In the Mediterranean, the accident occurred cruise ship "Costa Concordia"


Eight people, at least, were killed in the incident with the cruise ship "Costa Concordia", run aground off the Italian coast in the Mediterranean Sea, as reported by CNN. Several dozen people were injured to varying degrees of severity. According to the report, the number of victims could increase significantly, as many of the passengers began to jump ship overboard after katastrofy.Po the latest data in the Mediterranean Sea extends continuously conducted an operation to rescue the survivors of the Italian cruise liner. Length of the holes in the ship, as noted by representatives of the Italian Civil Protection Department, supervising the evacuation of passengers was 70 meters, and this was the reason that the ship is tilted by 80 gradusov.Kak learned from official sources, the island of Giglio, off the coast of which the accident occurred, has delivered most of the rescued passengers who were on board, the number was 4,299 people. In the evacuation of victims involved helicopters, which also move passengers to the city, which is close to the mainland - Porto Santo Stefano, on the peninsula Mont’Ardzhentario. Representatives of the City Hall of Giglio, where at present there are more than a hundred people have provided a little more than three thousand people in different buildings: the school, the church, as reported by ITAR-TASS.Tak, currently runs counting those rescued, however, by the application itself rescuers need to check some more of the ship, including those that are flooded with water. While it is known only to the six passengers dead and about a dozen missing. About 13 people were injured, two of them - enough sereznye.Bolshinstvo passengers, who were present on the liner, are citizens of Italy, but there are also a lot of foreigners: Spanish, French, Japanese and a few Indians. All data on passengers currently checked by the Genoese company "Costa Krocher", the owner of the liner, which was released on Friday night from the port Chivitavekkya.Kak official sources, the incident occurred around midnight, near the Italian island of Giglio, which is located off the coast of Tuscany . One of the major cruise liners "Costa Concordia" length of 290 meters his head caught a sandbar and immediately banked about 20 degrees. On board the vessel at the time of the accident there were 3.2 thousand passengers and 1,000 crew of 23 employees.

Info Costa ConcordiaTip - cruise sudnoGosudarstvo - ItaliyaPort registry - GenuyaKlass - ConcordiaNomer IMO - 9320544Pozyvnoy - IBHDOperator - Costa CrociereVladelets - Costa CrociereVerf - Fincantieri Sestri PonenteSpuscheno the water - September 2, 2005Vvedeno completed - July 2006Vyvedeno from the Navy - 13 January 2012Sovremenny status - ZatonulParametry: Displacement - 114,500 GRT (gross registered ton - a unit of volume equal to 100 cubic feet, that is 2.83 m ?) Length - mShirina 290.20 - 35.50 mHigh draft - 8.20 mTehnicheskie data: Power plant - 6 x WartsilaMoschnost - 75,600 kWSkorost - 19.6 knots (on the international definition, one unit is equal to 1,852 km / h) Crew -

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