Explosion in North China


The explosion destroyed the buildings in northern China, killing about seven people and injuring dozens, and also shattered windows in all buildings within a radius of 3 kilometers, state media and officials.

Cause of the explosion that occurred today in the province Sianov (Xian), known for its Terraktovaya warriors still not established. However, the official Xinhua News Agency (Xinhua) states with reference to the witness, it was a blast, which occurred on the second floor of the restaurant. Photos of the scene posted on the Internet, show damaged cars, broken glass and other debris in the area of high-rise buildings.

"Thirteen people were taken to our hospital, of whom three died - two adults and a three year old girl. One is in a critical condition, "- said Dr. Han (Han) in the People’s Hospital of Shaanxi (Shaanxi Renmin).

"Another 19 people injured in the explosion were taken to hospital San Gaoxin (Xian Gaoxin), four of whom were killed," said local nurse Wu (Wu). Status of the other 15 people is not clear.

Xinhua News Agency (Xinhua) reports that, according to doctors, people have basically been injury to the face and head. Besides the explosion occurred in an office building in the Gaoxin (Gaoxin) province Sianov (Xian). Photos published online show the number of fire engines and ambulances parked outside the building. The explosion knocked out windows on the first two floors of high-rise buildings, and the area around is strewn with glass, fragments of buildings and other parts of destruction. According to Xinhua (Xinhua), the blast blew off the sign with the nearest bus stop, and broken glass windows can be found in the 3.2 kilometers from the explosion site. An employee of the local public security bureau said that rescue workers are still searching for survivors and do not know the exact number of dead and wounded.

As you know, China has a bad reputation regarding accidents due to reduced spending on basic safety for profit companies. For example, last week, an accident in the mine for coal mining in the south-western province of Yunnan (Yunnan), due to the deaths of at least 34 people. In addition to being more 9 business are still trapped underground, which no longer hope to raise to the surface, officials said.

Earlier this month, two vehicles carrying explosives detonated in the southwestern province of Guizhou (Guizhou), killing seven people, seriously injuring 20 more, as well as destroying several nearby buildings. According to intelligence reports, the vehicles transporting 70 tons of explosives.

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