Japanese scientists have predicted a major earthquake in Tokyo


Japanese authorities will be engaged in the preparation of all necessary safety measures in Tokyo in connection with the threat repetition even more powerful aftershocks in the Tokyo area, which are predicted by scientists for the near future. This was announced recently the Minister of Education, Culture and Sports of the country Hirofumi Hirano.

As shown by the results of recent analyzes of seismic activity in the northern part of Tokyo Bay is likely stronger earthquake than previously believed. According to the Minister of Education, Culture and Sports of Japan’s official announcement of the possible threat will follow in early March. "We need to strengthen all the precautions in the event of a new natural disaster" - said the Minister. He also said that a team of seismologists conducted a series of new studies in Tokyo. Specialists have installed about 300 additional sensors in the area of the capital.

In the analysis of the information obtained was found to be a place where two platforms: the continental tectonic and Filipino, which comes under it, is much closer to the Earth’s surface - just ten miles away, and not 30-40 as previously thought.

In April, the Government of Japan has decided to start the development of additional measures aimed at ensuring the safety of the capital. According to the dire predictions of the authorities, the element capacity of 7.3 points in the northern part of the bay, in the worst case can lead to the death of approximately 11,000 people and the total destruction of about 850,000 buildings.

Experts also noted the fact that the increased activity of the underground elements, saying that in 2011 the number of aftershocks ranging from three to six points in the Tokyo area has increased by about five times. Predicted probability of the devastating earthquake near the Japanese capital in the next four years, according to seismologists, is 70%.

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