A large fire engulfed power Tilberi


A huge blaze broke out and engulfed Tilberi power plant, located to the east of London. As it became known filed Essex County Fire Department, the fire was extinguished, and partly the situation is under control. More than 120 firefighters fought the fire, which broke out on the stock fuel storage station, where there were about 4,000 tons of wood pellets, at 07:45 local time.

Teams firefighters currently remain in the building, using spray foam to suppress the flames. The representative of the fire department reported that the fire will burn more for some time.

The owner of British energy company RWE Npower said that all employees have already provided an explanation of what happened.

Chapter rescue David Johnson County (David Johnson), with amazement reported that the fire is the most complex and demanding effort and skill of those with whom he had to face throughout his 20 - year practice.

"It took us some time to establish that the structure of the building is not a threat to the life of the fire brigade, whose members in the respiratory devices, and now continue to fight the fire in the building," - he said. "They do a fantastic job, being in dangerous and difficult conditions. Indoors store is very hot, there are huge clouds of smoke and dust."

Additional foam was used to extinguish the blaze that swept through the northern part of the power plant. Aroused strong concern itself built structures, since the water used by firefighters initially sprayed onto the pellets, thereby increasing their weight. But then the fire rescue workers used a foam spray, as they are lighter than water and does not affect the change in the mass of waste wood.

Tilberi powerhouse was built to burn coal, and has recently expressed its consent to the transition to the burning of biomass fuels and wood materials.

Power plants, specializing in the processing of biomass is burned mainly pellets (pellets), usually made of pressed sawdust, peat, wood waste, agricultural wastes or other wastes. Wood pellets are environmentally friendly biofuels, which produces energy by burning heat.

David Johnson noted that it is still too early to say whether that was the real cause of a fire.

Original: BBC co uk

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