In Rio de Janeiro hit by two high-rise buildings


In the central region of Rio de Janeiro, according to updated data, collapsed at least two high-rise buildings, as reported by the agency Reuters, referring to the Brazilian media.

In addition to the 20-story building, or as indicated by other data - a 18-storey, the complete collapse of which was known a little earlier, and also collapsed 10-storey apartment building, located next to it. In turn, some media reported that between these two houses located in another building of four floors, which also collapsed.

The mayor of the city of Rio de Janeiro Paesh Eduardo (Eduardo Paes), immediately arrived on the scene, told reporters that so far from the wreckage of collapsed buildings were rescued four people. Some time ago, employees of emergency rescue services of the city in its communication to the media said that in the collapsed buildings blocked about 11 people, among them, in their assumptions, there are injured and even killed.

According to local media, the collapse of buildings in the central square near the Cinelandia (Cinelandia) in Rio de Janeiro, was on Wednesday, January 25, at about 20:30 local time. In the buildings were in ruins, has many offices, as well as several bank branches and representative of a major oil company Petrograd.

According to still unconfirmed reports, the house collapsed, because when the construction works in one of the buildings was broken safety. Some witnesses also reported the incident that prior to the collapse of the explosion was heard. However, as the government of Rio de Janeiro, and the law enforcement agencies of the city has not put forward any versions of the incident.

About 3 months ago, on October 14 at a restaurant in Rio de Janeiro as a gas leak caused the explosion, in which 3 people were killed and 17 were severely injured.

The events raise serious concerns among members of the international community, in particular due to the fact that in 2014 there is planned sporting event - the final of the World Cup.

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