A strong earthquake in eastern Siberia


A strong earthquake in eastern Siberia was the cause of the state of emergency. The earthquake on Sunday morning, the twenty-sixth of February, residents felt many regions of Russia, including the Irkutsk Region, the Krasnoyarsk Krai and Khakassia. Magnitude quake, according to seismologists, was 6.8 points. Total in the earthquake zone in Siberia were about 1,000 villages.

Very tangible tremors were observed in about 8 regions, located at a distance of more than a thousand kilometers from the epicenter. Russian Emergencies Ministry said that as long as the victims and no major damage, and urges citizens in any case not to panic. The earthquake is known to have been in Tuva, near the border with Mongolia. Frightened citizens of the Republic in a hurry to leave their homes. At the moment, many people with children are on the streets because they do not want to go back to the apartment for fear of aftershocks.

As it became known to the latest reports, the authorities in the region introduced a state of emergency. The administration of the region does not cease to call upon people to remain calm. Especially for those people who are afraid to return to their high-rise buildings, was deployed a small campground, as well as items for the temporary accommodation of the victims.

Police have not yet been recorded any cases of looting or other breaches of public order in Tuva in the earthquake area, as reported by the press center of the Russian Interior Ministry.

It should also be noted that in December last year, a large earthquake of magnitude 6.7 points with a high degree of intensity in the epicenter - 8.9 on a scale MSK-64 - was recorded by seismologists in Kaa-Khem district, at a depth of ten kilometers, about a hundred kilometers east of Kyzyl.

Recall that in the first decade of this month at a distance of 500 kilometers from Novosibirsk in the Republic of Khakassia were recorded earthquake measuring 5.8 points. Experts then noted that a similar earthquake would invariably follow "tail" of aftershocks, that is, for about two months, there will sometimes result in an earthquake.

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