What are the differences and similarities of Fukushima and Chernobyl?


Japanese authorities have assigned the accident at the Fukushima-1 seventh highest possible level of danger on a scale INES.

This decision was taken due to the ongoing radiation leakage, although the sharp deterioration of the event has not been observed. The seventh level before that was given only once - in 1986 in Chernobyl, where there was the largest nuclear disaster in the world.

But most experts agree that these incidents are very different from each other. Below are the comparative facts about the two major nuclear accidents in the world.

Date of incident: Fukushima: March 11, 2011 goda.Chernobyl: April 26, 1986.

Reasons vozniknoveniya.Fukusima: An earthquake measuring 9.0 in magnitude has generated a tsunami that damaged the power grid station, causing failure of the cooling systems. Which was followed by a series of explosions gaza.Chernobyl: during routine testing there was a jump of energy that caused the destruction of teplovyvodyaschih elements (FE), which resulted in a series of explosions. Intense fire did not stop the 10 days.

Opasnosti.Fukusima Level: Level 7. Large avariya.Chernobyl: Level 7. Major accident.

Number reaktorov.Fukusima six, but the concern is that only three of them, as well as the storage of produced topliva.Chernobyl four, but exploded only one of them.

Reaktorov.Fukusima Type: Boiling nuclear reactors. Japanese authorities insist that unlike Chernobyl reactor containment remains intact. Also, unlike Chernobyl, the Fukushima No combustible graphite moderators in active zone.Chernobyl: Boiling nuclear reactors with graphite rods restrictive. Graphite is flammable. Furthermore, there was no reactor containment which have stopped from entering the atmosphere of radioactive materials.

Leak radiatsii.Fukusima: 370,000 terabecquerels (as of April 12). Chernobyl: 5200000 terabecquerels

Evacuation zhiteley.Fukusima: Forced evacuation of dvadtsatikilometrovaya zone. 20-30-km zone - on request. Five settlements outside the evacuation zone were also evacuated. The number of evacuees in the tens tysyach.Chernobyl: Evacuation of the thirty-kilometer zone. In 1986, evacuated about 115,000 people, and after 1986 - still about 220,000 people from Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.

Smertnost.Fukusima: So far no reports of casualties among the population affected by the radiatsiey.Chernobyl: According to the UN, the total number of confirmed deaths from radiation was 64 as of 2008. But scientists have not reached a consensus on the total number of victims.

Current status.Fukusima: Officials said that radiation leaks are continuing and may exceed those of Chernobyl. At the moment, we are working to restore adequate cooling reaktorov.Chernobyl: Around the damaged reactor built concrete sarcophagus. By the year 2014, will soon release a new defensive structure.

Original: BBC

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