The death toll in the collapse of the drill, "Kola" has risen to 16 people


Locked boat was found, local time on Monday afternoon in the Sea of Okhotsk in the place of death rig "Kola", said the representative of the Far Eastern regional center of the Russian Emergencies Ministry RIA Novosti reported.

Platform "Kola", which towed from Kamchatka to Sakhalin, perevernulas18 December Sunday in stormy conditions with waves 5-6 meters in height, and water temperature of 0 degrees Celsius from Sakhalin to 200 kilometers. Installation went completely under water. It was 67 people, 14 of them were rescued. Rescuers also found the bodies without signs of life of 4 people. The fate of the others is still unknown.

The An-74, which flew in the search area of all crew members platform "Kola", sank in the Okhotsk Sea on Sunday found two rafts, presumably belonging to the platform, said on Monday, RIA Novosti the Far East Regional Emergency Center of the Russian Federation

On Sunday at the crash site, "Kola" was found four rafts, based on who was not there.

On Monday, a representative of the Russian Far East Regional Emergency Situations told RIA Novosti that the crash site, "Kola" was found enclosed lifeboat, but the people in it also was not.

The bodies of those killed in the crash in the Okhotsk Sea rig "Kola" were raised on board the ship, "Smit Sakhalin," according to RIA Novosti news agency headquarters to coordinate search and rescue operations.

"The body of the fifth victim of the water lifted on board the ship," - said the official. According Rosmorrechflot, the bodies of two dead and raised on board.

The search area, the agency stated, expanded significantly in the south-west direction due to the strong south-westerly wind.

The rescue operation will continue also in the dark. And on December 20 with the onset of daylight hours to search again be involved aircraft.

Search lead in the tug "Smit Sakhalin," icebreaker "Magadan", the tanker "George Froyer."

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