In Ecuador, a powerful volcano awoke


In Ecuador, the volcano awoke Tungurua. Ejected from the crater of the volcano ash cloud to a height of up to 4 kilometers.

Tungurua Located 135 kilometers from the city of Quito - the capital of Ecuador. Volcanic activity has seriously alarmed the inhabitants of the villages located near Tungurua.

Another volcano awoke last Sunday and the Ecuadorian government immediately declared threat level orange. Evacuations yet decided to postpone the hope that before the eruption will not come. Services responsible for emergency warning dissemination spread over the territory of Ecuador’s volcanic ash cloud.

Signs of activity Tungurua started serving since 1999 and to this day periodically disturbed Ecuadorians, but nothing serious in the activity of the volcano has not yet been observed.

While not reported, will affect whether the volcanic activity on air travel in the region, and whether suspended flights because of the spreading in the atmosphere at Ecuador volcano dust. Intensified in October of this year, the volcano Puyehue in Chile several times freezing air traffic over Chile and neighboring countries Argentina and Brazil. The eruption of Puyehue in July, literally paralyzed the major airports of South America. All flights were canceled for a few weeks, and in the airport people spent the night in long lines, hoping to quickly fly away. Air traffic stop with the mountain resorts in the Chilean and Argentine Andes, which are all cut off from the ’mainland’. Changed were quickly routes to Australia and New Zealand, formerly routes running through the airspace over Chile.

Chilean authorities are hoping that the activity will not cause Tungurua now as the global impact of all limited only regular short-term emissions of volcanic dust, after which the volcano calmed down again. Volcanic activity negatively affects the flow of tourists seeking to mountain resorts in the Andes, so the expectations of the indigenous population and the authorities still associated with the termination of intense activity of the volcano and the successful continuation of the tourist season.

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