Scientists: sea levels rose by one meter


Meteorologists, scientists recently found that sea level has risen up to one meter during this century because of global warming. These alarming facts reported Monday oceanographers Australia, fearing for the fact that the flooding of the coast, which may occur once in a century, will become more frequent.

In the first government report Australian Climate Commission confirms the fact that the earth’s surface is heated too quickly. The latest data about climate science from around the world indicate that the emissions of greenhouse gases formed as a result of human industrial activity, were probably guilty of growing temperatures that warmed the oceans and thus contributed to the rise in sea level.

Author information Wil Stephen (Will Steffen) noted in the preface to his work "The Critical Decade": "I suppose that the value of the global sea level will rise by an average of 0.5-1 meters in 2100, compared with 1990." He said that although this is slightly higher than the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in 2007, which was equal to 0.8 meters, it is not contrary to the UN, noting that higher values are possible.

The report said that the rise of sea level of up to 0.5 meters can lead to surprisingly large impacts, with a growing risk of extreme events such as floods in the coastal areas around the biggest cities in Australia - Sydney and Melbourne. Stephen noted that in some instances, an event that is observed once in a hundred years, it may happen every year.

"The whole essence of the problem is that we need to put these emissions down the path to the end of this decade, this is the last time" - he said. "We need to take investment decisions this decade to embark on this long-term trajectory that minimizes the cost of our economy."

The report also mentioned the fact that Australia, prone bushfires, drought and cyclones, also, it seems, felt the impact of rising temperatures in recent years. Over the past five decades, the number of record hot days in Australia has more than two, increasing the risk of heat stress and weather conditions conducive to brush fires.

The Chairman of the Commission on Climate, Tim Flannery (Tim Flannery), said that the confirmation of climate change become more persuasive man from year to year. "In Australia, we see the human impact on the climate is clear: rising sea levels, which had been predicted, the reduction in rainfall continues especially in the south-west of Western Australia; impacts on the Great Barrier Reef and so on" - he told reporters. "It is the decade when we urgently need to act."

Prime Minister Julia Gillard (Julia Gillard) is struggling to introduce a carbon tax, a price on greenhouse gas emissions in industrial production. "We have no time for empty statements in this discussion. Climate change - real and science is proof of that" - she said.

Original: Physorg Translation: M. Potter

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