Costa Allegra cruise ship in distress in the Indian Ocean


Liner Costa Allegra, which is owned by the same Italian shipping company, and that the victim recently wrecked Costa Concordia, came out last Saturday to the island of Madagascar and steered directly to the Seychelles, which he had to moor on Tuesday, February 28. Currently on board are 636 passengers who are citizens of different countries, and 413 crew members.

According to the information received from the ship owner Costa Crociere, February 27, Monday, at the stern of the ship a large fire broke out, however, it was localized in time, and the flames did not spread to other parts of the cruise liner. Company representatives also stated that the injuries among the passengers and crew members were not.

Trawler belonging to the French, who arrived immediately to the disaster area, took in tow Costa Allegra on Tuesday morning and went to a course on the island of Desroches, part of the Seychelles.

Italian cruise ship Costa Allegra was still built in 1992. The length of the vessel in which there are eight passenger decks, reaches almost 188 meters, the ship can accommodate a maximum of 1.4 million people. The ship has three restaurants, two swimming pools casino, beauty salon, gym, bars and a chapel, as well as a large shopping center and several gambling halls.

This is the second incident that occurred with liners Italian shipping company since the beginning of this year. At night, Jan. 13, as is known, the liner Costa Concordia disaster suffered Terrenskogo in the waters of the sea, near the island of Giglio off the coast of Tuscany. On board the ship was just over 4.2 thousand people, of which 25 people died.

Francesco Schettino, the captain of the liner, is currently still under house arrest. He is accused of negligence that resulted in the deaths of several people, as well as the abandonment of the ship’s passengers in danger.

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