The ship sank with the team in the Irish Sea


On Sunday, the British coast in the Irish Sea sinking ship "Svonlend" with a team of 8 Russians. Saved only two people, found the body of the deceased. Missing the number 5 sailors. But, as reported by employees of the Coast Guard, no chance of finding them alive. Search operation was suspended at dusk on Sunday. It is expected that today continue searching sailors.

In the rescue of the Russians was William, a British prince, the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, who is the military service as a pilot of a rescue helicopter in the Valley, which is located in the north of Wales, on the island of England. Prince helicopter arrived first on the wreck.

The ship "Svonlend" produced flight from the port on the Isle of Wight on the coast of Wales, located in the English Channel. In this case it was carrying 3,000 tonnes of limestone. Last night "Svonlend" in the Irish Sea caught in a storm. With the unrest and strong wind, the hull broke apart, and as a result it sank in the north-west Wales near the Llyn Peninsula.

The Russian embassy in the UK has published the names of one of the deceased and the two surviving Russian sailors from "Svonlend." Vitaly Kornenko were rescued and Roman Savin. Found the body of Leonid Sapunov.

As the representative of the Coast Guard on Sunday in the search and rescue operation involved, but 2 tankers, Air Force Scotland, 4 helicopters of the Royal British Air Force, three boats of the Coast of British, Irish Navy ship. The entire search area was 300 square miles. 4 rescue teams combed the entire coast of Wales in the wreck of the vessel, when suddenly sailors washed ashore by waves.

As told by the Coast Guard, the hope of finding alive 5’s missing Russian sailors anymore. According to a mate, they wore suits. The water temperature at the site of the accident - 15 degrees. In such circumstances, deadly hypothermia occurs after 6 hours, but this deadline has passed.

According to the BBC, BBC, the ship "Svonlend" a few months ago, it was already in an emergency. In the south-west coast of Cornwall in the United Kingdom during a storm in August, the ship engine failed completely, it began to drift to the rocky shores. By "Svonlendu" who suffered disaster, rescue tug arrived and Coast Guard cutter, which took the ship in Falmouth.

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