Scientists: Changing weather conditions will increase the number of natural disasters


Natural disasters - hurricanes, tornadoes and floods - are taking place in the world each year, but geographers argue that in the future their number will increase markedly. The expert from the University of Kansas said that the whole world is in danger of future risk of natural disasters.

Bimol Paul (Paul Bimal), professor of geography at Kansas State, among other interests involved in research of interaction between natural disasters and human environment. Despite the fact that Paul does not believe that the severity of weather conditions has increased significantly in recent years, he thinks that the changes can take place over the next 20 years.

"I know how the general public and scholars who share the belief that the severity of the weather conditions has increased significantly in recent years" - said Paul. "Those who strongly believe it is generally believed that global warming and the associated climate change is the root cause. While I believe that it is human activity has strengthened the process of global warming, the manifestations of climate change are not yet clearly visible or tangible. But after a certain period of time it becomes noticeable. "

These long-term after-effect of changes in the nature of the cause of global concern, in the words of Paul, including the United States, where natural disasters have been minimal compared to the latest international disasters like the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

"Climate change due to global warming could contribute to the deterioration of the situation: to increase the intensity and frequency of disasters related to such natural disasters, such as floods, droughts, tornadoes and hurricanes," - said Paul. "The United States is likely to face in the future is extremely fierce storms as a result of the weather warming. Climate change will cause a rise in sea levels, which will unimaginable impact on quality of life and health of most of the population."

The consequences of climate change, spreading in the country, according to Paul, can destroy the world’s population and destroy the economy of many countries, launched a very strong disasters. "Climate change can cause great damage to the economy, especially agriculture systems" - he added. "It will exacerbate the problem of the lack of water resources, increase the risk of various diseases and initiates the shift of continents due to the current floods, storms and rising sea levels. People need to be prepared for the fact that the frequency of natural disasters and natural catastrophes will increase markedly over the next few years. "

Original: Physorg Translation: M. Potter

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