May 21: Another Date of Judgment on Earth?


Ancient prophets announcing the Day of Judgment, is often depicted in cartoons as bearded men in robes who stand on street corners and announce the sign, saying the following phrases: "The end has come!" or "Repent!" It’s a funny cartoon, but it is very relevant. These harbingers of the apocalypse of the day - especially from the Fundamentalist Christianity - broadcast their messages about everywhere: Twitter, Facebook, pamphlets, radio shows and billboards.

It is not clear just what exactly the audience intends to do with this information. Most people respond with a shrug that this is probably another unfortunate religious prediction dreadful day of judgment. Others believe that if the life of the world really will end soon, then we should not worry too much about it.

Despite the fact that the core of the church usually does not take responsibility predictions that Armageddon is imminent, or even that date it is known, many self-proclaimed prophets believe that they know the real truth.

One of them - Harold Camping (Harold Camping), 89-year-old head of the ministry Family Radio all over the world, whose study of the Bible convinced him and his followers that the world will cease to exist in the May 21, 2011. In fact, for the complete destruction may take up to six months, but certainly no one should make plans for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Fundamentalist Christians are known for their long and colorful history search - mistakenly believing that they still found it - information about when Jesus would return to Earth and usher in the final day of judgment. In the early 1800s farmer William Miller (William Miller) concluded from an analysis of the Bible that the end of the world must come April 23, 1843. That did not happen.

The audience was very impressed by this theme different movies and books of the subject of science fiction. According to the author of Jim and Barbara Willis their book "Armageddon Now: The End of the world from A to Z" published Visible Ink Press, 2005, has sold over 65 million copies and remains the best of the best-selling science fiction series.

Try to unravel the tangled roots of contradictory verses from the Bible about when Jesus would return. Of Matthew, verse 24:36 tells us, "This is the day and hour knows no one, not even the angels of heaven, God the Son, but the Father Our" while the head of the verse from Matthew 16:28 clearly reminds us that Jesus was to come back when it is born student and a follower, "There will be those who will not be afraid of the spirit of death, then everyone will see the Son of Man, included in his kingdom." In the Bible, you can also see a mixed message that Earth will be destroyed, the head of Peter verse 3:10 indicates that "the earth and all that is in it will be burned," while the head of Ecclesiastes, verse 1:4 indicates that "all the earth endure."

It should be noted that the predictions of apocalypse Motorhome partly doubtful. Previously, he has already established the date of end of the world - September, 1994 - and got ready for the event. A notable absence did not stop the coming of Christ Motorhome, who returned to the study of the Bible and making some calculations, has set a new exact date of Judgment Day - May 21, 2011. Time will tell if he was right, but on the other hand it’s a good idea to remind your friends and family how much they owe you.

Original: LiveScience Translation: M. Potter

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