The fire occurred on board


November 13 at night, due to a fire ship "Sergei Abramov" hit 4 people, unknown is the fate of another member of the crew.

On the boat, moored a burning river of Northern port of the capital, could have killed a member of the crew.

- Do not know yet the fate of the ship minder - said Yevgeny Bobylev, head of the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in Moscow. - All the passengers and other crew members were evacuated.

Emergency on board the ship "Sergei Abramov" occurred on November 13 at night.

- Fire occurred in the hold, and then was transferred to the first deck, which is the engine room and cabins - told in law enforcement. - The ship quickly sucked acrid smoke.

In place of the fire set off the emergency services: rescue, ambulance, fire. People were removed from the board the burning ship and were taken by boat to the shore.

As a result, PE 4 people injured, two were hospitalized, two others in place to help.

Alexei Tikhonov, the 30-year-old man with the burn of upper respiratory tract, and Vyacheslav Vodopianov 64 years from carbon monoxide poisoning were taken to the intensive care unit.

Alexei Shanin, 33 years old, and a 50-year-old Sergei Kary escaped with less serious injuries and refused to go to the hospital.

- On board were only about three dozen people - said Yevgeny Bobylev - 16 members of the crew, as well as about 15 guests of the restaurant, which is equipped with on-board.

The fire, which climbed to the upper deck for ventilation and overlaps, covered the whole ship. The total area of the fire has already exceeded 1,500 square meters. m

At the site of the headquarters of organized fire fighting, of which, in particular, became captain of the ship.

Planned to use the ship "Sergei Abramov" as a hotel. The ship has recently worked as a restaurant, so on board and at a late hour, and not during the flight there was a large number of people.

"Sergei Abramov," as the infamous "Bulgaria" went down the slipway in Czechoslovakia shipyard, but 5 years later, namely in 1960. After a complete renovation in 2003, the ship is no longer checked.

Among other things, "Abrams" is known for its on-board movie was made for the performance of "Quartet" that is "Election Day."

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