In Peru, a strong earthquake occurred


The site, owned by the U.S. Geological Survey, published information about that on Monday, an earthquake of 6.3 magnitude occurred in Peru.

A series of underground vibrations was recorded after midnight local time. Experts have determined that the earthquake was located at a depth of about 40 kilometers. As reported by seismologists, the epicenter of the quake was located 15 kilometers south-east of the department of Ica, and 280 kilometers from Lima, Peru’s capital.

Information on casualties and major destruction has not been received from. However, according to the news agency Agence France-Presse, about 60-70 residents Peru appealed to local hospitals with minor injuries. At the same time, the Civil Defense of Peru reported that the total number of victims could rise to 90 people.

Raul Huaman (Raul Huaman), representative of the hospitals in the city of Ica, said that the most common injuries sustained as a result of the earthquake, there were cuts, bruises, broken bones. Most of the victims claimed that such injuries they received from furniture falling during earthquakes.

Recall that in 2007 in the department of Ica powerful earthquake measuring 8.0 points claimed the lives of 519 people, about 1,500 residents were badly injured. Around 17,000 people were left without electricity and telephone service. Particularly affected are the southern coast of Peru, as Ica, Chincha Alta, Pisco and the Peruvian capital of Lima.

Through Peru is known to pass the Pacific "Ring of Fire" - a chain of faults and volcanoes and tectonic plates, the length of which is 40 thousand kilometers. Belting Pacific area, it stretches along the coast of South and North America to southern Alaska, then turns to Japan, then to the Philippines and Indonesia. On the island of New Guinea, New Zealand and the south-western Pacific chain ends.

It is in the "zone of Fire" is most of all known volcanoes that exist on the planet. Almost 90% of all earthquakes in the world occur in the same field.

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