repeat the same thing.

How to determine where the fly free kick?

In a fraction of a second before the ball is hit, the body of a football player did not deliberately gives the direction of impact, according to a recent study at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Scientists have identified the real stars of football

While living in Portugal, Luis Amaral (Luis Amaral) loved as a child to play football and talk about it.

What colors will bloom longer?

It is known that plucked flowers and indoor plants are most susceptible to rapid decay process, all known as aging.

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