Earthquake in Turkey: Rescue teams search for survivors


Some of the people caught in the trap of Hotel Bayram (Bayram), send messages and tweets from under the rubble. Rescue teams are looking for a lot of people who find themselves trapped in a stone after a 5.6-magnitude earthquake shook eastern Turkey, killing at least seven people.

Twenty-five buildings have collapsed, including a six-storey hotel in the city of Van, where journalists and settled assistants, officials said. Rescuers say that the twenty-three people managed to pull out alive, but more than a hundred are still missing.

Last month, a 7.2 earthquake that occurred in the same area claimed the lives of six hundred men. There have been hundreds of aftershocks after a major disaster, and thousands of people still camp out in tents in the cold conditions in the field. All buildings collapsed in the earthquake, which occurred on Wednesday, but three were empty, said Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey, as the people were evacuated after tremors on October 23.

Besir Ataley (Besir Atalay) said that the rescue work is focused on two main sites - two of the collapsed hotels and one apartment building. Push the earthquake occurred late on Wednesday evening at 21:23 (19:23 GMT) with epicenter in Edremit, 16 km (10 miles) south of Van, the U.S. Geological Survey reported. Television channels showed video clips in Van, where residents and rescue workers are trying to dismantle the rubble to free people who are trapped in collapsed buildings.

Rescuers used powerful lights to work through the night. Besir Ataley (Besir Atalay) reported that rescue teams were dispatched to the area of the capital, Ankara, and other areas. He said that the earthquake destroyed the school building, two hotels and a few brick houses. The head of the BBC in Turkey, Jonathan (Jonathan) said that the city became the headquarters of the relief efforts in the last earthquake, and was sunk by rescuers and journalists.

The BBC says that some of the weakened buildings could collapse in the last earthquake. Some of the journalists trapped in a collapsed hotel (Bairam) Bayram, a recognized urban landmark, sent text messages to colleagues, asking to be rescued, the Associated Press (Associated Press) quoted the Turkish operator. Rescuers managed to pull out a Japanese woman in a safe place, away from the ruins of the hotel, after almost six hours after the earthquake.

Original: BBC

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