A strong earthquake has occurred in the Philippines: there are victims


A series of earthquakes ranging from 6.7 to 8 points on the island of Negros, which is located approximately 500 kilometers from the city of Manila, the capital of the Philippines, took place this morning. According to seismologists from the State Institute of Volcanology, strong aftershocks have led to the emergence of the threat of tsunami waves, the height of which, presumably, can be up to one meter. However, experts are inclined to regard the Pacific Center warning of a possible tsunami threat exaggerated, and believe that the preconditions for the formation of a strong tidal wave yet.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the epicenter of a strong earthquake of magnitude 6.8 balls located in 74 kilometers north-east of the administrative center of the small province of Bohol - Tagbilaran City. The center of tremors was at a depth of 46 kilometers.

After followed by seismologists warning of the threat of a tsunami on the eastern shore of one of the Philippine Islands, the authorities began to encourage all local residents to leave their homes are located on the coast.

Only at the moment the victim of a natural disaster was a small child who was crushed by a collapsed concrete wall on it. Immediately after the quake, in many localities of the island there was a panic: the people were in a panic to flee their homes, public buildings and shops. According to local authorities, the earthquake caused several buildings in substantial property damage.

As you know, these two largest archipelago in the world, such as Indonesia and the Philippines are the main components of the "Pacific Ring of Fire." Lithospheric plates that form the bottom of the Indian Ocean and western Pacific, are included in the area under the Asian plate. Thus, the movement of the earth’s crust, located on the territory of two huge archipelago of the planet quite often lead to tremors of varying magnitudes and volcanic eruptions.

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