A car accident in Norway


On Saturday, at about 04.00 am, near the city of Hammerfest, Norway, bus overturned in Murmansk trawler crew "Boris Zaitsev." The bus was 21 people, two of them - the drivers.

- The crew went to replace the old. Early this morning we received a call Nicholas Sour, captain, and said that the bus in which they were traveling crashed - told the correspondent on Saturday Executive Director of JSC "Murmansk Trawl Fleet," Nicholas Carlin.

According to preliminary data, on icy road bus skidded and overturned on its side. The windows were broken, so almost all the crew members were injured by shrapnel. Unfortunately, to save the electrician, who crushed strongly bus failed. Leaders trawl fleet was slow at first to be named because of the deceased they were not informed officially Norwegian authorities.

- The real cause of the accident is unknown at this time. Because, according to the Norwegians, the road was cleared - adds Sergey. - The bus is currently evacuated in boxing Hammerfest, is still under investigation emergency.

However, NRK, Norwegian site yesterday mentioned that perhaps the cause of the accident was the rain on the previous day. At night the same way it froze. In addition, everyone who was once in Norway, knows what there are narrow and winding roads, and there are enough twists and turns protracted and steep.

- The whole team is now in a hospital in Hammerfest - a small town in the north of Norway, and they are in constant communication, - says Nikolay.

Four are in pretty bad condition, two of them sent to the hospital by helicopter Tromso, and two more - in Hammerfest. One of the severe patients otdavleny hand, most likely, would be considered an amputation. The other is violated internal circulation, need urgent surgical care. Another 14 people suffered minor injuries, and they are served in hospital.

- We will wait now until the crew wakes up. All times are Central European Norway for 3 hours. After that we will decide on how to return to Murmansk whole team - says Nicholas Carlin. - Of course, we do not send people after what happened in flight. They need to rest. Therefore, the ship will continue to run the old team.

As reported in the trawl fleet, at 15.00 yesterday, the fishermen who received minor injuries, went to another bus from Murmansk to bring them back to their homeland.

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